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    ask me about your system builds, AIO's, MOBO's, CPU's, PSU's, and GPU's.
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    Intel I7-7700K
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    Asus strix Z270F (lga 1511)
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    Team Group night hawk rgb 16g
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    Asus strix GTX 1060 O6G
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    phantaks eclipse p400s
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    m.2 samsung sm961 + wd blue 1TB
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    cooler master v series 80+ gold 650w
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    Antec Mercury 360
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    microsoft 10

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  1. Full waterblock for Zotac GTX 1070 mini

    I never heard off a water block for the Zotac 1070ti mini. but I know that they have a 1080ti with a water block Link here.
  2. Gaming headphones

    I have personal very good experience with Plantronics headsets https://www.plantronics.com/nl/nl/product/rig-400-dolby-atmos
  3. CL 15 and CL 17

    then the faster kit will be better but your upgrading your existing system or?
  4. Gaming headphones

    what price range you're searching in?
  5. CL 15 and CL 17

    depends on what your planning to use for but for most typical users the 2400mhz kit will be better
  6. yes try and launch a game as soon as it starts loading in textures what will be 6gb only if one or more chips came lose it would not have those 6gb of vram to loud in the textures so it will crash. benchmarks, on the other hand, will mostly not load in as many textures as a game so the card will still be fine.
  7. then I would try to get the warranty from them, I don't know Indian consumer laws. but I think think that would be your best shot. if the won't provide warranty I would send it back again to gigabitye but then ask them especially to test the vram. as this sounds like that's the problem.
  8. does the store where you bought the card still exist?
  9. and what is the country you purchased the GPU?
  10. sounds like a memory chip has come loose, what is the brand of the manufacturer of your GPU?
  11. Could anyone help me with my first pc?!

    I would make something like this https://pcpartpicker.com/list/x448QZ if you want 10 dollars less you can also use the p300 form phantheks
  12. Could anyone help me with my first pc?!

    what are you planning on doing with this machine?
  13. production pc

    the 2 nvenc cores still will take performance away from the game an 16 core GPU will he most defiantly not need, i run an i7-7700k in my streaming rig and 2 1080ti's and my CPU never goes over 80% of use while streaming r6 and simulator games.
  14. production pc

    oke if you have any questions you can always send me a pm
  15. production pc

    He was telling you to get an i9 instead of the i7 I suggested but it won't do you any good in gaming. and said you would not need 2 GPU's but i put the second one there for the streaming en recording work