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  1. That Cpu actually isn't that bad for now. I know its old but why would it only be at 5-25% used. its not bottlenecking it. According to open hardware monitor.
  2. I mean we had a family PC that had some Pentium or something
  3. So I've been having problems with my CPU and GPU not being used all the way. I am running at shit fps and my CPU, and GPU is only used at 25%. Im only using 50% RAM. Specs fx-8350 (yeah IK its bad im gonna upgrade when the price of DDR4 comes down) GTX-1050ti
  4. it's Ryzen 2. I was an Intel fanboy till ryzen came out, and its just better than the 8th generation for the price.
  5. 5 years ago I was 10. I didn't have a PC setup.
  6. it's 170$ now. That was a good deal but its gone now.
  7. not ALL of them are there. Like badminton.
  8. yes. All that showed up were trailers for me.
  9. wouldnt you have the benefit of having closer connection to the cpu because graphics cards have to talk through the PCIE slot
  10. I didnt see them... They didnt show up.
  11. but why not make wider boards with a GPU socket?
  12. So, Remember the videos linus did called nerd sports? It was a few years ago. Since vessel died is there even any way to watch them?
  13. You still have to buy the bandwidth from an ISP. The isps get it from level 2 and consumers don't have access to those.
  14. So, since graphics cards have dyes, similar to CPUs why don't we have motherboards with a GPU socket. You could just buy the gpu, for example GP104 and put it on the Mobo and buy something similar to a CPU heatsink. Why doesn't this exist. Is there actually a technical reason?
  15. I have an old 750 ti lying around from a build a few years ago