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  1. Hugsy Malone

    R9 390 lifespam

    How long is a piece of string. Should be fine for a number of years, but you might be unlucky
  2. Hugsy Malone

    GPU Upgrade

    LOL nvidia insider here people
  3. Hugsy Malone


    If Galax/KFA2 doesn't have a big presence in your country, I wouldn't recommend purchasing one. You'll be in a right pickle if you need to RMA it.
  4. Hugsy Malone

    Have I F*cked up my Motherboard?

    You should be fine.. assuming your case is painted and isn't bare metal, and assuming you didn't try and turn the pc on. If all you did is screw it isn and leave it, then you should be fine.
  5. Hugsy Malone

    nvidea geforce gtx1050 problem pls help

    Turn off V sync in minecraft settings, also set max frames to what ever your display's refesh rate is. Also turn your render distance down
  6. Hugsy Malone

    How is this build ??

    You can't run DDR3 RAM on those parts. You need DDR4
  7. Hugsy Malone

    X34 Predator and Jittering/Stuttering image

    Use the buttons on the side, make sure the high refresh rate is enabled, as well as g-sync. Go into display setting in windows and make sure high refresh rate is enabled. And do the recommended in Nvidia control Make sure there aren't any contradicting settings in the games, like a frame rate lock or Vsync
  8. Hugsy Malone

    Just built first PC!! but no graphics card ;(

    Just look for 2nd hand. Some buy/sell group will sell at normal prices
  9. Hugsy Malone

    eGPU on a mid 2012 13" macbook pro?

    Thunderbolt 2 is about half the speed of TB3,so do expect some performance degradation, especially with higher-end GPUs
  10. Hugsy Malone

    What card can I get Under 250 US

    I'd go 2nd hand personally. Maybe a gtx 980 or R9 390x?
  11. The unwritten rule is that the buyer goes tot he seller's house..but if you want to meet in public, ask for proof of working. an for buyers protection, pay through Paypal
  12. Hugsy Malone

    Motherboard will not POST

    Very rare for a cpu to die, but it can happen
  13. Hugsy Malone

    Please Help My Games are Unplayable.

    What resolution/settings are you playing at?
  14. Hugsy Malone

    Fitness App Reveal Secret Military Bases

    Looks like they're regularly crossing it to me