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  1. Tecardo

    Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming

    seriously i never noticed, i used 18.04 18.10 and so, explains why it feels so smooth
  2. Tecardo

    Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming

    i have ubuntu 19.04 installed right now, using 144hz monitor. Worked fine, only Deepin and Cinnamon really made problems. Don't know where you got the Gnome 3.32 supports 144hz...
  3. Tecardo

    Is there a better 7.1 soundcard than Sennheiser GSX 1000?

    so you call Z-Reviews someone with little expierience? Yes the amp is weaker, but im pretty sure that YOU don't hear any compression! As said early: Technically thats close to impossible to achieve on the dac side. You know that we have 16bit or 24bit on this dac, depends on what you want, so you have 96dB dnr, reduced to 72db cause you don't want to use the bottom 20dB, so overall your music has 72db possible dnr, a really good recorded orchestra has a dnr of around 80db, which also doesn't look at the 20dB, so we have 96db max, and 80dB max, thats around 65,536 volume steps we could reproduce. btw, the orchestra with 80dB is already a stretch! So dynamic compression is bound to never happen on the dac side! I found some measurements on the dnr of this device in overall, it's around 76dB which still wouldn't lead to compression. A other thing is, did you use the DSP? So EQ and so on, or did you use the HD Mode(DSP getting ignored)? BTW hearing a different DAC is possible, though not as clear as you make it up to be.
  4. Tecardo

    Android - How to Switch Microphones?

    there is right now no way outside of root and app including itself.
  5. Tecardo

    Android - How to Switch Microphones?

    which app you need this?
  6. Tecardo

    V moda M-100 with absolutely NO BASS?!

    these numbers don't tell anything Otherwise: The no bass thing could be a amplifier problem.
  7. Tecardo

    Android - How to Switch Microphones?

    the apps need todo this themself. The api works this way, or you have root. I think there could be a way to switch it. Atleast over config files of alsa
  8. Tecardo

    Which Headphone Would I Like More

    how do you come to this strange conclusion? The general consens is that they are china prodcued q701 with k712 pads. Which is not muddier bass but more bass, less middle tone peak and little bit better controlled highs, so overall they are more suited for most of the people outside there.
  9. Tecardo

    Is there a better 7.1 soundcard than Sennheiser GSX 1000?

    Sorry for reviving this thread, but @Dackzy when you hear compressed audio on this i have the feeling you are some geek who thinks he can hear more then there is really. Cause even if it isn't the best amp, the dac is rated quite right by many, also me. And compressions? You know exactly that this isn't coming from dacs these days, they all have pretty high DNR and your music has faar less range, so you are making this up cause you dislike the product from the beginning, not saying this GSX1000 is really good, but still what you talk here is pure BS from a geek who has smoked too much.
  10. A bit of text was cut out sorry Fiio Q1 is a good option, it will serve many headphones to come
  11. Tecardo

    Best Over-ear Open Headphone under $200

    It's fine without on hd598, not 600
  12. Tecardo

    Best Over-ear Open Headphone under $200

    I would recommend a dt770 from beyerdynamic. The normal pro with 80 ohm or the dt990. Both are quite durable and we'll build. The 770 is closed and has more bass, it goes pretty deep. The dt990 is open (more soundstage) has better defined bass and more clear highs. They more on the cold side of sound, the Sennheiser on the warmth side. They both are premium sound and don't need an amp. U also could get a ultrasone performance 840. More bass and closed with not too bad soundstage. For gaming these all are ideal
  13. The 880s don't need a amp, Beyer's normally don't need one. And 80ohm should be ok for soundcards, if not: Soundblaster E5 it fiio Q1 are good soundcards. The fiio without mic input
  14. There are combos, they aren't that cheap: The beoplay h4 and h7