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  1. works, now has a thumbnail attempting to open it. edit: ooof. CDN getting ddosed... 1.5 MB/s buffering buffering buffering. Looks like it's working. edit2: Yep downloads and plays fine
  2. I switched from PayPal to my CC. Now the subscribe button works. No whoops error.
  3. Would love to be able to watch a movie with a quiet part (whispering) and action / car chase / explosions without turning the volume up and down. That's the main problem of my current TV and i'm pretty sure the next TV won't have the screen-as-a-speaker thing i saw on CES. It's 50% gaming, 40% TV / movies via streaming and some offline, 10% music, usually via Spotify Free, sometimes offline via my old CD collection (might re-rip them to FLAC if i like the difference in sound) AFAIK this happens because most TVs only do 2.0 and the voices usually use a separate center speaker. On my Raspberry / Kodi setup i'm able to fix this by turning up the center speaker channel. I don't have many neighbors around me, but one above me. I don't plan to move to a bigger house/apartment. Possibly a smaller room, who knows. I might have luck getting something decent on this years Cyber Black week sales. Wish me luck!
  4. Can't do headphones anymore. Grand parents live in the same house. I hear something loud next door i have to run ASAP. Got some nice wireless Steelseries H headphones but i can't risk to wear them A single well balanced 5.1 setup; built to fit my couch area. Then "moving over the PC" (USB hub with keyboard, mouse and mic) to play on my couch. Those "couch master" desk things are still a thing / saw those on LTT years ago. Around 5-7 speakers. a sub woofer and a "box" - i still don't know how those are called - to combine multiple HDMI, maybe bluetooth or AUX inputs and output/upmix them to my x.1 setup. 3-6 HDMI inputs: Xbox, PS, PC, Fire Stick, a RasPi, maybe my sisters old BluRay player. I don't own any 4k TV yet. Might change in the future. 4k on PC is still a weird thing. So it needs HDMI 2.0-ish? Let's say some arbitrary numbers: 250€, 500€, 750€ or 1000€ budget?: I want "1080p 60fps Ultra details" isn't a thing with sound. So i can't tell what i need. i'm a pleb with cheap in-ear headphones. My latest speakers are a pair of Google Home (not Mini or Max, the medium speakers). My best speakers are my Creative 5.1 set.
  5. No idea. As i don't know what i need exactly. Roughly: >4 speakers, ca. 1 sub woofer, I think some kind of audio system to feed my HDMI sources into and from there to the speakers. Last time i had to buy (or help my dad upgrade his old setup) some audio equipment i visited 2 or 3 big retail stores, got some idea and my dad said: "Okay if you will help me plug it in, he decides the budget." I have no idea how a good 5.1 system sounds with gaming. My dad is using his to listen to music and sometimes watch a good movie with 5.1 sound enabled. Usually he doesn't feel like turning the stuff on and forgets what button activates the surround sound etc etc.
  6. Hey guys! add stupid chris pratt meme - i'm afraid to ask something something. I am living in a small apartment. PC, TV and Consoles all in one room. A couch and my PC desk parallel to each other. So i can turn my TV (on a very small cabinet with my file server and consoles on wheels) to watch on the couch and/or entertain my friends while able to run some games on my secondary monitor. Is it even possible to get a single setup to get good 5.1 or 7.1 sound on my couch and maybe able to get a modern sound setup on my PC? I like bassy music, but i'm not an audiophile ripping CDs in FLAC and owning gigantic headphones, carrying around a preamp, etc. Had a cheap 2.0 stereo setup prior to my 5.1 and oh boy, that difference was spectacular! My current usage: gaming on PC; sitting at my desk or gaming on my couch, either PC and wireless Xbox controller or Playstation 3/4 Pro/Xbox 360 and maybe soonish a OneX watching offline content either via PC / Raspberry Pi / FireTV while on my couch. descriptive image: orange: my couch grey: a coffee table blue: my movable TV setup red/yellow/green: my desk/chair/monitor/5.1 setup The whole room is ~3,90m by 4,60m, 2,30m height. Wooden floor, wooden ceiling. An open kitchen on the left, 2 windows on the right side. A wooden door behind the TV to the top wall. Hardware: 55'' Philips TV as my primary everything monitor; Stereo speakers at the back, not really effective as the TV is standing in my room. ( 2x 1080p Acer monitors, nothing special, no sound, no VESA. cheap. ) My old PC with SPDIF ( CA0132 chipset ) and 5.1 via RCA(?) cables connected to my Creative Inspire 5.1 5300. Yes!, still working. Got those for my 16th birthday. Raspberry Pi3 running LibreELEC / kodi FireTV Stick 2nd Gen. Mainly Netflx and Prime TV No additional speakers, monitors or sub woofers around to use; no amps, AVR etc. Thanks for any advice on my setup.
  7. Well that's the only thing verifiable on a global level. The next best thing would be sending a post card like google does to verify your address (or the skill to intercept said post card); maybe a verification via voice call on a landline. Both options require resources beyond a web service company. You can message the discord service staff via email and try to negotiate alternative methods.
  8. You can set your update settings to Semi-Annual and set the days to wait for this update ("feature update) up to 365 days. This was usually used to move the update to the day the Enterprise edtions get if by default, now Microsoft allows to set the days manually. and you can completely Pause Updates too Advanced options in the Windows Update menu:
  9. Those install to C:\Program Files\WindowsApps. No UWP stuff in C:\Windows
  10. a list of folders inside Windows aka a screenshot made with TreeSize, WinDirStat or other tools showing the folder size would be helpful. TreeSize looks like this (i cropped the image): The smaller size of every folder is it's space used on the disk after stuff like NTFS compression/compact compressed some of it. Especially the WinSXS Folder can show up really weird in some tools because Microsofts does some compatibility magic to keep a copy of every .DLL file on your PC. If you never used Windows pre-Vista you wouldn't know the trouble of installing a game that needs a DLL but another game wants the DLL to be older. Maybe it's just a stray temp folder or a logfile gone horribly wrong. (had this happend with Steam creating multiple log entries per second and creating a >10gig log file in the install directory (and filling the SSD, crashing everything)
  11. don't just delete everything big ... Use the Windows tools first and clean anything else later. run cleanmgr as an admin (saves the second run scanning system files too) Mark everything and wait till it's finished. Now check via one of the many tools to list the biggest folders. I like TreeSize (it's on the Store and a free version on the JAM software website) One of the bigger folders i was surprised to see is C:\Users\harakiwi\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player ( change harakiwi to your own local username ) I used NTFS compression on this media databases. Size depends on how many music/video files are known to Windows Media Player (maybe even Centre) in their default Windows folders. You might have lots of saved games (depening on the games) located on your SSD. Was surprised to see how big some save games are... And their exist games downloading DLC to your C drive. Even if they are installed on another drive. First 5 steps - if you know what you do! - can save lots of space: https://www.howtogeek.com/173713/6-ways-to-free-up-hard-drive-space-used-by-windows-system-files/ The System Restore can take up to 10% of your drive by default. Depending on your PC usage you might disable the hibernation file and set a limit to the swap (page) file. If you don't need it!
  12. i would be mad if it turns OFF using the door bell. Those little f***s ringing and running away might get paint ball proof underwear if that would happen.... well and i would just uninstall the doorbell and install a giant bell or gong.