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  1. Of Course: You can use the HDMI port for 1 monitor, and a USB-C to HDMI or USB-C Hub for another one.
  2. Yeah, I've already factory reset it. So there's basically nothing I can do?
  3. I have a weird problem with an iPad Air where it crashes after a little bit of use. I wasn’t able to figure out how much use it takes, but I got it to crash twice during a pass mark test. It crashes and shows the apple logo, then it starts to fade away and shows a white bar at the top of the screen. After you let it sit for a while, you can use it normally till it crashes again. I have attached some pics of the white bar. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. I'm looking for a free or cheap management solution for 2-6 VR headsets in Google Maps and 360 videos. I work for a home care company and we are trying to find a solution to bring VR to assisted living facilities for Public outreach. I'm looking for a solution similar to what https://rendever.com/ has accomplished, we just want to manage it ourselves. It would need to be standalone enough that each person can freely look around but managed so they all see the same thing. As far as headsets, we don't have any particular in mind, but maybe the Oculus GO or an Andro
  5. I should probably point out that "Try Risk-Free for 30 Days" does not equate to "Free Trial" Risk-free is a term used to mean that you can get a full refund if not satisfied in 30 days.
  6. So I can get a Series 3 Apple Watch 42mm with Cellular for $176 USD. Or I could get the non-cellular version for $163 USD. Is there a big enough difference to justify the extra money? P.S. I always have my phone and I don't run outside. Thanks
  7. So my house was hit with a power surge due to a faulty neutral. Basically, we had 175v come through instead of 120v multiple times. Anyways, one of our surge protectors smoldered and smoked and I was wondering, should assume they are all bad? I was using my PC on a hit surge protector and it worked fine, but when I shut my PC down, the surge protector went crazy and things that were plugged in shut off. Currently, I'm on a different power strip and its fine. Also, should I expect any damage to my PC's? So far, everything works (i think its because they are 110-2
  8. Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for. I signed up for PIA since it was $3/month cheaper so ill see how it goes.
  9. Im not sure that you get my question. I'm asking if there is a benefit to using a US endpoint rather than, say, a Singapore Endpoint for Privacy.
  10. Yeah, I know that. I was asking from a Privacy standpoint. Is it ok to have my endpoint be US based?
  11. I'm going VPN shopping and I am wondering if it's ok to use a US-based VPN for the sole purpose of privacy and anonymity. I am not planning on doing anything illegal or p2p but I would prefer a US server in Ohio or Virginia to still get a good ping in games. As far as the VPN itself, im leaning towards Nord or PIA. If anyone has a suggestion on a <$10 Monthly VPN that would be great.
  12. Thanks. Haha, I would but I already have a Xeon System with 8 cores that pulls around a 10000 PassMark and this only gets 3000 so hard pass.
  13. We have a server at work that I'm working on migrating from, all that's left is users. We want to sell it once we're done but I have no idea how much to sell it for on eBay (US). Heres what it is. Lenovo Thinkserver Tower Xeon E5607 @2.27 16GB Ram 150GB SSD 320GB HDD 950GB HDD Windows Server Small Business 2011 Also, can I sell it with OS or not?
  14. Its bricked and I'm waiting to try a USBTTY on it. If it works, ill keep it.