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  1. They have better hyperthreading and I like the lga socket over the pga one.
  2. No, laptops generally arent worth the hastle to repair, due to their limited cooling abilities and small form factor.
  3. No, due to the small change in fps and score i would say that this was a small fluke. The dual channel is better than single channel in other tasks.
  4. It may not be a ram problem, it may be that your cpu or gpu cant handle the workloads the game is demanding of them. The Cpu is 7 years old now, and can be overwhelmed with newer games.
  5. Clear cmos, if that doesnt work check your power supply, it may have failed.
  6. I would recommend the 1660ti for its new turing based board. I cant help with the CPU though, as I truly prefer intel.
  7. Check the boost clocks, in some cases those may be different meaning it comes with a factory overclock, if not I would suggest getting the cheaper one.
  8. It is possible, but there is no real reason to install a bigger fan than the heatsink itself. I would recommend a better fan rather than a bigger one if you are looking for more performance.
  9. I would suggest a few things. First, upgrade to a WD Black, as it is centered around performance and would suit your build better. Second, your power supply should be 600W, even though your build only requires 300W, because this will allow for overclocking, futureproofing, and more efficient power draw. Thirdly, I suggest using Kinguin for windows, as its $20 for a license key, and saves you plenty.
  10. Make sure it is set to your main drive. It seems like you are only having problems when it restarts because you haven't set it, and instead have been choosing it in one time boot.
  11. No, Strix is only more for the brand name. Go with something like a Sceptre, I have had no problems with them. They are cheap and reliable.
  12. I am looking to build a pc in the Corsair 750D case and was curious if anyone knew what size top radiator was supported? Their website doesn't specify the top size, but instead all radiator support which isn't helpful.
  13. I know it's silly but I am set on an Asus motherboard, for their bios.
  14. I really want the power of an i7 cause it would have hyperthreading, but thanks anyways.