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    Homicidium got a reaction from Anonymous12556 in Build Log | Project Zero [Rebooted!]   
    I just love these TJ cases! Stoked for the finished product!  
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    Homicidium reacted to Mnpctech in Cooler Master Mastercase Racing, Porsche 917 Le Mans Tribute   
    Yes, I'm alive. Thank you for being patient. I had to halt progress on my build to fulfill commitments for Computex. Over the past 3 weeks I bought on 4790K for $225 shipped and $300 for reference GTX 980 on Ebay auctions. Fyi: Prices on used 980s are falling on Ebay as people upgrade to 1080s. I have one more build to finish, and I'll back on the track with this one! 

    Here is the PC I created for Deepcool's booth at Computex, http://mnpctech.com/deepcool-genome-gamerstorm-mid-tower-atx-gaming-case-review.html

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    Homicidium reacted to Mnpctech in Cooler Master Mastercase Racing, Porsche 917 Le Mans Tribute   
    Thank you! The extended holiday has bought me some time to work on my build. I recently scored EK water block for the Gigabyte OC force motherboard. It directly cools Intel Z87 southbridge (PCH), PLX PEX 8474 PCIe lane splitter as well as power regulation (VRM / MOSFETs) module. This will also compliment the stainless steel liquid lines nicely.

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    Homicidium reacted to Mnpctech in Cooler Master Mastercase Racing, Porsche 917 Le Mans Tribute   
    Thank you!   So, finally back on it... and it hurt to make the 3/4" hole into the paint to route the 316 stainless steel pc liquid cooling tube from the front radiator, but it just makes sense this way. I need to pick-up a bottle of the GULF Blue paint, so I can touch up the exposed steel in the hole. I modified one of the INLET/OUTLET black rubber grommets from NZXT Phantom to finish the mid section hole. Last night I bent the first SS tube of the loop. The stainless steel compression fittings are my own design. I wanted fitting that discreet in size and matched the tubing.                   Mnpctech Stainless Steel 1/2" OD Compression Hardline Fitting          
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    Homicidium reacted to Mnpctech in Cooler Master Mastercase Racing, Porsche 917 Le Mans Tribute   
    Glad you like it, Thanks for the comments! Just a small update as my free time to work on this is getting more scarce. I've been bending the tubing and learning the ways of the Stainless Jedi. I love the look of stainless steel. It echos the fuel and brake lines on race cars, but has it's own learning curve. In retrospect, the scale of PC chassis is just too small for the 1-1/2" bends you get with the SS bending mandrels I've found.. Suppose I could go thicker wall and make custom mandrel, but I'll try 3/8" OD instead of 1/2" OD next time.  
    Specs: Stainless T-304/304L, Seamless Tube, 0.5" x 0.035" x 0.43" 



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    Homicidium reacted to InsolentGnome in Rehab - Fractal R4 casemod [Nov 11, 2016-Completed]   
    Once the drive cages are out, we can see if our XFLOW is going to fit and what sort of engineering will be required for it to work.

    Definitely fits, definitely needs a panel to hole it in.  Put that on the list of things to do.
    And since I'm flipping the case, the MB tray has got to go.

    I'm collecting a pretty impressive pile of extra parts.

    Now it's going to get interesting.  I'd like a little more room to move things around in the case, plus my idea needs a bit of an angle, so let's split the case front to back.
    Marking out the centerline.

    A little bit of dremel work and she's split down the middle.

    I'm planning on something special for the top left panel, so I'm just using the rail for a placeholder to hold it all together for now.
    That's the progress for now, but hopefully soon it'll start taking shape!
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    Homicidium reacted to InsolentGnome in Rehab - Fractal R4 casemod [Nov 11, 2016-Completed]   
    First things first, she's got to be gutted and cleaned up.

    My accumulation of parts.

    Some things I'll reuse, some are getting trashed.  Luckily on the R4, the side panels are interchangeable, so flipping a windowed case is just a matter of swapping the doors around.
    Let's talk upgrades.  I'm not 100% on all the hardware yet, but I do have some nice bits to start off.  But let's look at what we started with.

    Yep, not even a GPU.  So sad.  We're definitely going to be making a nice jump with the new hardware.
    To start off, we've got a Gigabyte Z-170X-UD5.  Full ATX and tons of goodies.

    And for the PSU, I just snagged a Corsair SF 600.  600 watts in a SFX footprint.  I won't be able to SLI, but the small footprint allows me to be creative with it's placement.

    For radiator duties, I'm going to use up the extra Hardware Labs Nemesis GTS360 XFLOW I've had laying around from my Shinai build.  It didn't fit the layout in that case, but I think it'll be perfect here.

    That's all the hardware so far, so it's time to start tearing into the case!
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    Homicidium reacted to InsolentGnome in Gigantea-CM Elite 130 casemod [Completed]   
    Now for the guts of Gigantea.  At the heart of the beast, we have an Intel i5 4690K Devil's Canyon CPU slotted into a Gigabyte Z97N-WIFI motherboard.  Cooling for the CPU will be taken care of by an EK Supremacy EVO block.

    Memory is an 8GB kit of 2133MHz Corsair Vengeance Pro 

    Graphics will be handled by an Asus Strix GTX980 with an EK GTX Strix water block.

    Storage will be 2 Samsung 850 EVO SSD's, one 250GB and one 500GB

    And power will come from a Cooler Master V850 PSU

    Now for the cooler stuff, er, cooling stuff.  Radiators are 120mm Alphacool XT45's.

    The reservoir is one of Monsoon's new MMRS setups.  The 200mm version with the red accents and the frosted reactor tube.  Though I'm not sure whether I'm coloring the coolant yet or not, so I do have a blood red tube on the way as well so I have options.  This res pairs well with Monsoon's red free center fittings and 90's.

    And for the pump, an Alphacool D5 with a Monsoon pump top and cover.  I'm actually swapping this pump mount with a D5 adapter for the res.  They were sold out, but after some checking with people in the know, PPC's got some more in stock and I've got it on the way.

    Next up, I might actually mod something, LOL!
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    Homicidium reacted to EK_Derick in [Sponsored] XForma MKII + 5K Monitor + Intel 5960X/ROG RVE - All Liquid Cooled   
    All done guys! Photos coming soon 
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    Homicidium reacted to PhilipMod in Old school TJ07 Project   
    Hi, here you can find my new project based on a Silverstone TJ07, old but gold, you can see my project below.
    I’ll start it really soon….stay tuned



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    Homicidium reacted to PhilipMod in Old school TJ07 Project   
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    Homicidium reacted to PhilipMod in Old school TJ07 Project   
    Thanks to Noctua for the partecipation in this new mod, really good and high quality products, sheer power


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    Homicidium reacted to PhilipMod in Old school TJ07 Project   
    i7 6700k

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    Homicidium reacted to PhilipMod in Old school TJ07 Project   
    This is the mirror effect that I want on this project but maybe I'll change it, I'm not sure yet  
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    Homicidium reacted to MegaSkot in Back to Nature - Ivy   
    Thanks to all who have follow Back to Nature Ivy project!













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    Homicidium reacted to MegaSkot in Back to Nature - Ivy   
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    Homicidium reacted to DarkBlade2117 in Intel's Skylake-E To Use LGA 3647 Socket and 6-Channel DDR4 Memory   
    $400 motherboards and $2000 base price CPUs
    "Because we CAN"
    Is the motto I'm getting from these specs
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    Homicidium reacted to Hans Christian | Teri in rx480 best gpu under $200 ?   
    As it stands now I think it's pretty safe to say that the RX480 will be the best choice under $200.
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    Homicidium reacted to AlexCom in DIS PC Desk | All-In Envy   
    Today I managed to install the LED strips!
    Some images with the LEDs in place:




    Hope you like the result!
    Have an awesome day,
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    Homicidium reacted to AlexCom in DIS PC Desk | All-In Envy   
    Everything(almost) should be installed!
    Just a quick test with the LED`s on, one LED is missing from the video card that is facing down. Will install that later on.
    Hope you like the pics, I will have more tomorrow when it`s daylight (I don`t have studio lights  )


    Take care,
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    Homicidium got a reaction from Bensemus in 'Battlefield 1' Is The Most Liked Trailer In YouTube History, 'Infinite Warfare' The Most Disliked   
    The reason why Battlefield is getting such positive feedback is simply because Dice listened (somewhat) to the fans. The Battlefield community, and certain a good chunk of the CoD community, would love to have more realistic/historic-based settings. 
    And Dice certainly did the unthinkable and went for exactly that. Not to mention that they've taken a HUGE risk here by going so far back. Not to mention that we now have a Triple A title that has a setting which isn't represented very often in FPS. 
    Another thing that has really plagued the BF series is the sheer oversaturation of explosive devices. The amount of it in BC2 and BF3 were still tolerable to a certain extend, but was taking to the (negative) extreme in BF4, which ultimately lead to a small skill gap and generally hurt the objective of Dice to strengthen the teamplay aspect of the game. 
    With WW1 we are going "back to basics", where a new age of warfare slowly emerged with fighter planes, zeppelins and most importantly tanks, where the weapons hadn't a rate of fire of over 800rpm, where the customization was available, but wasn't to the same extend. 
    Through the CTE programme, Dice (and EA) noticed that the input that the community was incredibly valueable and ultimately they've implemented and taken up a lot of ideas what the community wished for like a more primitive setting, widen the skill gap, less explosive devices, more focus on team play and generally a decluttering of the overall customization, which was so extensive in BF4, that it was almost impossible to find the right setup for your gun and the situation at hand without above average knowledge on how the gun mechanics work or without researching and checking on sites like symthic.com. 
    In terms of optimization, bugs and stability at launch I'd say that Hardline and Battlefront have proven to be stable, and considering that Dice is still using the Frostbite 4 engine, an engine that has been in use for a few years now, and with the aforementioned CTE initiative, they were able to stabilize the entire thing in BF4 that the game became more and more enjoyable in the long run and offered a stable launch (that's my experience) of both Hardline and Battlefront. 
    So generally, I'm very excited about Battlefield 1, although it's an utterly stupid name. The setting is fantastic, and hopefully they'll be able to capture the gruesomeness and violent nature of that war. The customization is available, but should be limited to the useful expansions (scopes, longer/heavier barrels, suppressors, magazine expansion) and with a more focus on skill and most important team work. Things that got me into Battlefield in the first place. 
    inb4 tl;dr
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    Homicidium got a reaction from Riddler356 in Should I get a 1080 when it comes out or wait for the 1080 TI?   
    Well, that kinda depends on whether or not you'd like to wait. If you're still satisfied with your 770 and are happy with it's performance in the games that you play, then I would suggest to wait until the 1080ti is announced and/or released. 
    And if you can't, then I'd jump onto the 1080. The performance is obviously quite impressive im nVidia's numbers are to believed. Not to mention that you could also sell the 1080 (and get a decent price for it) once the 1080ti is announced and released and then purchase the 1080ti with the money you've got from the 1080 + the rest. Or you could decide if it's even necessary to upgrade to a 1080ti. 
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    Homicidium reacted to p0Pe in Project Rhino - A HEX GEAR R80 prototype build   
    Thanks man!
    Bottom fans will pull air in, top fans will blow out. I already removed the sticker:D
    Thanks man! I think you will enjoy the final pictures as well then:D
    It really is the material price that is jacking up the MSRP. For example, the alu profiles is almost 4 kilo´s alone. Most other cases are sheetmetal of very thin metal, and then some injection molded plastic. 
    Grab a snickers instead!
    Final pictures almost ready! Small teaser!