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  1. ankh4ever

    FinalMouse Giveaway

    I'm currently using a $10 e blue mouse. It doesn't register fast swipes. As a csgo player that says a lot. I would love to use a finalmouse mouse. Finalmouse mouse. Finalmouse mouse. Finalmouse mouse.
  2. Anything that can beat my 4-slot beast of a toaster rules. The design is is very unique and pleasant imo. I don't mind it being too big. GTX 900 Series can drain my wallet's HP anyday. Too bad it's lvl 2.
  3. Ehh linus pls, no make me cry! In all seriousness, I been with you since 2010. I remember your old videos with Luke being that secretive camera man that would always hide his face no matter what. I seen the change, the transition from an individual to a team. And who can forget the screwups or embarrassing moments! Nevertheless, you and your team have made me smile in some way or another. IMO, you are one of the best reviewers out there in YT and that by itself is an amazing achievement. Us, tech geeks, us master race, appreciate your hard work. The hours you put into the company are appreciated. Congratulations. May your frames be high and temperatures low. BTW, need more cat videos. Pronto! More: Forgot to mention that you encouraged me to not only build my first (cheap ass) rig, but you also motivated me to pursue my computer engineering career. Im off to college in 15 days!
  4. ankh4ever

    Sony Xperia Z2

    Favorite part of the Z2: Waterproof + IPS Screen = dbrand: They support custom skins for various devices outside of phones as well
  5. ankh4ever

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    The fact that it has both your signature and Slick's signature is enough for me to want it. My favourite thing about it is the gtx 850 along with the beautiful sturdy look. I'm currently looking for a laptop for college (:
  6. ankh4ever

    LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!

    Well, knowing there are about 700 pages of replies, I guess you can say my chances are... slim. HUEHUEHUE. I never really had a top of the line phone so I'm very interested in this g3 for its 530+ ppi along with its dual windows feature. (No more closing YT video pause! Woo-hoo!). Knowing me, I'll mod the heck out of it.
  7. ankh4ever

    Help on OS being extremely fast!

    Fixed! I took your idea to consideration. Apparently it wasn't an OS problem. I just simply took out my RAM sticks out, turned on my computer w/out ram, waited a minute or so, turned it off again, and placed it back in. Worked like magic. I thought an OS file was corrupted but I guess not. I have no idea what kind of problem it was, (maybe mobo?). Well whatever. TY GUYS (: !
  8. ankh4ever

    Help on OS being extremely fast!

    Update: Safe mode failed. I'm currently finding a USB drive to reinstall the system
  9. ankh4ever

    Help on OS being extremely fast!

    I'm in my phone. It's a hassle to use this instead.
  10. ankh4ever

    Help on OS being extremely fast!

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 if it helps by any chance
  11. [sOLVED] Story: I had my computer on sleep mode when my electricity went off. When it came on again, I turn my computer back on and restarted it. I kid you not, the operating system is extremely fast. Like lighting fast. 2 seconds in real life = a minute in the OS. The big issue is that everytime I type one keystroke, it types about 10x the character I input. I found it amazing how I booted up the thing extremely fast though. What I'm currently doing is downloading the OS again to reinstall. Hopefully it works. I researched the problem, but I guess this rarely happens. Loading to a backup recovery failed btw. Also the BIOS is acting normal. So obvious OS issue is obvious. Right? Haaaalp!!
  12. ankh4ever

    What the hell?

    I see your problem. The reason why it doesn't update to the latest version is because you don't have the original launcher. You seem to have a modded launcher called TeamExtreme. I checked their website and their launcher is not supporting the new version of MC just yet. The original launcher should be downloaded at the official minecraft website.
  13. Worst possible timing for me -.-