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  1. Join the discord if you want to be a punching bag
  2. We are looking everywhere you can think of mate... not much luck...
  3. Hi, I am the COO and Vice President of Elemental Lmt., Aidan Benham. We are a small company which runs the Record Label 'Xygen Records', The newly-founded Counter Strike Global Offensive e-Sports team: Team Thallium and several other small companies. If there are ANY seasoned players who have a CAPABLE PC, A half decent microphone/headset, and CS:GO; Please join the Thallium Discord Chat. > Player: Being a team player consists of attentending team 1 and a half hour long practices 3 times a week and attending scheduled tournaments. Players have three "Passes" per month to not attend practices and one "pass" to not attend a tournament per month. Failure to attend over three practices or over one tournament may result in being kicked from the team. > Captain: Being a team captain consists of scheduling, running and attentending team 1 and a half hour long practices 3 times a week. Captains must attend all tournements and may only not attend 1 practice a month, failure to do so may result in being kicked from the team or being demoted to player role. > HOW TO ENTER: #1: Send a video of a full match to the Discord chat, post a youtube link in #tryouts (link below) #2: Wait LINK TO DISCORD: https://discord.gg/B8yeNqr