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  1. It's pretty clear that she's Amish, she has no god damn clue what shes talking about.
  3. I'm going to do more than 3 because **** da police. Biggirpall @TheMail I love you too. Robbaz Monstercat mans1ay3r All those science channels
  4. edit: mirror edit2: mirror again
  5. I like how the most recent giveaways are from the Humble Bundle, and that's completely against ToS of Humble Bundle.
  6. A high ASIC quality means you can push your core clock higher most from a the core voltage in other words, more efficient. A lower ASIC quality however reduces the efficiency of the card and has increase the cards voltage in order to reach the same clock speeds. Here's an example, a card with 80% ASIC quality can have 1100Mhz with 1.1V while a card with 60% ASIC quality requires 1.17V to reach that desired clock speed (I'm just throwing random numbers here, but you get the point). I think you should already know this TechFan@ic, I was also not implying that the card had bad quality just the ASIC quality was low.
  7. After mail-inRebate http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202026 The price may vary in some location's but, there's no doubt that if you're looking for a GPU, 7950 is currently the way to go.
  8. 1155 on the core and 1600 on the memory, 1.25V on the core and 1.6V on the memory. Sadly, I can't push this card any further because the ASIC quality is just a mere 60%.
  9. I'm just dumbfounded by the numerous game recording software there is available, and it seems like I can't pick one that can suit me and by purposes. So by examining all the options that are appealing to me there is the well-known Fraps, Bandicam, Dxtory, MSI Afterburner, CamStudio, GameCam and sooo-hooo many more. But what is the most preferred option to fit my needs? Currently, I don't care about the price of the software because you know *cough*The Pirate's Bay*cough*. I need a program whom has the least FPS impact, best video quality ,and video compression and preferably low video sizes. Although some of you might say this topic is somewhat subjective as it asks for you to pick a program to fit my standards, but please just answer in your own opinion to view my stand point upon this dilemma. Thanks for sharing because sharing is caring.
  10. how about you inform us about everything he has first, then we'll pick out the parts.
  11. He uses a 2600k with a 660Ti. I don't know what clocks his i7 is running at.
  12. That's probably the neatest cable management I have ever seen. Also, I think the ASUS Z77 Sabertooth would fit in this build, got like dem Brown and gold highlights.
  13. APU's only benefit from faster RAM. He used some Munchkin Copperhead RAM 1600Mhz CL9