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    Intel i5-4690K
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    Gigabyte Z97X-SOC
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    16GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical 1866MHz
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    Fractal Design Define R4
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    250GB Samsung 840 EVO
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    Corsair RM750
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    HANNspree 26" TV
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    Noctua NH - D14
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    Logitech G710+
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    Logitech G400
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit

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  1. That's not the point though. The point is, and he rightfully recommended a cooler within my stated points, to color coordinate the system. Brown and Beige doesn't mix too well with Red and Black. Of course, I'm still very happy with the performance of both the heatsink as well as the fans, but considering that I now have a case with a window I'm constantly looking at it, hence why I wanted to switch the CPU cooler and the fans. I think that I have now struck a decent balance between silence, performance and most importantly asthetics with the beQuiet! line up of products, without sacrifising too much in the performance department. Yet, cooling performance wasn't even the most important factor, because I've stated that I'm currently running my 4690k at stock speeds and only overclock the CPU to right around 4GHz from September to right around April, when the temperatures in my room allow for overclocking without turning it into a ghetto sauna.
  2. I ordered it from caseking.de, but they're currently out of stock, so I'll have to wait a couple of days until it arrives.
  3. I specifically asked for recommendations for a heatsink and it also states that I don't mind downsizing, considering that I don't have my CPU OC'd 24/7. Like the post states, I have 3x Noctua NF-A14, and none of them really make a lot of noise once I've started SpeedFan. They're plugged into the motherboard headers. However, the topic is basically unneccesary now, I've just placed an order for a beQuiet! Dark Rock 3 and 3x SilentWings in the 140mm variant! Thanks for everyone for replying and helping, it's very much appreciated!
  4. Hey Guys! I'm currently looking into revising my air cooling setup, not because it isn't silent enough nor bad, but obviously Noctua's color scheme isn't too great and I'm looking to color coordinate my setup a little better. Right now, I'm using a NH-D14 and three NF-A14, each having a 3-pin header. My goal is obviously to also move to a full PWM setup. My color scheme: Red and Black; with the option to switch to an orange and black setup. I'm obviously looking for either full black fans with optional orange or red accents. A darker grey would also be acceptable! My goals: Silence. I value silence over performance, finding a happy balance however would be preferable! Obviously, the quality should also be good/great. My usecase: During the summer time I don't have any overclock on the CPU, during colder months only a mild 4GHz OC, so temperatures shouldn't be too much of an issue, and I don't have an issue with downsizing the CPU heatsink, however I want to retain the 140mm fans. My case is a Phanteks Enthoo Pro. My budget: My current budget for everything is currently 150€ (+/- 20€), like I said, I value quality and I'm willing to spend the extra to get a little bit extra silence AND performance. My location: Germany. I would prefer a german shop, but I wouldn't have a problem with ordering from Austria or the Netherlands. PayPal is must though! My setup: I have everything listed in my signature below this post! Generally speaking I want to stay with air cooling, as I think it's still the best balance between price and performance and still offers the best possible option for having the quietest system possible. If however, for whatever reason, you feel like that I could be able to achieve the same level of silence, while maintaining/improving the level of performance, then please feel free to recommend a AIO solution as well! Thanks in advance for the trouble and you guys helping me, Homicidium
  5. Fantastic build, @p0Pe! The level of craftsmanship and overall detail is astonishing and quite frankly amongst the best on the interwebs/scene. Are you going to provide additional benchmarks with games in terms of FPS?
  6. In order to have a decent upgrade path without being limited by your PSU? I'd say going for a 500w PSU should be the safest trick. Corsair CX500M, EVGA offers a 500W 80+ Bronze PSU, maybe even Cooler Master. Maybe you'll be able to find a CX430 somewhere cheap (on Amazon maybe?), but I'm not 100% sure if it'll be enough for all of this. The 430W for my dads 4690k (not OCed) and GTX660 wasn't enough.
  7. The reason why Battlefield is getting such positive feedback is simply because Dice listened (somewhat) to the fans. The Battlefield community, and certain a good chunk of the CoD community, would love to have more realistic/historic-based settings. And Dice certainly did the unthinkable and went for exactly that. Not to mention that they've taken a HUGE risk here by going so far back. Not to mention that we now have a Triple A title that has a setting which isn't represented very often in FPS. Another thing that has really plagued the BF series is the sheer oversaturation of explosive devices. The amount of it in BC2 and BF3 were still tolerable to a certain extend, but was taking to the (negative) extreme in BF4, which ultimately lead to a small skill gap and generally hurt the objective of Dice to strengthen the teamplay aspect of the game. With WW1 we are going "back to basics", where a new age of warfare slowly emerged with fighter planes, zeppelins and most importantly tanks, where the weapons hadn't a rate of fire of over 800rpm, where the customization was available, but wasn't to the same extend. Through the CTE programme, Dice (and EA) noticed that the input that the community was incredibly valueable and ultimately they've implemented and taken up a lot of ideas what the community wished for like a more primitive setting, widen the skill gap, less explosive devices, more focus on team play and generally a decluttering of the overall customization, which was so extensive in BF4, that it was almost impossible to find the right setup for your gun and the situation at hand without above average knowledge on how the gun mechanics work or without researching and checking on sites like symthic.com. In terms of optimization, bugs and stability at launch I'd say that Hardline and Battlefront have proven to be stable, and considering that Dice is still using the Frostbite 4 engine, an engine that has been in use for a few years now, and with the aforementioned CTE initiative, they were able to stabilize the entire thing in BF4 that the game became more and more enjoyable in the long run and offered a stable launch (that's my experience) of both Hardline and Battlefront. So generally, I'm very excited about Battlefield 1, although it's an utterly stupid name. The setting is fantastic, and hopefully they'll be able to capture the gruesomeness and violent nature of that war. The customization is available, but should be limited to the useful expansions (scopes, longer/heavier barrels, suppressors, magazine expansion) and with a more focus on skill and most important team work. Things that got me into Battlefield in the first place. inb4 tl;dr
  8. Well, that kinda depends on whether or not you'd like to wait. If you're still satisfied with your 770 and are happy with it's performance in the games that you play, then I would suggest to wait until the 1080ti is announced and/or released. And if you can't, then I'd jump onto the 1080. The performance is obviously quite impressive im nVidia's numbers are to believed. Not to mention that you could also sell the 1080 (and get a decent price for it) once the 1080ti is announced and released and then purchase the 1080ti with the money you've got from the 1080 + the rest. Or you could decide if it's even necessary to upgrade to a 1080ti.
  9. I can certainly understand as to why it costs so much (not sure what I was expecting), but you've still given me a tough pill to swallow
  10. Is a MSRP known at this point? The more I look at this case, the more I fall in love with it. And don't even get me started on the build itself.
  11. Hifiman RE-00 from Massdrop for a whopping 35$ instead of 80$
  12. 1) You can subscribe to the topic and receive notifications whenever there's a new comment and/or update on the build 2) The LTT forum isn't as well moderated as others, but I still think you should re-read the CoC and start using a more mature and less vulgar language.