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  1. Cant log into router

    oh, i have internet , its just really wierd how i can access it through wifi but not desktop ?
  2. Cant log into router

    done both, even reset the router to factory....no joy ?
  3. Cant log into router

    Hi guys, this has been irritating me for hours now. I can log into my router through wifi on my tablet using no problem. When i try and log in through my desktop it just says unable to connect. I have recently upgraded my storage to a 4tb drive and swapped out my c: drive for an evo 860 using samsung data migration. Thats the only thing ive done recently ? Contacted my service provider, no help ? Im kinda stumped /
  4. Windows RT

    Yeah, im gettin that kind of vibe everywhere , was hoping the xda developers would have come up with something by now. ill keep my finger crossed, i know some people have got through the Uefi restrictions with grub or something like that. heres hoping. thanks for your imput though. Thanks to Jamiec1130 also
  5. Windows RT

    Greetings, I have 2 impossible tasks for you guys, please help if your certain that you can and have done it before . I have an Asus Vivo Tab RT, its running Windows 8.1 RT. It used to be on the AT&T network but has since been sold to me. I've been having trouble unlocking the device, i got the unlock code from AT&T but when i enter it just says ' The device is not responding.' which suggests to me that it is a software issue and that's as far as i ever get. I've reinstalled the OS, I've refreshed the OS, I've deleted the Sim driver and reinstalled nothing works. So, since i cannot fix that problem let's see if you guys can, if not, i have another question. Does anyone know how to install Android on the afore mentioned Asus Vivo Tab RT, its running Windows 8.1 RT. Yes it has secure boot. I have the Kernel Code for Android 4.2.1 but don't know or understand what to do with it. As i said, these are both Impossible tasks (from my perspective) if you can fix either task then you will effectively be The " John Wick " of IT. Just please don't kill anyone "with a F**kin Pencil " Ive added a PDF if your not familiar with the device. If this topic is in the wrong forum then please forgive me and put it where it should be. Cheers guys Asus Vivo Tab RT.pdf
  6. Selling CPU's

    Thanks for all your help everyone.
  7. Selling CPU's

    Hopefully its not the CPU and just a combination of other issues as some of the other guys have pointed out. In any case, the small upgrade is worth it but i just wanted to run a few things by you guys, just to be sure.
  8. Selling CPU's

    To be honest, its cheaper to just upgrade the cpu without having to buy a new pc. its been overheating badly, i did a post about the problem and got some useful help. I was just wondering if the issues i have been having were available to view by the shop who will buy it. I found an i7 3770 for £54 plus my i7 2600, BARGIN !!
  9. Selling CPU's

    Here's a quick question. I'm going to be selling my Core i7 2600 CPU processor in a couple of days, it's been overheating and throttling worse than the Chicago strangler. Does the CPU itself, retain any information in the L1, L2 or L3 cache when removed from the motherboard about load conditions, such as overheating, thermal throttling, core problems etc etc.? The shop i am selling my Core i7 2600 to said the will run an evaluation test before buying the processor ? Just don't want to waste my time removing it, cleaning it, only to be told they don't want it ? Thanks in advance you kind souls.
  10. CPU and Motherboard compatability ?

    @-rascal- thanks for your responce and also to Zando Bob Yeah, it could do with a good clean. Thermal paste will be that Grizly Kryonaut stuff on the 3770. I thought about the airflow too, thats why i was thinking of dumping the 5450. Dumping it would not only free up some space for airflow but also reduce card heat into the case and also reduce power comsumption. plus the intel Quick sync would be more efficiant on the 3770. Ive included a pic of the CPU Hardware moniter info, its in two parts. The system throttles horribly, some times only giving 48% utilization @ 1Ghz or even less sometimes.
  11. Greetings to you all, you bunch of intellectually superior human beings. I have an Asrock B75 Pro3-M motherboard running an Intel i7 2600, coupled with a HD 5450 1GB graphics card. 16GB Ram...blah blah blah. I'm looking to upgrade my chip since I'm having some issues with it running quite hot when I'm using iSpy webcam monitoring. I'm looking at an Intel i7 3770. My questions are these: (1) Is my motherboard compatible with the Intel i7 3770 ( I know they are both 1155 socket, but one is south bridge and one is Ivy bridge) ? (2) Since the onboard graphics on the i7 3770 are HD 4000, could i get away with just running from the chip and dump my HD 5450 1GB (which isn't a good graphics card in the first place) , will this help with my transcoding & heat problem with iSpy . ? Thank you all in advance.
  12. Logitech C920

    @Ryan_Vickers I will certainly give that i try sir, it will have to be a USB 2 test though. But i get where your going. Will let you know the outcome. Thanks
  13. Logitech C920

    Yeah, i thought that, but the Microsoft HD300 webcam downstairs plugged into the desktop direct gets full 720p in the same iSpy program even with both imput running simultaneously?
  14. I like to think I'm knowledgeable but really I don't know shit. Google is my best friend. xD

  15. Hi Guys, I'll try and make this short. Recently my car was hit so I set up a webcam in the room upstairs looking down. I bought 20m USB extension with active repeater to bridge the gap between my desktop. While the cable works for the most part I am somewhat limited in resolution received at desktop ? The C920 I'm using is capable of full HD but I can only ever get 640 x 480 ? I'm wondering if this is down to signal degradation since I am aware of the limitations with USB cables over 5m. Would an active booster between the camera USB connector and the 20m cable improve the signal ? Or can you suggest a better solution ? As I said, I'm using a Logitech C920 with 20m extension cable with active repeater built in, on a Windows 8.1 system, Samsung SSD, Core i7 with 16gb RAM. The program I'm using to capture the images is iSpy (Free Version) Thanx in advance. PS, No option to move the PC and no Laptop available .