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    Games,high performance platform,embedded processors,badmintons
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    kind for gamer,android developer,java user,want to join in deep learning development
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    university student


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    amd ryzen 7 2700X 1.275V@4GHz/amd ryzen 7 1700 1.3V@3.75GHz
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    msi b450i gaming ac/asus rog b350i gaming
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    G.skill flare x 3200c14 8GB*2/trident Z royalty RGB 3600c18 8GB*2
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    xfx vega 56(reference design)/considering radeon vii
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    geeek A50 itx(swap to Ncase M1 V5+streacom bc1 mini)
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    samsung sm961 256GB & hgst 1tb hdd 5400rpm &samsung 860evo 500GB
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    corsair SF600
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    normal 27 inches display
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    thermalright axp100 full copper c65/wraith spire/wraith prism
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    logictech G610
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    logictech G502
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    windows 10 64bit 1809

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  1. Hi,this is Nexushua. Before I make this topic,I have already post some topic on different social account,get addicted to Anime(as you can see on my profile photo) Basically,the song that in my ipod just some Anime OP/ED,TOUHOU music or famous vocaloid be cycled. Where do I from? shenzhen,PRC What is my age? 21 When did you registered?last year or two years before……(i just forgot) Why would like to join in linus tech forum? hmmm…make a long story short,since luke make an itx build on a bomb size case,I feel different from the titanic case. However,when I come to here,I just feel frustated that not lots of topic would like to discuss about itx build(in case I missed) so,for the purposed of posting this topic is to make more friends on the one who really like itx build(whether is H200I or dan case a4 sfx) and we could get a deeper discussion that keep me on focusing to the beauty of the SFF build and the pure power hidden in it. That it,it is pleasure to be here
  2. The Snow White Princess is-hatsune miku
  3. cinebench R15/R20 for ryzen 5 2500U,2400MHz c15 samsung ram(on board dual channel),using battery mode,if someone get curious on the notebook model,is honor magicbook ryzen series,(or some area just call huawei matebook d ryzen version),if i run this on charged mode,the bench score will be 9-10% higher,I still wonder the core i5-8250U at 20W benchmark.
  4. let me go straight: fractal design S24(i do saw jay using it for several videos on his itx builds,is a option) NZXT kraken X52(i do like it softly light,sexy one) corsair H100I PRO(considering that it will fit for my K63 wireless,i do hope so) my condition is:other than RGB sync,and noise(i do wear some noise cancelling earphone to ignore it),which is more efficiency on solving the CPU OC high temperature?(R7 2700X 4.2GHz@1.425V and I7 8700K delid and swap to liquid metal 5.1GHz@1.35V) if there any option about 240mm AIO i would like to take it if there are some benchmark about temperature(three of the topic)that you are willing to provide,i will really appreciate that.
  5. hyperthreading would not help a lot on network gaming,but there is other ways to solve:buy 9900k and close hyperthreading for extra 4MB than 9700K,or just go back 8700K,
  6. Emmmm……more cores gets benefit to the video encoding like H.264 or H.265,if you using adobe AE/PR more than PS,go for more cores,and gaming,if your game baesd on DX11,8700k/9700k/9900k is a better option,DX12?doesn't matter want kind of CPU for you, do both?maybe consider about 9900k,and……don't forget to pick a high performance card like 2080/2080ti because cuda is more effective than openCL,and memory,more is better,oh,don't forget at least 240mm AIO or a tower radiator,but,if you want to save some budget,2700x is a option
  7. maybe because for the CPU/GPU unit, the basic circuit is crystal oscillator,which it offers a stable ,accurate single frequency vibrate ,and it also keeping the rest of the part in the system synchronized(parhaps?)
  8. increasing the CPU/GPU/memory clock (usually)by tweaking the voltage to make your mission on the same load(including gaming run more smoothly )finish time decrease,personal opinion
  9. Assuming that ryzen 3000 series will add more cores,at the same time could push a higher clockspeed(theoretically it work if you do not really care about the increase of the power comsumption),but there is a problem,I had been saw a document about Rome that designed their AVX part in 256bit*4,which is different from buildozer in 2011,and,H.265 encoding/decoding ability is related to the overall bitrate of the AVX as well as the register block bitrate,now down to my question:should I pay more expectation on ryzen 3000 series that will get a huge improvement on H.265 encoding?
  10. Long story to tell,this is maybe like a review of this case,so,I would have lots of word to describe First of all,allow me to explain about this case(it comes from taobao) geeek have offer 4 kinds of itx case: A20(for 190mm GPU, flex power supply,cpu cooler height was limited to 65mm) A35(for 235mm GPU, flex power supply,cpu cooler height was limited to 50mm) A50(for reference card,normal sfx/sfx-l power supply,cpu cooler height was limited to 65mm) A50X(for reference card,normal sfx/sfx-l power supply,support 240mm AIO) Same feature:you have to pay an extra money on ADT,that is about 20 USD But I just bought the A50,so this is the case we gonna talk about: We could only see a power button amd usb3.0 on the front,so,back side of the motherboard usb port maybe use more frequency The two HDD/sata 2.5SSD space is quite a compromise for this case,may effect on your case airflow At the top you can pile in 2*90mm fan,15mm thick,but i did not because i have not do more cable management The size is 210*330*140mm,that is about 9.7L,not quite smaller than dan case A4 sfx,but you have to know that dan case only compatibility of an 47mm cpu cooler like cryorig C7 or 92mm AIO like asetec 545 lc (the gpu size is 305*132*45mm,this is the thing i have to mention,but,it can fit in my xfx vega 56,so,make sure your gigantic card is suitable for the case before you buy it) Both the side panel,top,and bottom using plastic,and make very light as a empty box,but, i guess i could mention about the price It cost about 50 US DOLLAR(350 RMB),that is really sweet for an itx player,especially the itx compoment is more expensive than the ATX/MATX build(normally) However,let me explain other reason that you may not buy it:you have to build by yourself,the worse thing is the specification is on the salers pages,printed by chinese,which will is not easy for non-Chinese-speaking families to understand the context,which is unfortunate So conclusion:this is a price sweet case,but you have to do it for yourself,you may need to do a long time shipment to your area,that may weaken the advantage of the price,please make a better consideration and someone may ask:dude,why do introduce suck a rarely heard case for most of the guys I do know there is few itx player,even your first build may not took a glance on itx build,but I truly get addicted in it,my first video that catch my eye sight is linus make a powerful build on sliverstone sg13b(actually,i had saw the review of sliverstone RVZ01 also from linus),and then,paul's hardware,bitwit,jaystwocents,hardwarecanucks,etc,i just get into the trap of itx build and can't get out on to my point:there is more itx case than you expect in china taobao like sunmilo T03,cube X1,micro V5,ZS A4 sfx,frisk MK2,Ultra civiliz A4 case,and more,I just hoping that itx case will be a hot discussion in future(too bad for the reality situations) Anyway,if someone could glance over this discussion,I would be really appreciate for him/her.
  11. so,I became a maniac fans of the ultimate compact itx case since linus had made a build of the dan case a4 sfx as well as v2 version,however,when I pass through Youtube and bilibili for more information,Jaystwocents had already make a video of louqe ghost s1 in time lapse,so,is ghost s1 still available for pre-order?if i could,I may switch my CPU cooler from cryorig C7 to any kind of 240mm water cooling so,which one should I pick,dan case a4 sfx v3,or louqe ghost s1? (image source came from linus and jays video)
  12. is worth,gtx1080ti have 3584sp,which is 1.4 times than gtx1080's scale,it should be going well in 4K 60Hz,and 2k 144Hz monitor,if 1080ti can't handle your demand,then i just can't get any alternative solution for you.as for brand,personally I would recommand EVGA,zotac and asus rog series,but,really,base on your budget and make a decision
  13. I would like to recommand the raspberry pi,but,as you had mentioned 'android',pick a nexus7 2013 is a better option