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  1. You can always keep it for travel purposes or a mult-media computer for your TV etc.
  2. You want to know if its worth it to sell? Do you need a new PC? Is it struggling to play the games you want play? If your upgrading and never going to use the laptop again then yes of course its worth it to sell. Thats a very capable gaming laptop that you should have no problem getting a fair amount of money for, I would say its worth around 850-1000 euro maybe a bit more. Unless its absolutely mint brand new condition then maybe a couple hundred more.
  3. Stay away from anything that says "gaming" if your willing to spend 400.00$ Buy yourself a really nice set of stereo headphones, a headphone amp/dac & a mod mic. If your into all the surround sound stuff there is software that you can download that will do that for you. Checkout massdrop for great headphone choices and prices.
  4. 1. Status Audio CB-1 - Super comfy, sound great for the price. 2. NVX XPT 100's - Very Neutral headphone good for monitoring etc VERY COMFORTABLE 3. Audio Technica M40x w/ HM5 Angled pad mod - You have to do the pad mod to make them good but these sound fantastic for just about anything these are my go to closed back setup when im not using my open back headphones. Gun shots and explosions sound excellent. If you want more info on these headphones or (Senn HD558's, HD6xx/650) I own or have owned all of them and can help with any questions just pm me. ht
  5. Yeah thats a great card for your system, good 1080p performance, I have one of them myself (Asus Dual rx 580 8gb). Also look for a second stick of memory or a new 2 x 8gb kit of memory for dual channel. Just be sure that the card is in good shape and wasn't used for bit coin mining etc be sure it works before you buy it if its used... Your going to want at least 500w but I would recommend a 600-650w PSU so if you plan on using it in a future build you can do so without having to upgrade your psu as well. Anything from a reputable company with at least an 80+ bronze rat
  6. Get both? You can find generic branded mousepads that are still really good for like 10-15$.
  7. Hence why I said "MAY" need to update his bios... I must have had a slightly older board when I upgraded my 560ti to the 1060 so going off my experience with similar aged hardware I thought I would mention that to OP sorry for sharing potentially needed information based off my own experience... If I was 100% certain that on a B250 mobo he would need to update his bios I would not have said "MAY" need to...
  8. I never said it was a limiting factor... I was telling OP that with that old of a system he MAY need to update his bios how is that statement not true? Seeing as when I upgraded a GPU on a similar system the bios needed to be updated... Not sure what your trying to get at here?
  9. Sorry ill rephrase that: go for any GPU you want but you may need to update the mobo bios to the newest version fyi.
  10. @Paul499 I wouldnt go with anything to new as you will probably have to flash the bios to the latest version to support any new GPU. I had this problem on a similar build to yours was upgrading the GTX 560ti 1GB card to a GTX 1060 and the bios needed to be flashed to even recognize the new GPU. If your only playing at 1080p and are not to worried about getting 250+ FPS in all your games I would look into a used GTX 970, GTX 1060 , RX 580 , RX 570. These can all be found for quite cheap on craigslist etc and will still crush 1080p games. Do that and get yourself 1 m
  11. 4-500$ USD im asuming which will get you a nice card these days. I have a GTX 970 in my wifes computer and it works great for her sims and light graphic design use its still a very capable 1080p card. Is the best? no but it goes to bat with GTX 1060's, RX 580, RX 570's so dont consider those as any type of upgrade fyi. If you staying at 1080p for the foreseeable future I would go with a RTX 2070 or RX 5700XT If you enjoyed how long you had your 970 for im sure the 2070 will last you just as long and allows you to get into some 1440p/4k gaming if you so choose in
  12. I have a similar issue with my ASUS monitor (MG248Q) once in while when I boot my computer the monitor just wont get the signal from the tower to turn itself on but the computer is fully on just like you said. So what I did was just unplug my monitor (power cable) from the monitor itself and plug it back in and it right away shows the desktop/login screen again. Next time it does this to you try that its not a permanent fix but might be able to help in some situations. Edit: Have you tried using a different connection type HDMI , DisplayPort or DVI?
  13. What games you trying to play? What country you live in? As @LienusLateTips said do you need peripherals?