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  1. @LinusTech please do a pixel 2 case for the merch store, or a cool LTT giant desk mat/mouse pad
  2. what motherboard do you have?

    asus ROG Strix z370-G m-atx and asus z370 strix E D4 full atx. brought because had 3 gigabyte boards and they all had some problems. asrock boards are also good but asus rules for overclocking 8000 series chips. would buy again just because asus seems to be better quality and more features and better support, would never buy gigabyte again
  3. @LinusTech @Slick @GabenJr anybody know if there will be a wan show tonight and if so roughly what time. i know its ces but was hoping to maybe get a little wan show with whatever you guys can manage to pull together. friday night without WAN would suck
  4. Floatplane Website "Stats"

    even with a few bugs @Slick its still a very cool site. its gonna be great when finished. love watching video's on there for that extra early access. please keeep up the good work your doing a great job with floatplane
  5. Hot Deals of 20/12/2017

    thanks was just about to buy a couple of games, will hold fire now until tomoz
  6. Which graphic card manufacturer to go for

    i have had 3 palit cards and even have 1 running now. they our great, by far the cheapest and i was able to overclock it more than i was an asus card. great reliability and soom of them llok great. for the price to performance they 1 of best brands i personally think
  7. USB-C to Headphone Jack and USB-C

    i brought 1 off amazon a few days ago and it didnt work. type c worked but headphone jack wouldnt work at all, regardless of wether type c was plugged in at time. dont think there is a product that can use both connections at once, if you find 1 let me know. sorry cant be more help
  8. Best rgb fan /static pressure

    thermaltake riing plus fans our the best if you want ultimate colour control. they great radiator and case fans and customization is brilliant. just very expensive compared with other fans. they look amazing though i have 10 all synced together and they look amazing in any build
  9. Will there be an LTT Xmas special?

    @CPotter please do christmas special of some sort for CSF
  10. Will there be an LTT Xmas special?

    christmas special would be great, dont know how you could make it work with normal LTT video but Channel super fun could do great christmas special with the whole team, then @LinusTech can stay focused on all the other content you release every day. thanks for all great content by the way
  11. @Eduard the weeb no its facing up in the case, would never have it sucking from bottom as carpet always dusty and i wouldnt see the fan
  12. @WereCat have just cranked it up to 2164MHZ and will give it a try
  13. @Jurrunio think ill take a look at the evga and msi cards as they reasonably priced on amazon uk. like the sound of the msi card as red is 1 of the main colours of my build anyway
  14. @ImNotThere performance is great got it at 2036mhz boost and it never goes above 66 degrees. normally get about 60fps on my 3440-1440 acer predator x34, it depends on game, normally have all settings on high with some on ultra. works really good it my 3rd palit card and never had a problem yet
  15. @Od1sseas i7 7700k at 4.9ghz, 32gb ddr4 3000 trident z, asrock z270 extreme 4, samsung 960 evo, thermaltake view 71 tempered glass case, 10 thermaltake riing plus 12 premium rgb fans, thermaltake 360mm aio, thermaltake 750w rgb bronze psu and samsung ssd with intel optane, palit gtx 1060 6gb gpu. custom cables and a couple of 4tb hdd for media