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  1. I have checked it out, and I am quite interested. Its almost half price compared to Razer 15 that I was looking to get (granted that Razer 15 has 2080 Max-Q). How much of a difference would 2070MQ vs 2080 MQ make? Also, I have looked around a little more and was reading that Eluktronics laptops are quite a bit louder than Razer. 10db difference from what I am seeing. Is this true? I would prefer laptop to run quieter if possible.
  2. Below USD 6K Below 2.5KG Preferably 8 hour battery life in general use (which drops to like 2 hours or something if playing games) Don't like 4K screen, 1440P is ok (if there are any) Needs to have at least minimum 120+hz screen Panel type to be IPS or at least similar level TN
  3. I am primarily purchasing it as a work PC with gaming+mobile capability on side, so I guess battery life improvement seems a little more enticing, but I suppose its not going to be all that much. I did hear about their issues back in the days. Not sure whether I have encountered many complaining about current quality. Is it still a big issue? I am living in Hong Kong at the moment, but will be buying from US (at least if I buy it from HIDevolution.com)
  4. I am currently thinking of buying Razer Blade 15 Mid-2019 edition with i7-9750H and 2080-Max-Q (1080P screen). While just contemplating on whether to buy or not, I came across a news about all of the Razer's lineups being refreshed this year wth Intel's 10th gen CPUs. I would like to get some advice on whether to wait for new laptops or to just buy laptop now. Side Question: I have bought from HIDevolution previously, and I am thinking about doing the same again. Just wondering whether there are any alternatives or recommendations.
  5. Yes, I understand that. I do not need it to be super ultra powerful. I just need it to be powerful enough and quiet.
  6. I am quite set on getting MSI GS65 GTX1070 version after doing some research. (But since I am not FULLY set, you can recommend me a different laptop else and reason why it would be better.) Any recommendation on which custom vendor I should be getting it from? I was recommended in the past to go with gentechpc.com, but would like to see if this still holds true. I do not live in US (live in Hong Kong at the moment), but since I have a shipping forwarder, US shops are more than fine. If they happen to have international coverage for warranty, it would be even better, but its not a must.
  7. So basically, as long as the system seems to be working then thats enough voltage for CPU, right? @SpaceGhostC2C
  8. I would like to know whether A. the system would crash outright if not enough voltage is supplied to the CPU; or B. the system would start to lose performance (ie drop in fps during game) until it reaches critical point where crash occurs
  9. Is it confirmed that there needs to be motherboard change for refresh? As in 370 motherboards are not compatible?
  10. I recently upgraded my, which was a pretty much full overhaul. After fresh installation of Windows, an option for transferring license came up. It seems that there no longer is a requirement to call MS, at least for Windows 10.
  11. Thank you very much for your input. I guess I would just get it separately if its almost impossible to find a recommendable combo adapter. I already have ASUS BT-400 for bluetooth that has given me very low latency for DS4 usage, so just need to find a good wifi adapter then.
  12. Do you actually know any of those products you have linked? Do you actually recommend any of them? I am looking for recommendation of USB adapter that is both wifi and bluetooth capable that has low latency. Products you have linked are either 1. PCI-e cards 2. Wifi only / Bluetooth only Good for you that you've been building computer for 40 years and working for Air Force, but how is that relevant here? As for Newegg matter, it really doesn't matter where the product is listed. It is most likely listed elsewhere. Important thing is being able to identify specific product to buy. Moreover, I can buy from Newegg no problem as I have US bank accounts and have shippers from US that can forward me any package I get from US.
  13. USB is the requirement. Things in your link are either PCI-e cards that are wifi&blutooth or USB that only has one function. Moreover, you just tossed me a link and I doubt you have any basis for recommending any of those products. It just feels like a generic "Just Google it" response.