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  1. I've not at all had any impression that Linus was rude on purpose to Riley watching this WAN show, people don't seem to get that how you're joking depends as much on the person you're joking with and your dynamic with them as it does on yourself. Riley (as far as i can tell from TechLinked) tends to make deadpan jokes with a dry delivery, so it only makes sense for me that Linus would not smirk or smile as much with his jokes, especially coming from a serious topic. And Riley being "hurt" by that? I mean, he obviously just didn't know a good comeback to continue the banter? Seems like a big chunk of the audience just doesn't know someone is joking if there's no Luke opposite, who's directly cracking up and holding his left boob while laughing too loud. I wouldn't mind this host combination again, I very much enjoyed the dry banter and once they get a bit more practice, I'm sure the jokes will also hit the audience better. (although I do miss regular Luke ) Also, I hope they have a ton of fun during the vacation. Maybe we'll get a nice vlog or even a channel super fun out of it?
  2. That's still as expensive as a case fan, would require soldering, and take at least a month to ship (I live in Germany btw)
  3. Sorry, i forgot to mention, that is the connector to the left (good) fan. the right one splits up right under a bit of shrink wrap, so probably soldered on. No connector there. I wish it was the left one. Thus replacing the fan would also take soldering (which would be possible but very tricky )
  4. I don't think i can change the cooler without taking of the whole heatsink. Which I would like to avoid. Just buying a fan that I can later use seems to be the cheaper alternative, especially since there are a ton of uncertainties with ebay (I could buy a whole new Heatsink with fan for 50€ ) and if i try to get a good deal, it'll probably take a while.
  5. I recently noticed a very loud noise from my GPU after a couple hours of gaming. I quickly changed the fan percentage in GPU Tweak manually and noticed a very loud, kind of lawn mower noise from the GPU fans. Like this: I got scared, quickly turned off my PC and opened it up, removing the GPU. My first thought was some kind of obstruction. I couldn't see anything, put it back and when starting it up again, even at high fan settings it sounded normal and as before. I set a slightly warmer but less fan demanding fan curve and continued on. Until yesterday. Playing with some friends, it started doing the noise again. I turned off the computer, turned off the power completely and restarted. Seemed to fix it. I went to bed not much later. Then today, after half an hour of Kingdom Come, it started the noise again. I put up GPU Tweak and Open Hardware monitor, set it to a low setting and let it run. Initially OHM reported around 900 rpm, then the noise started to get louder and as it got louder, the reported RPM dropped up until 200 ish, when i turned the fans off. Upon opening the side panel and manually stopping the fans by hand for a short while, i determined that only the right fan makes those noises. My first solution idea was to unplug the fan, unfortunately the right fan is hardwired (i think) to the splitter of both fans ( yellow arrow) so the only solution would be to cut it off. But, since it's saturday evening and I really don't want to do anything irreversible without a good plan, I refrained from that. Basically, I need 2 Solutions: A long term one (replacing the fan somehow) and a short term one (being able to use it without getting deaf for the evening) As a short term, reversible solution, i taped up the right fan to stop it from spinning, relying only on the left fan. This is currently working (i have okay temperatures in browsing, with the side panel still removed, the right fan is not moving an inch) Now, my current pressing question is, Does this obstruction damage the card itself? Or maybe just the fan? Also, what would an acceptable temperature under load and in idle be, so i have a goal to aim at. Then for the long term solution: I want to get a 4 pin case fan to strap (zip tie) onto the shroud, over the broken fan (header cha_fan3 is nearby on the motherboard). What kind of fan should I get ? (I am partial to beQuiet and would like to use it as an additonal case fan once I actually get a new GPU) Should i remove the broken fan ( 4 or 5 screws) and snip it off when putting the new fan over it? or could the blades potentially help the air flow ? Do I really need to cut of the broken fan? How do I best regulate that additional fan when plugged in as case fan. Other noteworthy things: Fans on GPU only spin when GPU Fan duty is 34% or higher. This has been for at least a year (maybe since I got it) Now with the right fan obstructed, open Hardware Monitor reports 0 RPM I really want to avoid buying a new GPU until the new nVidia gen Lowering the GPU boost clock in GPU Tweak seems to do nothing, as it still boosts higher under load I used normal, not electrical tape, since it sticks better The first time it happend the GPU was 2 years and like 5 days old. And lastly, what do you think is actually broken with the fan? When spinning with hand, it felt less "snappy" than the good one, as if the magnets are weaker? Thank you for your help
  6. Mario Odyssey is really worth it. And if that person wanted to get you 2 games and you already talked them down on that, don't feel guilty ! Other than that I enjoyed the motion controlls in Splatoon and am personally hooked by Stardew Valley but that's probably not for everyone.
  7. I guess he does, but that is my main issue with the original LTT video. They should have added some kind of explanation or reasoning at the end of the video to keep it more balanced. Wouldn't have lessened the entertainment you got from the rant but would have made them look better for their own purchase decisions and also been better for people who don't know the first thing about cameras. For me it left kind of a bad after taste and it would have been nice to have a reasonable voice to tie it all up.
  8. Btw, did LTT ever do a resume or review about RED? I'd really love to hear Brandon's opinion about all this
  9. Those points about it improving the worth and value of LMG as a Media Group are pretty good. I enjoyed the recent high quality short videos a lot ( I wish they would do those more often ) But yeah, I rewatched the original Holy $hit video and had pretty much the same feeling about it as I did when it just came out: While i found it mostly highly amusing, the rant was just too much. I didn't know too much about RED cameras beforehand, other than that they are for professional, Cinema grade type of use. So the part of buying every single item separetly to fit your specific work case doesn't really surprise me, nor would I have expected it otherwise. I mean, good DSLRs also don't come with lenses, and it depends on your use case for what lens you need. Even back then I thought the video really would have needed a part at the end that balances it out. Maybe explaining that it's basically overkill (a common occurrence on LTT) and why they thought to invest in it. There are other rant-y or otherwise played up showcases or non-serious reviews that have this. Because if you only watch that video, it would also imply Linus as dumb for spending so much money. So, I knew that they play it up because that's fun. But I'm a regular viewer of the channel who knows about the product already.