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  1. I mean here in the USA they're $420-440 at the lowest so there is parity.
  2. Seriously? $600 1070s? Where? They're $400 all over eBay in the USA, I wanna sell mine where you are LOL
  3. Okidoki. Settling on a White RGB POK3R with Reds, and a Purple Alumn case with feet included, just need to source some really cute backlit keys that remind me of Hello Kitty
  4. https://1upkeyboards.com/diyljd61up3pkit-pink.html What about a build using this? What 60 percent board should I grab for RGB? that would fit this case? The GH60 Satan doesn't support RGB does it? I've heard of some on ebay being sold presoldered with SMDs though?
  5. Then I guess my ears have heard differently over the years. That's unfortunate.
  6. So custom mechs get touted as the epitome of customization when it comes to input devices, and I get two options, lolol
  7. Not worried about disassembly being hard, looks very simple, and yeah those cases are super pricey, I'd rather just build my own in one at that point.
  8. Like I said wireless isn't a requirement at all, just a nice touch if I could pull it off. Modding a POK3R is my last resort move, I feel it's waste unless I dye the caps myself, which looks like a pain in the ass, and I'm not entirely confident painting a case but I'm sure my girlfriend could pull it off perfectly fine.
  9. Alrighty, currently I'm using a 2012 (I believe) BlackWidow Ultimate, I've had it for like 3-4 years at this point, and I'm tired of the size and aesthetic of it. It's way too big for my current desk and my plans for it, so I'm looking at 60 percent form factor, I won't miss the num pad or arrows. My problem here is finding everything I want in a keyboard. I'm prepared to build my own if I can get some help sourcing in stock parts that are compatible, not scared of solder, just scared of waiting for shipping too long, I'm incredibly impatient and I hate waiting on group buys and pre-orders. Budget is up to $150~ without keycaps 60 percent layout, RGB out of the box or a compatible PCB if building my own Pink/Purple Case, incline is workable with none or a lot, my hands can adapt to either, at least a bit would be best though. (material not majorly important, aluminum or translucent plastic/acrylic preferred though for sure), Cherry/similar Red switches won't be hard to find, hopefully on one of the same sites I'm already ordering from, and I can source my own keycaps easily enough. Stable wireless compatibility if possible with RGB, if not, that's fine, I can live with wired, I'd prefer pretty over wireless. Building my own seems like it's going to be the only way to get what I want out of this and I love taking on new projects.. I'm so sick of looking at this black keyboard with blue leds and the numpad/macro/F1-12 keys that gather dust, I want a keyboard that I smile at when I sit down, help me get there? I just don't want to order a bunch of stuff to find out it's overpriced or incompatible with something else I've gotten. Also suggestions of a good cheap soldering iron would be nice too, I haven't owned one in years and years. <3
  10. Think I'm going to grab a refurbished PG278Q, thanks guys! <3
  11. Hello! My PC specs are in my signature, and I'm currently using a Samsung PX2370, and it's got me feeling a bit dated, I've got a few scratches in the middle and top-middle of the panel that have been disrupting me while gaming on occasion here and there, and this is prompting me for a nice upgrade. I have 25 2/8ths inches of width in my monitor cubby in my desk to play with, and height/depth isn't really an issue, so I'd prefer a 27 inch panel. I'm looking at a budget of about $500, with capacity to go slightly over if it's a great buy. Latency is important, as I play a lot of competitive games like Street Fighter and Tekken, where frame perfect combos and punishes are not uncommon at all. 1920x1080 vs 2560x1440? I'm sure my GPU could handle 1440p maxed out on most of my games and I'd like to get the best out of that. I do tend to play a lot of very pretty games and want them to really shine. 60hz vs 144hz? Is the difference really that noticeable? My research tells me yes, but I would love some practical reasons to spring for it. Gsync? I hate screen tearing but part of me wonders if I get so much of it because of the age of my current display, I'm not sure. It sounds like a great benefit, are gsync monitors bound to 144hz refresh rate though? I think so? Built in speakers are in no way shape or form required. No thanks lol. I would prefer a somewhat adjustable stand with vertical movement and tilt, no VESA mount required though. A curved monitor would be really nice, but likely out of the price range if I'm being real with myself. Who knows though, that's why I'm asking here. I think that covers most of what you need to know about what I'm looking for? Throw me some suggestions!
  12. I thought this game looked super dumb a month ago, kept seeing it on streams though and started to see the appeal, bought it about a week ago and after a few games being a bit blah...it's absolutely made of crack, it's a great title and I can't wait to see what they keep doing with it.
  13. Would any of you be interested in a DIY liquid mixing tutorial I made a while back? Here! Save some money! https://steemit.com/howto/@tgjamieerin/how-to-make-diy-vape-juice-easy
  14. I'm literally donating plasma, this second. I'm not looking up shit lol