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  1. LFrancis19

    Photoshop Scaling Issues

    My laptop is a 1080p screen, I tried going into properties and compatibility in the photoshop launcher and turning on the DPI scaling settings and it seemed to get much worse, worst comes to worse I can just switch my scaling to 125% before I launch Photoshop, then switch back afterwards, it's just annoying that I would have to do this
  2. Hi, I recently bought a Lenovo Yoga 730 to be my primary machine, and everything works fine except that Adobe Photoshop CC has many scaling issues. For example, when I run "Merge to HDR Pro" the dialogue box that pops up is much larger than the screen and I can't resize it. Additionally, the menu drop down bars are so big that I have to scroll through them to get to the options at the bottom. I tried changing my system scaling to 125% and this worked with Photoshop, making everything the correct scale, but the rest of the apps like Chrome were way too small. Ideally, if Photoshop could be at 125% scale and everything else was at 150%, life would be good. Attached are a few screenshots of what I'm experiencing. In the "Merge to HDR Pro" example, the options and buttons for "Cancel" and "Okay" are off screen due to the size of the window, which as mentioned above is not re sizable. Thank you for any help.
  3. LFrancis19

    iTunes importing problems

    I have been trying to use Foobar as well but that just complicates stuff with itunes and Google Play.
  4. LFrancis19

    iTunes importing problems

    When I import them into itunes off of the cd they get bugged out and don't work
  5. LFrancis19

    iTunes importing problems

    I have been trying to import some of my old cd's onto my computer so that I can listen to them on my phone and have a digital copy. I usually would just import the songs with iTunes and then use Google Music Manager to add them to my Google Play Library. Recently though, iTunes has been saying it was importing the music but it does it unusually fast and then the "files" it imports are blank, and it will just cycle through the blank tracks endlessly with maybe 1 or 2 actually playing the song
  6. Either that gaming rig or the Surface Pro. I found LinusTechTips when I was making my own DIY computer and because of Linus I was able to understand and build it, I'm using it now in fact. I would like Linus to review more speakers. My favorite food is Chicken Alfredo. Because yes.
  7. LFrancis19

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    I liked the cool Red color scheme and how it all came together nicely, Not too much red but not too little.
  8. LFrancis19

    iTunes problems Please Help

    Update: After my Video Card (A GTX 760) crapped I went to a local hardware store to check it and they confirmed it was dead and I bought a 660 instead because it was cheaper and now iTunes works fine with movies.....so take that with a grain of salt...
  9. LFrancis19

    iTunes problems Please Help

    Ok I looked on the iTunes store and it does the same thing to the iTunes preview movie graphics and the album art.....I'm going to wait for the next update of iTunes because I tried to re-install to no avail...Plus I heard iTunes doesn't like to be friends with Windows 8.1....I'll be fine until then.
  10. LFrancis19

    Just about crapped myself, Mobo issues? maybe?

    What was the connector? Internal or External?
  11. LFrancis19

    Help is sim city worth it?

    Personally, I liked it but if you do get it get the DLC because doing it normal gets boring REALLY REALLY FAST...
  12. LFrancis19

    iTunes problems Please Help

    Ok how do I do this? Most of the movies I bought a couple months ago before 11.4
  13. LFrancis19

    iTunes CD's are being weird...

    Ok thanks
  14. LFrancis19

    iTunes problems Please Help

    Hello, I have some iTunes issues with Movies, I have movies I have bought in the past and I decided I would watch one today, when I open the video the colors are all distorted as if looking through a thermal imager or something. I will post pictures down below. Please Help and thank you for reading.
  15. Hello, one day I was importing my CD's on to my computer through iTunes and I noticed that when I import them and try to play them it won't play the song I select and will cycle through my songs trying to play them until it reaches a song that I bought off the iTunes store then it will play that song only. I noticed the songs say "Not Available" and I cannot play them off the CD's either I have to use Windows Media Player. BTW I have Windows 8.1 if it helps.