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    Dank memes, PC hardware and 3D printing.
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    Passive nihilism is the only thing keeping me alive.
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    Gamer by day, but... also gamer at night.

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  1. bellabichon


    It seems you've found a famous counterfeit Chinese GPU. They're most likely binned mining cards with IO and cheap extruded aluminum heatsinks hastily soldered onto them, so you can't expect any sort of consistency or compatibility from them.
  2. bellabichon

    Monitor randomly loses signal and turns off

    That'd be it! Nice catch.
  3. bellabichon


    Is your monitor cable plugged into your motherboard, or into your GPU? It needs to be plugged into your GPU. Also, what in the world convinced you to buy a GPU from Wish? No offense, but that's pretty dumb. Wish is known for having cheap, Chinese garbage.
  4. bellabichon

    Which monitors fullfill my wish list?

    First off, what do you mean by to many PPI? Having higher PPI just measn a better image quality. It's not ever a bad thing, in my experience. The 2014 MacBook pro probably only has an Intel integrated GPU, and while this means you won't be running games in 4k, driving the display during web browsing and programming shouldn't be a problem. The same goes for the Dell XPS. If it has a dedicated Nvidia or AMD GPU, it's more than enough. If it has an integrated Intel GPU, it won't be as powerful, but it should still work fine. Finally, I have heard of several displays that can be split into two smaller monitors digitally with two computers, but I haven't done any research on it yet. Hope you find what you're looking for!
  5. bellabichon

    Which monitors fullfill my wish list?

    Just making sure.
  6. bellabichon

    Which monitors fullfill my wish list?

    (You don't have to quote the original post. When you make a post, it automatically subscribes you to notifications from the thread. OP got a notification without you having to quote them.)
  7. bellabichon

    Which monitors fullfill my wish list?

    Here are a couple options for you. High-quality monitors are actually quite cheap now, so none of these exceed $1000 USD. You didn't give us a budget, so I just had to guess. DELL U2719D: -27" -2560 x 1440 -IPS -Very thin bezel -16:9 -5ms response time -60hz $449.99 USD DELL P3418HW -34" -2560 x 1080 -IPS -Thin bezel -Curved -21:9 -5ms response time -60hz $499.99 USD DELL U3417W -34" -3440 x 1440 -IPS -Very thin bezel -21:9 -5ms response time -60hz $819.99 USD Hope these are some good options! I'd recommend looking around on Dell's website for a bit. They usually have some decent sales on.
  8. bellabichon

    ngff plus simcard

    I think that something like this could work, but I don't know what sort of reception you could expect, and I'm not sure your cell carrier would support any devices like that.
  9. bellabichon

    Clock watchdog on new ryzen pc

    What are your full PC specs? CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT is most likely caused by a GPU error, memory error, or, a failed update on some Ryzen CPUs.
  10. bellabichon

    Monitor randomly loses signal and turns off

    First of all, check that all your internal and external cables are connected properly, including your monitor's power cable, your GPU's power cable, and make sure that your GPU is fully pushed into your PCi-e slot.
  11. bellabichon

    Is Storage a Deal-breaker Here?

    Thanks for the advice, but the reviews say the screen is pretty crappy. I can do an SSD swap, but the only thing that sticks out for me as extra good for that price is the 16 GB of RAM. The supposedly crappy display, plus extra money for an SSD makes me skeptical of it's true price-to-performance.
  12. bellabichon

    Is This a Reasonable Business Laptop?

    I'm sure there is. I thought finding a new laptop would be relatively easy, but alas, as with all things tech, it's gonna be much harder than I thought. Thanks for your help.
  13. bellabichon

    Is This a Reasonable Business Laptop?

    I don't wanna derail into politics, but his namesake is the only reason he got elected. Trudeau carries an amazing amount of weight for those on the left, and the right.
  14. bellabichon

    Is This a Reasonable Business Laptop?

    Tell me about it. The only thing we have over the US is our politics are less wack. I've honestly considered moving there just for cheaper Amazon shipping.
  15. bellabichon

    Is This a Reasonable Business Laptop?

    I've taken a look at some Ryzen units, and they're definately worth considering. I'm not one to trust HP, but if the specs are good, I don't foresee any problems. Lol. Our ruble isn't worth what it used to be worth. I'll keep looking. Thanks for the help.