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  1. Hey there, as title says... Any recommendations are welcome! Not, non-'fullscreen-windowed' but rather purely just Fullscreen games are starting to shift my right monitors resolution all over the place, leaving unusable black spaces on the screen. Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2: Heres the information I can really tell you from what I know... Monitor on the left is my main display, DVI-D, 1080P Monitor on the right, secondary, HDMI, 1080P I have swapped the HDMI cable, still happens. Games are all run at native res I have no idea of the monitors model on the right, was a gift 4 years ago. Can be fixed by turning off the monitor and turning it back on, BUT WILL REOCCUR WHEN ALT TABBING OR OPENING A FULL SCREEN GAME AGAIN They're both plugged into a GTX 1070 Gigabyte Windforce, and the second monitor only has VGA and HDMI input, and I've only got a HDMI cable and no VGA slots on the gpu.
  2. Ahh, Here is where I got the IP from, https://imgur.com/a/mBTAj. IP Address is the very same as the one I pinged and the same as the Gateway IP in that photo. I just found that whatismyip.com says my IPv4 IP is the same as the two mentioned above.
  3. Alright I'm a little confused again. So in my gateway on the browser, it says WAN IP? The WANIP is shown when I hover my mouse over the top icon in this: https://imgur.com/a/unBnt . The same IP is shown in advanced options under "Gateway". Is this the right ping? If so, here is a photo of the ping tests to that IP; https://imgur.com/a/Sk3H1
  4. https://imgur.com/a/9YFwg << Default Gateway pings
  5. https://imgur.com/a/iMFFe < Thats an image of a tracert for auspost ( my national post ). I got the term hop based off what cmd says, and assumed it meant the route it takes between servers and such to reach its destination. Included is a couple seconds of pingplotter like suggested, although I honestly have no idea what I'm reading there. I also probably scribbled across a useless ip :3
  6. I'm not completely sure how tracerts work on cmd, but doing it with Australian Post, says I have my normal ping of like 9-20. It had 12 hops(?) 4 of which "Request Timed Out" and the very last one had 107ms.
  7. Heya there, For the past few days I've had a large amount of packet loss on my connections to various servers, least to say it's very annoying. I don't have much experience with troubleshooting packet loss and am unsure on how to narrow down the problem. I'm getting roughly 40% packet loss after a minute of pinging google on cmd as example. Wonder if anyone here has any troubleshooting ideas and processes for this type of thing. Thank you!
  8. Yeah fair enough. I remember when first trying to overclock I set it to my motherboard preset for 4.8Ghz and voltages weren't changed, but went right up to 1.2-1.3, temps were crazy, in the high 80's. I might save a profile for the settings I have and give it a nudge to see where I can get it for the experience. I did a lot of research and asking around but nothing beats hands on experience. I think this is a good idea in conjunction with my comment above this one, I might see where I can get it and then just take it back after testing temps. I don't know what i7 you used, but 1.365v sounds high from what I've read. I mean, I undervolted with a higher speed while doing tests and trying to lower temps. wasn't intended to make the cpu last longer. I'd definitely upgrade within a 20 year mark... in-fact like, the next 5 years at maximum most likely.
  9. I don't really get what you're pointing at here.
  10. Yeah, was my first overclock, and I got around the speed I did want, but was always pretty pedantic about temps and crashes because well, I'm just a poor uni student who games lmao. Temps sit around 60 degrees with the games I play but always saw people hitting 5Ghz. You're right too. It does what I need it to do. It's my first overclock and I might have been a bit excited to try more.
  11. I personally would go for the Meshify case, I like a more open ended front for more airflow compared to a solid front.
  12. Heya guys. I've had my 7700K at 1.18v at 4.8Ghz since I got the chip without any struggles. Normally 30+-5 degrees without things running and up to 75 degrees max load over an extended period of time. Is this healthy for the chip? Pretty sure that voltage is lower than when I first got it. Would it be worth increasing it and upping speeds or leave it as is?
  13. Hey hey, sorry for such a late reply, Christmas and all is around and family have been bombarding me haha. Does your motherboard shown in those pictures linked have a heat sink at the top? Mine does and thats the main issue for me in terms of mounting at the top. Is a 240mm rad completely ventilated at the front of the Enthoo as well? I mentioned the PSU shroud looks like it covers a part of that area.
  14. Hiya all, After a new case because my Phanteks P400 drives my temps up when I have the front of the case on ( radiator is mounted to the front). I was looking at the Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Tempered Glass Special Edition because of that front ventilation and nice look to it. Wanted to jump onto that tempered glass hype train before it dies out. I was curious to where I could mount a 240mm radiator though.I can't mount it on the top of my P400 due to my motherboard's heatsink thingo at the very top blocking it and not having enough room. I also feel that it'll happen again on the Enthoo. Also, the front is cut off by the shroud so I am lead to believe that half the radiator would be ventilated and the other half not. Any suggestions, opinion, people who have it, what do we think, any other case suggestions for my issues and all Thanks guyyys and galls.