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    Dank memes, PC hardware and 3D printing.
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    Passive nihilism is the only thing keeping me alive.
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    Gamer by day, but... also gamer at night.

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  1. bellabichon

    Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals

    Man, that looks like a really good deal. I'm not sure how you could get a switch, though? As far as I know, shopper's doesn't carry them.
  2. bellabichon

    Question: Why do CPU IHSs exist?

    If you were to overtighten the retention screws on a cooler, you could most definitely crush the die by accident. It is metal, but it's not entirely solid metal.
  3. bellabichon

    Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals

    Something is evidently in the works. Again, it's Nintendo. They like to sit and develop products and games for a long time before sending them out. This thread was made because Black Friday is coming up, and there might be deals. 1 year is a long time to wait.
  4. bellabichon

    Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals

    Where have you seen news about a new iteration on the way? I've only heard vague rumors, and they all point to a mid-late 2019 release date. It's Nintendo, after all.
  5. bellabichon

    Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals

    Haha. That's fine. Thanks for the help anyways. I've heard nothing but good things about Super Mario Odyssey, but do you think it's an okay milestone to really get into Mario for the first time? I've played through all of Super Mario Bros for the NES, but other than that, I'm a total newbie.
  6. bellabichon

    why do people spend so much on Fortnite skins?

    How else will they get gamer girls?
  7. Hey forum, just a quick post today, I've been thinking about buying a Nintendo Switch pretty soon, and black Friday is coming up. Has anyone seen any predicted deals? I've done a bit of research but all I can find is speculation. Does anyone know anything? Thanks in advance!
  8. bellabichon

    why do people spend so much on Fortnite skins?

    Exactly. Nobody is forcing you to buy a skin in Fortnite. In fact, some switch streamers have built their entire careers off of playing Fornite using a default skin, and surprising everyone when they are very skilled at the game. You probably won't be really bullied or ridiculed for using the default skin, but people respect you more, and treat you different if you have one.
  9. bellabichon

    why do people spend so much on Fortnite skins?

    Epic Games has created very successful, and very toxic, culture in their games. If you don't have a skin, you'll be ridiculed and not taken at all seriously in a game, even if you're a top player. It's similar to how Supreme, BAPE, Off-white, Yeezy, etc are able to sell their clothing at ridiculously high prices. Also, like it or not, partly because the game is free, the main player-base of Fortnite is young children and teenagers. They often don't have a very good sense of how much something should cost, and they don't think about how they're paying real money for ones and zeroes on Epic Game's servers. In the age of microtransactions, it's often more profitable to use the Razor and Blades Model. Give them the razor, sell them the blades, or in this case, give them Fortnite, sell them the skins.
  10. bellabichon

    Is my Refurbished 1080Ti dying?

    If you're still under warranty, it's always best to get an RMA going. Contact GIGABYTE support and start a ticket.
  11. Hmm. That's a good point. I don't see any massive flaws that Nintendo could improve, other than small, incremental performance improvements. The Tegra X2 would a nice bump, and doubling the ram would be awesome to have, but it's Nintendo. I don't think we can expect a new switch until late 2019 or even early 2020. Speaking of which, how the hell is it almost 2020? That's a very futuristic sounding year. I'll take a look at black Friday deals, and see if I can get it for $350 CAD. That would be very nice.
  12. First, try booting with only one RAM stick installed. If that works, play around with the RAM configuration a bit (order of sticks, what slot to use, etc.) There's quite a few things that could be going wrong. You could have a broken RAM slot, broken RAM stick, or even a bent pin on your CPU. At this point, trial and error is your best bet. Good luck!
  13. That's exactly what I was thinking. Where have you heard about the "New" Switch? I've done a small amount of research, but I haven't been able to find anything other than vague rumors.
  14. Thanks for the reply. That's a really good price for that capacity. Damn, I haven't bought an SD card in a few years, but that's a hell of a lot cheaper than the last one I bought. That's definitely nice to have as an option, so thanks again.
  15. To piggyback on that, do you think it's worth it to upgrade my storage? 32gb isn't much.