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    Intel Pentium 4
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    A Sheet Of Cardboard
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    512mb ddr-1
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    Ati Radeon 102
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    Cereal Box
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    1 sheet paper
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    75w Toaster

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  1. I am looking into a graphics card for around $130 but i am deciding between a used 970 or 980 or new rx 460. Which is better to get because they are around the same price.
  2. pentium 4 HT wow , thats something i want


    i had pentium 4 extreme (478) .. 

  3. I am thinking of getting led fans and led strips for my computer but i need extra molex connectors. Will they be unreliable even if i get high quality ones? I would be using multiple attacked together but it seems like that would not be too good for the psu and whats plugged into them. Example : https://www.amazon.com/SIENOC-Computer-Molex-Supply-Splitter/dp/B00O1HDTVU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496309220&sr=8-1&keywords=molex+splitter
  4. Do you know if the the CORSAIR CX Series CX450 450W 80 PLUS Bronze Power Supply is a good psu?
  5. I am thinking about a corsair grey label psu but they have a bad reputation so what is the BEST IN QUALLITY in the 500w area?
  6. The reason for that board being overpriced compared to others is onboard ac wifi.
  7. But the price difference is not worth the 2fps for saving $10 at max
  8. Boards that support the Pentium are more expensive and end up being equivalent to i3
  9. I have a $175 budget for a ultrawide or 2 monitors in my $175 price range i will put up another $25 if its a really good monitor(s)
  10. Gotta stick to $500 but that cpu and gpu combo seems really unbalanced
  11. Amazon , i dont have computer shops on island i live on oahu
  12. Yeah b250 motherboards are expensive though with the wifi chips and stuff
  13. Its also the same price with the extra motherboard cost so im going to stick i3