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  1. Rexper

    NEW PSU Tier List

    Yeah, probably the old model with 3 years warranty. Better avoid. The Leadex Silver is also very good for the price, along with the Pure Power 11.
  2. Rexper

    NEW PSU Tier List

    The Antec EA550G is pretty good, if it's the newer model. You need to be careful with those as you may actually be buying the older, obsolete model. Could you provide a link where you're buying from?
  3. If it was as simple as that reviewer's wouldn't be doing complex teardowns and extensive testing. Don't trust everything you see on the internet, even if it's someone you think's reputable. He was mistaken with an older model with a similar name.
  4. Double Forward? Comparable to CXM? Where did you find that out? Last I checked there weren't any reviews or internal shots.
  5. Rexper

    NEW PSU Tier List

    1. Noise levels aren't the same. Corsair CX550 is Lambda-A, Corsair TXM is Lambda-S++ 2. CX is dual sourced by CWT and Great Wall. TXM is just Great Wall. 3. If you know the quality is different, why say they're the same?!
  6. Rexper

    NEW PSU Tier List

    Because there would be so much current going through the one cable / PSU side connector. https://knowledge.seasonic.com/article/8-installation-remark-for-high-power-consumption-graphics-cards Seasonic doesn’t say you “can’t” use the single cable, they just recommend using seperate. This should be the same for every manufacturer. If this is an issue to anyone, there are four or five spare PCIe ports on the PSU... just buy another cable, or ask Seasonic for one.
  7. Rexper

    PSU Tier List 2.1 - LEGACY

    Review: https://ru.gecid.com/power/gigabyte_gp-b700h/ No. One is 240V only, one is full range... Different internals.
  8. Rexper


    ... Bcause it's very rare for a power supply with several safety certificates, from a reputable company, a complete set of filtering (including surge and inrush protection), decently rated components, and a 14-pin protection IC, to cause a fire. You must have some logic, or even an example, of the VS being a firehazard? Lesser longevity. Possible coil whine. Lower efficiency. Is the only factor you mentioned that really applies to OP. OP, I'd replace the unit when you start seeing/hearing issues, when you want to use the deep sleep states, or when warranty ends (three years).
  9. Rexper


    You haven't explained to me what exactly makes the orange VS a fire hazard...
  10. Rexper


  11. Rexper

    NEW PSU Tier List

    I've heard Serbia's cheaper PSU prices aren't from the big retailer chains, rather small sellers from sites such as KP.
  12. Rexper

    Higher Wattage, Better Protection?

    I can see where they're coming from with the more wattage = more stability. But it's misleading. As input voltage decreases, more current through the primary side of the PSU is required. Some PSUs can't handle full load at 90V, though every decent PSU should. A higher wattage PSU in theory would have a beefier primary side that could handle higher current/lower voltage. But any quality 450w unit will have its components of overrated enough to support for voltage drops. Also, a larger wattage PSU theoretically (not always the case) has longer hold up time, which can prevent transient brownouts. It's not a good idea to assume. There are reviewers out there describing the components in PSUs, and testing their hold up time.
  13. Rexper

    Power supply (Fan Direction)

    Air inside the computer will be warmer than outside the case. Usually, a fan sucking the cooler air from outside will improve longevity, as long as there's sufficient, clean airflow beneath the chassis. Though, if you have a semi-passive PSU it's best to position the fan upwards, into the case. While the fan's in passive mode, hot air will rise outside the fan grill as opposed to the PSUs PCB.
  14. Rexper

    Which PSU Should I Choose

    As I already said, read the Amazon Q&A. They are selling the old FSP varient. The Antec EAG pro has been misleading in India for quite some time. If it's too good to be true, eg. A "focus" platform selling for half the price of the actual Focus, it's probably not true.
  15. Rexper

    Sama Armor 650w

    None. 1) Overpriced. 2) Not as high quality as the others. Also couldn't find any noise data. 3) Not quiet. 4 and 5) Couldn't find any in depth reviews with noise tests. 6) Not very quiet past mid load. I suggest contacting some guys at kupujemprodajem for a Bitfenix Whisper or Formula. eg. https://www.kupujemprodajem.com//Kompjuteri-Desktop/Napajanja/BITFENIX-napajanja-54971304-oglas.htm?filter_id=57213661