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  1. Never to late for an update! Finally got some video edited together of this thing:D
  2. p0Pe

    The grey wolf

    Thanks man! So, update time, finally! I have had more requests than I can count about how I make my watercooling distro plates, so I have made a video that shows the process, and included a download link to the file in the video so you guys can try and make your own distro plates This is what I end up with after carefully measuring up where all port locations in the case should go. I then transfer this into a 3D program. The final plate after milling and polishing. The o-rings are
  3. Hah yeah, I got tired of trying to find a super serious name, and this kinda got stuck in my head. Glad to have you on board Final build picture time! One thing I noticed with this build is that it is really hard to take pictures of, since it is so out of the ordinary regarding orientation etc. But I will let the pictures do the talking, so without further ado: Benchy McBenchface.
  4. Haha good old Project N.V. Lots of videos has been added to my youtube since then, so be sure to give it a look and a subscription:D https://www.youtube.com/user/metap0Pe So this update will be quite rough and unedited unlike most of the other updates, and will give you a view of what goes on "behind the scenes" since everything is not always all tidy and clean when doing builds. First off I started with mounting the custom alu cable combs I showed off in a previous update (I think). These mounts with two countersunk M4 from the bottom of the bench table.
  5. Thanks man! I also sanded so much that my fingers hurt for days
  6. So excited to show this thing! I waited a bit with these pictures as I wanted to keep the entire mod a bit of a secret for Dreamhack Winter where I won first place in the casemodding competition with it. This block is one of the most complicated distro blocks I have done. It is made from 2 pieces of 25 mm acrylic, and some 5 mm acrylic, as well as some custom alu parts. The two 25 mm pieces switches in level where the pumps are placed so that I could avoid making 3 separate pieces, and keep the plate even more simplistic. The plate also has some recessed M20 threads that fits th
  7. Time for some graphic cards! I kinda fell in love with the look of the 1080ti poseidon cards, so I decided to try them out for this build! I normally tear off the stock coolers first thing when I get a graphic card so I can get a waterblock mounted, but these comes pre-installed with blocks. More FPS, more power bill yay. Since I am quite pressed for time on this project, updates might be a bit "quick" with just a bunch of photo's. I hope you do not mind too much (w
  8. Looks like his nose is exploding out to the sides. Glad you do! So, time to get these ssd's under some serious heatspreaders! One mounted, one to go Let's get them onto the DIMM.2 board. What is this now... Why will it not go all the way down? Goddammit.jpg I have to cut off some of the bottom plate for this thing to fit. The extra size that the heatspreader adds conflicts with some of the elements on the DIMM.2 board Mounted in a j
  9. Thanks! It will only get better I promise! I know it performs worse, but the tests I have seen shows around 5-8 degrees difference with a small radiator. I plan on using a big radiator:D But I will let you know! Sadly I do not have an xspc block to compare with Well, it was not a lie, they just cut some corners:P Oh you know it! Third update in the Benchy McBenchface saga. This time I will be looking at the RAM and SSD's I will be putting into this build. RAM and SSD choice. I will be using an external file storage solution, so I just
  10. Guess who managed to snatch the X399 ZENITH EXTREME monoblock prototype from EK's heasquarter:D This is the only sample currently available of this block!
  11. Time for some CPU pron! I must say that AMD has outdone themself with the packaging of the threadripper boxes. Never have I had so much fun taking pictures of a CPU box. It is completely overkill and probably a waste of materials, but dammit it looks good, and will be a great addition to my shelf with unique hardware throughout the time. Once you get the styrofoam off, the rest of the box is plastic. POWAR Had to go trough quite a few hoops to get this thing open.
  12. I could take some pictures of it on a bench? It will only get better, so stay tuned:D It started out as a simple build just to try out threadripper, but I could not help myself, and made a distro plate for it, and there will also be a surprise regarding the radiator placement:D Thanks! More will come soon! I have a bunch of pictures I want to show before I head off to Cambodia for 2 weeks of sweet, sweet vacation!
  13. Hello guys and girls! Time for a new worklog, and this time with a bit of a strange "case". I was approached by the guys from OPENBENCHTABLE a while back, asking if I wanted to try out their new test bench, and from there things ended up as "how much stuff can I put onto this poor thing" Teaser: So without further ado, lets get started shall we! Specs: Mobo: ASUS ZENITH EXTREME X399 GPU: 2 x ASUS ROG POSEIDON 1080ti CPU: AMD RYZEN THREADRIPPER 1950X RAM: CORSAIR DOMINATOR PLATINUM 64 GB 3200 MHZ SSD: 2 X C