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    Vancouver British Columbia


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    Ryzen 1600x
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    Msi x370 gaming pro carbon
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    16gb Kingston hyperx @ 2133 mhz
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    Evga Gtx 1080 superclocked edition
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    Bitfenix aurora black
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    256gb adata su800p ssd / 3tb toshiba hdd
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    Corsair cx750m
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    benq rl2455 1080p 60hz /Lg lcd monitor 720p 60hz
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    3 coolermaster 120mm blue sickleblades / corsair h100i v2
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    Razer black widow chroma v2
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    Razer deathadder elite
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    Logitech g633 spectrum
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    Windows 10

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  1. So I'm not quite sure what happened but at my most recent restart everything went back to what it was last night. Not 100% sure what happened but at least I got some routine computer maintenance out of the way a bit early I guess
  2. So I Started up my pc tonight and although it wasn't doing it when I powered it off last night the fans on my aio suddenly ramped up the temperature was idling at 52C or 70C depending on the software. As well as cpu speeds had actually fallen from 3.40GHz which is weird seeing as the base clock is 3.60GHhz. I haven't changed anything at all and the pump is still working on my AIO as if I turn off the fans I can still hear it. I'm honestly not quite sure whats going on here. I've tried resetting the cmos. re seating the AIO and reapplying thermal paste but it always stays at that temperature. I know 50C won't kill it but seeing as it was idling around 20C last night this is really strange. Any ideas would really help as I'm kinda losing my mind over here I'm using 64Bit windows 10 with the most recent update
  3. Has there been any information on it or am I just blind?
  4. Legend has it if you stand outside linus media group at midnight and play the intro and outro music backwards and say "bada bing" the ghost of nicky v will appear and say "bada boom"
  5. That's the plan:P Just asking cause I'm not a horrible friend and want his money sink to at least function
  6. I'm starting to think he just wants a better computer than me I just don't know why he would pick my exact gpu model
  7. Oh I know that he just doesn't care I mean he sometimes streams? But ryzen 7 can still handle that
  8. Honestly when he first said threadripper I was at least expecting a 1080ti
  9. He really does his current computer has an i7 950 and gtx 980 I can barely justify my 1600X I have no idea what he's gonna do with a 1920X Edit: and this is all for 1080p gaming at 144hz ?
  10. My friend wants to do a thread ripper build for some stupid reason and despite my effort to tell him he doesn't need it. He just said he wants it so here I am wondering which power supply have the dual 8 pin cpu supply for it.
  11. The budget is like 500 - 700$ atm I'm just doing things like setting up widows and such on an old core 2 quad system but i plan to change that to at least a newer Pentium or I3
  12. Hi so I am building a media PC for things like 4k blue ray and Netflix streaming my friend is selling an R7 370 would it be fine for just watching things? This computer will pretty much never play games it only needs to be able to output 4k media
  13. Nah I just have them both set on the reactive lighting won't light up until I push a button
  14. *Update* New keyboard Razer blackwidow chroma v2 New mouse Razer deathadder elite New monitor benq rl2455 New mouse pad some random Steele series one Webcam