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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    bananas and Ghz, also chocolate
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    Skeet and NaE NaE ®

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  1. oogely boogely halp I wanna buy something but I don't wanna impulse buy a 5960X because prices hiked slightly again so now I'm looking at used 1070s 😢

    At least if I do get one it'll go in the folding rig. 

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    2. Tristerin




      I need to grow a set of zandos and just purchase my GPU + block for the wifes rig.  I need to quit reading your status' for a minute so I don't grow a pair and piss the wife off lol (shes already asked me not to buy the GPU and block until Christmas and Im over here like - BUT ALL THESE PARTS FOR THIS LOOP WAITING TO BE USED).

    3. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      @Tristerin yeah but... Heatkiller blocks though... 😉

    4. Tristerin


      iknorite.  Its funny cause the most expensive part of my loop will be the GPU block lol.  Its going to cost me at least $100 for the block (I *could* go block, strap, and heat sinks with a fan on zip ties lol but I want it to look the part as well as perform) when the loop with SP fans cost me around $120 lol (2x240mm and 1x120mm rad, soft tubing, copper CPU block from China...they are legit, this is my third one)