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  1. 100% the Asus Maximus Z370 Hero The feature comparison table on this site is pretty useful: https://www.gamerstuff.org/best-motherboard-i7-8700k-answered/
  2. I do love a good solo win!
  3. 70-80c is normal for me on games with good graphics. What's your CPU/case temperatures?
  4. After recently purchasing the 6700k I went for the ASUS Z170 also, Price-wise it's a lot cheaper now in 2017. Here is a good comparison of the best gaming motherboards for the i7
  5. In 2011 I picked up my first LED power supply, In my 2017 build I didn't bother, I guess my tastes changed This isn't for everyone but I can see the appeal for people who buy it, Those are the ones who buy LEDs on their ram sticks