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  1. dmuirhead

    2nd Largest UK Police Force Still Uses XP!

    How is that compliant with GDPR??
  2. dmuirhead

    Windows Remote Desktop Problem

    Any IT Dept worth their salt would isolate all hosts on a shared wireless LAN. That stops one host communicating with another and only allows access to the default gateway. It's got nothing to do with ports, unless the wireless network is not isolated, and the software firewall on your PC (Windows firewall) has switched to "Public" which would stop RDP.
  3. dmuirhead

    RazerSupport nightmare

    Love Dell support. 2 weeks before warranty ended, I had issues with my Dell Precision PC. They came next day and swapped out a dual socket main board and 2 x Xeon processors.
  4. Surface Laptop with Windows 10 pro might be a good offering too.
  5. Have you tried looking in the BIOS? I've not looked at a Dell laptop for a while but I'm sure my old Dell Latitude E5530 used to have some battery efficiency tools in the BIOS which stopped it from overcharging.
  6. dmuirhead

    Is this legit?

    Also, never pay via direct bank transfer. Always use a credit card or PayPal where possible.
  7. dmuirhead

    Virus related questions

    Yeh it's LMG's subscription model, it's like £3.99/month and you get early access to videos and they are downloadable and higher quality.
  8. dmuirhead

    Virus related questions

    I'm a member of the Floatplane club :-)
  9. dmuirhead

    Virus related questions

    I've never heard of anything like that. It sounds like you download lots and probably run lots of .exe files so unless you are careful about what you download & where from its fairly inevitable that you will get a virus
  10. dmuirhead

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    I'd love to see a video on Windows User Account Control. Its super important and overlooked way too often!
  11. dmuirhead

    Virus related questions

    No, 99.9% of viruses come from email or downloads. Also, you would have to run the virus. And if you have Windows UAC (always turn it on!!!) then you would have had to have allowed it to run via the big pop up boxes on your screen which hide your desktop and just display the window (that part is called the secure desktop)
  12. dmuirhead

    Virus related questions

    Sounds very much like this to me. A Trojan Horse's aim is to create a "backdoor" into your PC so the attacker can execute commands remotely. They are usually used to install fake AV software or enroll you into a botnet to do things like perform a DDoS without you even knowing it, or bitcoin mine for them. Just remember that these don't come out of nowhere and must be downloaded somehow. Be wary on recent emails/downloads if you have not yet established the case. FYI, Crypto viruses encrypt all of your data with AES256 bit encryption with a 2048 bit RSA hash. The creator of the so called ransomware will not release your files until you pay the $$$. only way to get around that is to have a backup and wipe your machine. Take a look at what happened to the NHS (UK) A while ago. Worms are commonly used by spammers to infect high quantities of PCs with the goal of sending emails, or joining a botnet for the aforementioned nefarious deeds.
  13. dmuirhead

    Virus related questions

    Agreed. Most virus payloads that will look for network drives or USB are crypto's or worms(I haven't seen a really prolific worm since Conficker? Although someone correct me) If you have a crypto you wouldn't be copying your files anywhere!
  14. Do you see the drives in BIOS? If so, it could be that WinPE just needs drivers to be able to see the drives? Seen that before when using a RAID controller, although not with onboard SATA. You could also try to flash the BIOS.
  15. dmuirhead

    Installing an SSD in a laptop

    +1 for this. In addition, you can use Rufus to create the Bootable USB (or diskpart if you are feeling adventurous!) For Rufus, just Google "Rufus bootable USB"
  16. dmuirhead

    Is it possible to get a VPS for free?

    Interesting, I wasn't even aware that Google had their own virtualisation platform. I've only played with Azure a little bit.
  17. dmuirhead

    Is it possible to get a VPS for free?

    Virtual Private Server? Microsoft Azure and AWS both offer free trials, but you'll struggle to find one to own perpetually for free AFAIK
  18. dmuirhead

    Internet being really slow

    In that case it sounds more like a WLAN issue. You could look at statically assigning your WiFi to run on one of the non-overlapping 2.4ghz channels - 1, 6 or 11, then retest and see if you continue to see an issue. I can't say exactly how you do that (lots of different routers), but you could start by typing your default gateway IP into your browser, and have a look in the wireless settings.
  19. dmuirhead

    Internet being really slow

    I'd expect to see pretty similar performance with an issue like that - if you repeat those tests from his laptop do you get similar results?
  20. dmuirhead

    Internet being really slow

    Sounds like a problem with that node. You should speak to your ISP and tell them that your getting slow response times from there. It probably won't mean much to the first line guys but it might help the second line team look into it. Edit; you'll see from mine all of the responses are pretty uniform - that's what you would expect to see.
  21. dmuirhead

    Internet being really slow

    Ok, in CMD you could try and run- tracert If you've not used this tool before, it traces each "hop" from your PC to the destination. It does 3 passes of each hop and gives you a time in MS for each one. Run the tracert and watch it, you may find that one particular hop takes longer than others - it could be the problem. Some hops will time out - that's pretty normal and usually means that the router doesn't response to ICMP messages (tracert) Your PC will automatically look up each hop in DNS and give you something like local-xx-10-your-isp.net [] If the slow one is your ISP, you can feed that back to them.
  22. dmuirhead

    Internet being really slow

    What are the numbers? For reference, my network is the following- Default gateway = ~3ms = 16ms That's on a decent WAP with several clients attached
  23. dmuirhead

    Internet being really slow

    Can you join your wireless network on your laptop and find this page in control panel? Then observe the "Speed" stat - it will tell you if the connection to your WiFi is the bottle neck.
  24. dmuirhead

    Network Issue

    On a Windows PC, you should connect to the wireless network, then go to control panel & search for "Network and Sharing Centre", then on the left click "change adapter settings". Once there, find your wireless adapter. Next, right click and select status and observe the "Speed". This is the bandwidth available from the laptop to your WAP. You can use that to check that the bottleneck isn't there. Also, does your ISP router have wireless capabilities? You could check the channels currently in use to make sure your APs are not co-channelling.
  25. dmuirhead

    Internet being really slow

    107ms latency does seem high. You could try to do the following; Press start Open CMD Type ipconfig and look for your default gateway IP address Type "ping <insert gateway IP here>" Then type ping and check the difference. If pinging your gateway gives you a high MS response time, it's like the problem is with your WLAN and you could look to try and change the wireless channels. Applications like InSSIDer can help you to see what channels are being used in the local vicinity and look for a better channel to use. If pinging the gateway yields a low response time but pinging is much higher, it may be worth speaking to your ISP. Edit; Grammar.