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  1. Hi everyone, I cannot find anywhere this socket / plug that my laptop uses. I often need to use my laptop for work, and I need a short (30cm) extension for it, so I don't have to thread through the cable in my 6U vj rack case. I know it's not recommended for DC to extend it much, but it would be a small "patch" cable extension. The easiest would be to buy a complete another psu but it would be much cheaper and would work great. Strap in the psu from the front, plug the end in to the extension, and at the back of the rack, I just have to plug it in to the laptop that is on top of the rack.
  2. Hi, I played a lot with a game, when I was a kid on my cousin's laptop, but I can't remember the name of it. It's a "crate pushing", find the way out game, it's a 3D game, with the levels "above each other", and when one level is done, the character is "rise with a balloon" to the next level. On every level, the goal was to find the way to the baloon. The character's are (I think) yellow, and called something like "blupees" or something like that. Also,there was a level creator mode in it. That's all I remember. Googled every keyword but didn't found it. Can an
  3. I ordered something things too, but it was as advertised, and all the things was below 10$ so at that price point, meh, even if it's not a reputable marketplace worth one try. My only rule is, never order anything more complicated than a beer opener from these sites.
  4. I guess it will sort out the blurred images, or flag the ones with extreme histograms. Maybe useful, for some. And the reality of it is, if some new function doesn't have the AI word in it, it's not interesting for the press. Welcome to 2020.
  5. Yeah, for higher resolutions and higher data rate (2.1) cables are important,but in my situation, I can't get any signal with this brand new cable (as I said it's not this particular one cable is like faulty or smhting, just managed to catch the problem with this one). Can't be that old, for example the LED video processor is like 3 years old. That won't be it. But thanks for the contribution to the thread.
  6. Hi everyone, I work in my freetime as a VJ, working with led projectors and large led walls. I consider myself in this area as a quite experienced person. BUT, there is something that I doesn't know why it's happening, and haven't got answer online. I had a few of these weird experiences with HDMI cables that works fine on one device but not on another. For example, it happened at venues and festivals, where the HDMI cable worked with my laptop but not with the notebook that the presenter / dj wanted to use. It wasn't time to troubleshoot what was causing this, so I taught the
  7. The purpose of a NAS is that it can handle more than one drive, the files are accessible from anywhere in the network, and many users can access it at any time. If you don't need 24/7 operation, and just occasionally need the files, your solution is perfectly ok. Personally I use my NAS more than file sharing in the local network. It runs backups via Syncthing, a Plex server for 4K streaming to the living room tv, a Nextcloud server for large file sharing to other people, a torrent client of course. Whileit's cool and everything to have a NAS, but you're right, not everyone need to
  8. This definitely has to be addressed in the next wan show. Looking forward to what Linus / Luke / James / *any other host* think about it.
  9. Replying to my own post, because no one seems to be familiar with my question. Fo orotherpeople, if you interested, here is my experience. First of all, Hikvision is working flawlessly with the Hik Connect app. In the site hik-connect.com there's link to nvr's ip with the remote management port, that's not working because it detects the ISP external ip, and the ISP obviously doesn't have a port forwarding set up just for me. But I don't really need that kind of remote management, view back and live is enough for me. So in one word it works out of the box, but
  10. At home i have an Ubuntu server NAS, so that could work, but if possible, i prefer the native Hikvision thing that i mentioned. So still waiting for answers to that. Thanks for your answer, jj9987.
  11. Hi everyone, I want to deploy an NVR at the family weekend house. The ISP uses carrier grand NAT, so my public ip shared with other customers, and my router's ip is in the private ip range (10.somthing.sth.sth). Of course a solution like noip.com or other dynamic dns solutions will not work. But, teamviewer works just fine. My idea is to buy a Hikvision NVR which is remotely managable via the Hik Connect. Is the Hik Connect works just like a ddns and refreshes the external ip of the NVR or is it "makes a tunnel" between the NVR and the remote computer like teamviewer does? Or if it's not like