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  1. Go here there is a mice suggestion section, Seriously its PINNED in the peripheral section CMON!
  2. Go there and go straight to the suggestion section and no G402 sensor is not the same as G502..its far more inferior
  3. Thanks Boi, From your own opinion which is the best among those 4?
  4. Hi guys. What is the best software to create a 2D animation similar to the animation in Techquickie videos? Could you guys give me some recommendation Free or Paid it doesn't matter as long its easy to use and worth the money. Thanks in advance
  5. Yes and the in-animation like when they did some presentation/analogy using the animation. ehhh i dont have twitter and i doubt he'll reply
  6. Then you got a lot background process there. I use 12GB RAM as well but rarely maxed out 8GB unless i open another software in the background or crazily open chrome tabs..its still comfortable to use 8GB nowadays. My usual ram usage is 6GB with avast anti virus in the background,spotify,discord,chrome,steam and smadav. I play with 1080p screen and i;ve played a lot of games with it..never i mean i rarely maxed out 8GB unless i crank everything at ultra on demanding title. Just ask around to people with 8GB RAM, Most games runs fine on it. But if you can afford more than 8GB it would be great.
  7. 100% Disagree if you're maxing out 8GB then you got a lot of crap running on the background mate. If its just a steam,spotify,chrome,discord and other windows app you won't be maxing out 8GB. Name a game that use more than 8GB? and i mean the game only.
  8. Hmm yeah not a bad SSD but not as good as other NVME such a samsung 900 evo lineup. It use MLC which is suppose to last longer than TLC SSD about 2x-10 times longer. As for the speed, yeah its not bad but there's nothing special about it. Just a regular MLC Grade NVME SSD imo
  9. I'd just going to buy external dac and amp since they are outside your pc, So no noise,it has lower impedance and no driver required just plug and play. As for surround i use razer surround.
  10. As i said the optane module automatically learning by itself by putting whichever files are used the most and those optane module has its own capacity, If its get maxed out then it would automatically delete the files in it that are no longer occasionally accessed by the user.
  11. PC yeah but laptop? i am not too familiar with them since i never heard of gaming SODIMM in my life. Just get whichever is fast and big maybe from corsair or kingston.
  12. Optane act as cache or bridge for your HDD, So when the system demand the data from your HDD the optane module learn about which file are used the most and store portion of those files in the cache. So when the system are requesting said the data from your HDD the system already know what to look for based on the files stored in the optane module hence made your system perform better.
  13. There are tons of useful thread  pinned in each section such as PSU Guide by @STRMfrmXMN,Watercooling guide by @Ghost and @Gmac, Awesome Audio guide by @SSL, Well written mice guide by @Hiya! and many more.



    I am confused by how this forum survive especially old member who keep on helping those lazy as*

  14. Well i will ignore those benchmark if i were you because they rarely resemble any real workloads. Since DRAM is still expensive nowadays i'd just going to buy the cheapest one. Higher RAM speed on DDR3 won't help much dude you better off with a bigger RAM.
  15. Well that is SATA not NVME and a cheap one so yeah. But the seek time is still much better than a hard drive.
  16. why? Sorry not even close mate. PS4 PRO which is cost around $400 has the power of GTX 1060 3GB
  17. Which SSD? make sure its not the crappy one. Well yeah i mean 8GB is still more than enough if you're just going to use it for gaming and another light task such as mild video editing,browsing,etc
  18. You could use Norton Ghost32 or other software from asus, Sadly i forgot the name.
  19. If your main intention is gaming then get a console, You won't get a good gaming PC at that price point except if you're willing to buy used parts.
  20. What do you mean by that? Does your ram get MAXED OUT?
  21. Well if your ram are maxed out during gaming or just doing your workloads then get moar RAM. If you need the SPEED!!! to transfer large files e.g 2-4GB+ then get the NVME SSD otherwise just get regular SATA you won't be able to tell the difference.
  22. Well if you have tried another GPU on your system and it didnt make any whining then the issue is on the GPU. Nothing you can do about it except to RMA it