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  1. hi, im using a Asus Strix z270E Mobo, In all cases ths powercable was unplugged from the power supply itself and was switched off for good mesure I tried shorting the header, didnt work i removed the battery, didnt work I removed the battery and shorted the header i Shorted teh + and - on thr battery connecter for onr min i left the batery removed fro 30 minuites, no luck. please help :(
  2. Hi; so I have a Sandisk 120GB MicroSD card, and I have it formatted to exFAT for my Nintendo Saitch; However once I try to tender a file it’ll transfer up to about 4GB before hitting an error. so I double checked it’s exFAT and not FAT32, and I did manage to download a a few games from the EShop to it to make sure it was the advertised capacity, which I was I got the full 120GBs. any thoughts?
  3. do you have another system you could run the GPU in to see if it still works? if it does then the slot could be dead on the board perhaps?
  4. how can i check? i just used the automatic oc tuner and it did things
  5. so i used the EZ tuner on my ASUS motherboard (i think its a Strix ROG z270 baord) and it overclolcked my CPU to 4.94 GHz, it thermal throttles under 100% load at around 5% according to AIDA, sghould i dial the OC back or just take the 5% hit? Im new to overclocking so like go easy onme thnx have a i7 7700K
  6. So I bought an oculus rift, and my 1080 doesn't have two HDMI ports. So one of monitors uses displayport but the other only has HDMI, so I've been swapping the HDMI cable whenever i wanna use the rift. Someone said unplugging and plugging in the port will damage the port on my card, is this true? and if so; should i get a low end card for my second monitor as a fix? i need to use the second monitor a lot and I've been using the rift a lot so I've been swapping this wire loads since i bought it in October
  7. Naxi_Mu

    Windows product key

    yo can deactivate windows on your original computer then uise the product key again on the new one, you just have to have one system running in deactivated mode
  8. so i Ooverclocked my i7 7700k using an XMP profile, runs at 4.8 GHZ but when i run aida64 it starts to thermal throttle, max about 28% avg. of 5-10% fluctuates every time i run it, i have an AIO on it, but its kinda cheap a Kraken x31. At idle it runs at about 30-45 degrees Celsius, and under-load it hits 100 on the hottest core only thermal throttles when under 100% use, so during video encoding and rendering is it okay to keep it like this or should i take mesaure to reduce tghis? if so how? thanks for any input you can provide