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    Sysadmin & System Integrator


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    ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming
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    32GB G.Skill DDR4
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    EVGA RTX 2080Ti
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    Fractal Design Node 202
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    512GB Samsung 960 Pro/1TB Crucial MX300
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    Corsair SF600
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    55" Sony X900E 4K TV
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    Noctua NH L9i
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Logitech MX Master
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    5.2.2 Pioneer Elite, Klipsch/Martin Logan
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Sager (i7/32GB/1060Ti/1TB NVMe)

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  1. Broke into the top 100! It's crazy how some people think COVID is wearing off...
  2. Apologies. Have you tried more than just Google's DNS? Additionally, I am also getting high latency when pinging that server, and I'm on a dedicated fiber connection at work right now.
  3. Sounds like an overheat. Check your CPU and GPU cooler first!
  4. Yeah, sounds like either damage or something wrong with the BIOS. Have you updated the BIOS recently? Is this an OEM battery or aftermarket?
  5. What is the issue then? Does it just not boot up when on just battery?
  6. Does it immediately shut off if you unplug the power when Windows is booted?
  7. Does it have a charging light when powered off? Does Windows see the battery and report a capacity?
  8. Ok! First off, did any of the steps you performed have any effect at all on the issue? Here's a few additional things to try: Completely remove and reinstall your network adapter driver. Reset Windows IP stack (netsh int ipv4 reset / netsh int ipv6 reset / netsh winsock reset) Try a different cable! Remove any software that affects network traffic - you can see them listed in adapter properties of your NIC It's also entirely possible that your integrated NIC is failing. It's an unfortunately common issue across all makes of mobo. Picking up a cheapy NIC and trying that out could also solve many issues.
  9. Have you tried testing a non-Ookla speed test, like fast.com? Do you have ANY software installed that could affect network traffic? Software firewall, etc. You'll see them in your adapter properties Also, maybe want to rebuild your network stack. - Open a command prompt as admin - Type and hit Enter: netsh int ipv6 reset - Type and hit Enter: netsh int ipv4 reset - Type and hit Enter: netsh winsock reset - Reboot your PC Check all other utilizations when downloading, including Task Manager's reported network usage.
  10. Do a tracert and see what hop is adding the latency. You can also change DNS servers (try Cloudflare?) and see if that makes you a different path. Also try accessing via a VPN.
  11. If you boot to any other environment, does it still do this? I'd try booting to a portable bootable thing like a WinPE environment or Hiren's.
  12. I should have done that with my Mk7... carboned it self to death at 75k. Not making that mistake again!
  13. Yup, I had one of the only 1.8Ts I'd ever encountered withOUT sludge issues, but I also seafoamed it twice and changed my synthetic oil religiously. Took the VC off at 130k mi and it was clean! It was tuned on the stock turbo too, and I hit that thing HARD haha. Oh also, I let the turbo cool off after running it for a few. Oil can sludge up if left to cook in a turbo after the car is shut off. They even used to sell turbo timers for this.
  14. Noted! I'm a strict follower of the OCI, and I'd definitely believe that they get that way. This thing burns pretty hot what with the turbos. I guess it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to do a seafoam treatment this weekend. I bet part of the issue is Kia doesn't mandate that this car use full synthetic oil. I've been running full synthetic since day 1 due to some hard lessons with turbo VWs in the past. I have already had the dealer do a carbon "maintenance" which is basically just seafoaming the intake. You at an indy shop or dealer? (PS: your avatar is excellent lol)
  15. New intakes get! You can actually hear the turbos spool and the DVs shoot air back into the intake. Terrible sound clip: