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  1. Would i need to get a better cooler if I buy i7 instead? And dont u think an overclocked i5 could be decent, if i get it to like 4,5-5ghz
  2. Thank you, will look into that the prices are a little weird in Denmark, so don’t know about everything yet
  3. But isnt 1070 too outdated already for newer games? Or is it the cpu that means the most?
  4. I already own the psu, so i will just go with that thx for the mobo tip.
  5. Hello Please help me rate my first PC build. It's my first time building, but obviously I don't want any mistakes/regrets later, so I would love if you had any changes or stuff like that? + Bonus question: What would be the best case for a build of that size? (Looking for a standard case with no need for a "window") Facts: The PC is only for high end gaming with a 1080p 144hz monitor. (no need for 4k) would like to play big games on high/ultra I am going to OC the CPU (maybe big time). Not gonna OC the GPU/ram