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  1. Interesting, I didn;t know you could get sort of customised laptops like that. Do you happen to know what their keyboard and trackpad are like? Thanks GeneXiS_X
  2. No real preference on thickness other than as I noted above, but I don't want something that sacrifices cooling for thinness. I'd prefer a 2070 (or something of that class) mainly because I have the budget But if everything else was perfect, a 2060 would be acceptable. And as I said, TB3 would be nice, but it wouldn't be a problem if it didn't have it. Thanks.
  3. Hi GeneXiS_X, For weight lets say 4.5kg max, I'm not too picky but I don't want one of those massive machines with desktop processors etc. Batteru life wise, 6 hours (again non-gaming) would be good, though as I said, I could live with less with swappable batteries. Thanks UG.
  4. Hi All, It's been a while since I've bought a new laptop so I'm hoping someone can point my in the direction of something decent. I'm mainly going to be using it for gaming so a good graphics card and screen is a must, but also development (windows and Android Apps), watching movies, some light transcoding and video editing and the general stuff you'd expect to do on a laptop. Location: UK Budget: 2,500 GBP Including VAT (I could add a little bit more for the perfect unit) Weight: 3.5kg max (again I'm a little flexable for the right unit) Battery Life: 3hrs min (non-gaming), the more the better (I won't be flying with this laptop, so battery limitations there do not apply). A big plus if I can get additional batteries and something to charge them outside of the laptop (price of which does not need to be included in budget). Needs to have: 120Hz+ 1080p screen, at least 15inch with g-sync (or freesync depending on video card, if they do that for laptops) At least one USB 3.1 Gen 1 (or 2) Type C (the more the merrier) 2x M.2 NVME Slots (only one needs to be populated at purchase) Nice to have: 1440p (do they do those in laptops?) or 4k screen at 120Hz+ Thunderbolt 3 Free RAM slots Free 2.5 inch HDD bay Any suggestions? Thanks UG.
  5. Undergrid

    freenas zfs Ram benchmarks

    For discussion of actual memory requirements for ZFS see The 1GB per TB thing is only under very specific circumstances.
  6. Undergrid

    Statements that trigger tech fans.

    "Hey, you're into computers..." usually followed by one or more question more suited to a manufacturer or other support line, but they'd probably have to pay for that.
  7. Undergrid

    What was your first phone?

    Motorola mr30 and I must have been around 23 or 24 at the time, but that's because that was when mobile phones started to become affordable for ordinary people over here. Even had the huge expanded battery because the something like 2 day standby just wasn't enough... (glares at Galaxy Note 8)
  8. Undergrid

    Local music server help

    You're going to have to give us some hint as to where in the world you are since laws vary from country to country, but in general I think the answer is going to be either "Nope" or "Consult a local lawyer".
  9. Undergrid

    Plex HEVC 4K Buffering

    Looking at the specs of the TV it does support HEVC (though not which HEVC profiles) and a slew of audio codecs It doesn't say what containers it supports though. So I'd make sure the videos you have are in the Main profile (most likely to be supported), that the audio is in one of the supported formats and then try various contained (mkv and/or mp4 is probably your best bet) until you find something that works. Edit: There's a review here that goes through tests of a number of combinations of codecs, color depths, frame and bit rates and containers. That might be useful for you.
  10. Undergrid

    I have a question about handbrake

    I think your best bet is to try encoding a few minutes of Animation and some other types and see what works best. I don't know Miraculous but googling for a few screenshots, I'm thinking the images are going to be too complex for Animation to produce a good result, it's aimed more at the simple Tom and Jerry style of animation.
  11. Don't. Your choice of HDD connection is USB or... we'll that's it and the Pi only has USB2. And, it only has 10/100 networking which isn't really a problem given the bandwidth from any disks, but it uses a USB to ethernet adapter internally which means your data gets copied from the HDD, through the PI and out to ethernet on the same USB connection (the SOC has a single USB connection and then there's a USB hub chip) effectively halving throughput. Don't get me wrong, the Pi's are great devices when used for the right tasks, but this isn't one of the right tasks.
  12. Undergrid

    NAS not booting with HDD, only without HDD

    Under linux (and IIRC, it's been a while) USB drives generally show up as /dev/sd(x) devices. I would guess that adding the hard drive has changed the location of your boot USB from /dev/sda to /dev/sdb (the screen is certainly showing something on sdb) and the boot sequence can't find the next thing it needs because it's looking for it on the HDD. Check your BIOS with both the HDD and USB drive plugged in, see if there's anything that will allow you to change the boot order and/or drive order (different BIOS's call it different things).
  13. I've noticed more and more ads in the middle of videos. And I'm not talking ads done by the video producer but the video I'm watching suddenly cut off, and ad played and then the video restarting a few seconds before the point it cut off. I don't mind adverts at the start (as long as they aren't 90 second or more unskippables), but this is really annoying. And yes, I have seen it happen in LTT videos. I wouldn't mind seeing some variety in the adverts too, I'm sick of the same thing over and over and over again. A note to advertisers: If I see an ad once or twice I might be interested, if I see the same damn thing 500 times I'm going to avoid your brand like the plague.
  14. Undergrid

    Synergy, buy it for "life"

    Sarah must be sending out that message quite a bit today, because she sent something very similar to me.
  15. Undergrid

    Synergy, buy it for "life"

    I have to say about this $15 offer, there's nothing that says you get the final version of Synergy 2 when it's released. And if you do, they don't say which version you get, pro or basic.