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  1. I need a capture card for my DSLR (Nikon D5100). It has to be USB with HDMI and around $100 or less. Also, would a Cam Link be work picking up? Thanks
  2. Dealership Marketing advice

    Ive recently taken the position of Marketing Manager at a Car Dealership. I know about marketing but not dealerships . Ive already made a wordpress website with inventory, and social media. What Dealership managment software and other tools can i use for free? Thanks.
  3. 2 stand 3 Monitor Arm

    Im looking for a 3 monitor stand with 2 legs to stand on. My desk doesn't have a whole in the middle but it has 2 on either side about 3.5-4ft apart. Does such a stand exist? I'm looking in the $50 range. Thanks.
  4. Whole Home Audio with PC's and Tablets

    I would like multiple sources and ability to play the same source.
  5. I would like to make a whole home audio system using a Dedicated PC as a host (with pandora/spotify) with iPads and android tablets as "wall units". Does any one know of a solution for what im trying to accomplish. Thanks
  6. How does one do button clicks like this in html/css/js or wordpress. Thanks Untitled.mov
  7. Best Free Video Editing Application

    @BluJay614 I love this guys tutorials. Here's a playlist for Resolve Playlist
  8. Best Free Video Editing Application

  9. TechLinked on the Sidebar

  10. TechLinked on the Sidebar

    Are you saying this to me? Or suggesting it? Cause im talking about this
  11. Is this a smart bulb?

    Thats what i thought thanks
  12. I need some help / Necesito ayuda

    Cant you just buy a chip on amazon and return it the next day?
  13. Is this a smart bulb?

    I found this pack of lightbulbs browsing the Best Buy site. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/philips-800-lumen-8-5w-a19-led-light-bulb-60w-equivalent-4-pack-white/5623587.p It says in the description: Internet of Things (IoT) Platform (Supported) Apple HomeKit, Hue, SmartThings, Wink Voice Control App Alexa, Google, Siri So does this mean its a smart wifi bulb? Cause if so, its really cheap. Thanks
  14. Are there any services that offer free email hosting with my own domain? Right now i use GApps but i want more users. Ive tried to host my own but TLS is horrible to get working for me. thanks P.S. Ive tried Zoho but i want STMP and IMAP access