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  1. thats my friend he always finds stuff
  2. looks nices but is 1080p ok for gameing with 2 7970
  3. im useing it for gaming+rendering/other video stuff all prob just go with the ic diamond paste its also linus fav to use so should be good and for the h100i im use gelid wing 120mm fans
  4. well im gona use the msi gd65 mobo with a 3770k cpu in a corsair 400r case for now till the 900d comes out gona use a corsair h100i not with stock fans tho prob 2 good 7970 cards i just want 3 really good 27 or 24 monitors that can work good with 2 7970 cards and i do have the room on my desk my desk is very big and prob like 550 maybe 650 max on the monitor each one i just want 3 good monitors that would look good for gameing and vid stuff i use newegg
  5. hey im looking 2 buy 3 27" monitors for gameing plus vid stuff i was looking at asus samsung and lg for a monitor but i want 3 that dont cost way 2 much but still good for 2 7970 or 2 7950 cards would like a 1440 max one if there is one that dont cost way 2 much so any help would be nices and give me links to i use newegg
  6. hey i am buying a new mobo tonight and i was looking at buying the msi z77a-gd65 but how is it for gameing and overclocking i like it cuz its blue and black i love blue im not planing on useing the 1sec oc thing but i wanted a bord that did not cost alot but still was nice looking and should i go with a 3570k or a 3770k its for gameing plus vid stuff 2 i fgered the 3770k would be best for both stuff im doing and also prob gona buy a corsair h100i but not useing stock fans and i have noctua nt-h1 premium grade thermal compound 2 use on the cpu is it any good i have not used it yet
  7. the 2 7990 are for my intel build its not done yet but im gona use the 5800k with a 6670 crossfire for now till my build is done
  8. i have the 5450 its plays pretty good its not crap but not the best but i might just crossfire the 5800k apu with a 6670 gpu the pc is for light gameing for right now till my main rig is done and waiting on 2 7990 cards
  9. Hi i was jw is a amd 5800k apu better then a radeon 5450 gpu jw
  10. glad to hear it up and runing js would of been so much less of a pain if u had a led debug on your mobo
  11. ok thank you thay only sell it on ebay thats it jw