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    Ryzen 5 2400G
  • Motherboard
    MSI A320M PRO-E
  • RAM
    Apacer DDR4 PC19200 2400MHz 8GB
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    GTX 950
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    Dazumba D Vito 960
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    WD Blue 1 TB
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    Corsair VS550
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    LG 24GL600F-B
    BenQ GW2270H
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    Stock AMD Cooler
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    DA Gaming K1 Mechanical, Corsair Strafe, G413, Tecware Phantom 87, Vortex VX7
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    Logitech G102, Logitech G413, Zowie ZA13
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    Windows 10

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  1. Has anyone here ever used a CoolerMaster MasterMouse S ? I've been looking for a new mouse just recently and just cant decide should I get that or just buy a new g102
  2. If you wanna see the mousepad after what happened I think it may still have some coconut water spilled on it well my mouse also stinks now.
  3. tbh I spilled it because after i opened the fruit and filled my jug with coconut water, a cockroach came flying by and I accidentally hit the jug with my hands to the direction of my mouse. Well at least I dont have to worry since my mouse and wacom is doing fine, except my mousepad tho it stinks
  4. I didnt expect it to work even after I dried it out for 1-5 hours since I spilled A JUG of coconut water. But I think since Its like raw coconut water it doesnt do much damage but man I have another problem now, My mouse is literally disgusting with all those coconut meat. Edit : I dont have isopropyl alcohol currently but I did wipe it out and dried it out with a hair dryer
  5. Uh I dont think so but turns out after drying it out with a hair dryer for an hour or so It's fine even the RGB lights are just doing their things as ussual. Welp I guess I gotta delete this thread in a few mins/close it somehow ty for helping
  6. I didnt lick it at all xD. Well Im drying it with a hairdryer right now since its night and raining and I dont have anything to dry it with
  7. So I accidentally soaked my mouse with coconut water when I was playing csgo ._. tried cleaning it up and drying it for 30 minutes. Do you think I should just go to a repair center right away or should I try to use it after a few more hours
  8. When I plugged my old laptop to my screen it also froze up for some reason but I cant find any green screen whenever i plugged it in it still froze up and flickering tho
  9. Update: So I decided to use my old laptop to test if my issues are still there since after uninstalling my drivers and reinstalling the problem remains the same. And for some reason my screen also froze and had certain lags/flickers a lot. I also tried to use another VGA cable to make sure it isnt my cable and it still has the same issue so I think it might be my screen instead ._.
  10. I checked my temps while playing PUBG its still on 66-67 on gameplay and on idle it sits at 44. Currently its clocked at 1455MHz. And for some reason even on desktop while idle it still sometimes froze ._. ty for replying.
  11. Its a gtx 950 as listed on the tag and uh I think it is up to date. I also just noticed that everytime my screen froze it only froze at the center and bottom while the top of my screen is still running
  12. So I've been having issues with my display for 2 weeks. My monitor kept freezing/green screening randomly and for some reason everytime i Alt+Tabbed it also green screened for a few seconds. Is my gpu dying ? or is it my monitor ?
  13. Ok well I might just take it to a service center somewhere. And uh do you think a screen recorder will capture like any lag/graphics problem if I have a problem with my GPU ? I dont see any problems on any of my recordings so far while my screen froze.
  14. Uh nah but when I plugged my screen to my laptop through VGA it also had the same problem but it only happens occasionally and not as much as when I plugged it on my pc sorry for my late reply
  15. Ya I did, and for some reason when i used HDMI my resolution just changed automatically to 1024x768 . I even tried recording my screen while gaming. Changing my VGA cable is also not making any change. Edit : Also I tried dxdiag too and it shows thats nothing is unusual on my GTX 950 but Im still not sure.