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  1. This looks awful and way too over dramatic. I don't think I've ever seen a better example of how to ruin a classic game.
  2. It was and still is but since you decided to make a bunch of irrelevant excuses the conversation went else where... Being pedantic is just causing you further embarrassment. I have audio CD’s pressed as early as 1985 that still look/play brand new. If you are a neanderthal that doesn’t look after your belongings that will reflect in the condition and evidently how long it lasts but I digress, your still grasping at straws trying to compare user error with the incompetence of apple. It doesn’t matter what "reasons" you've convinced yourself with to justify your agenda, you won’t be changing my mind or anyone else’s that’s been on the receiving end of their countless screw ups. At the end of the day being prepared for data loss doesn’t fix shitty software.
  3. "Just back it up, duuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr". Yeah, because that fixes the problem and prevents the annoyance/frustration of it occurring in the first place... Band-aid solutions for all! Regarding your poorly constructed example of physical media failing, that would be caused by user error, not the incompetence of a third party company like apple so completely irrelevant.
  4. If you are going to take a microscope to everything you read on the internet in the most literal sense possible then there's not much more to be said. I only question why you bother to spend any time on the internet at all.
  5. Yeah, because every news story is fiction. All news should cease to exist until it's exhaustively researched via extensive third party audit while the courts take a decade to figure it out. Despite in most cases awarding in favor of whichever side has the ability to fund continued efforts and ignoring the massive amount of lobbying big corporations take part in to buy the decision of government officials. Poor apple they are so hard done by…
  6. Mind numbing that you continue to keep crawling back with double standards, certainly... Your inability to quantify repeating trends doesn't equate to my opinion being comparable to a clusterfuck echo chamber like facebook that I've never registered an account on but I guess today is the day that you finally get to draw that conclusion. Congrats, I'm sure you've been holding onto that for the entire month since I last logged in. Just because something is old doesn't mean it's not broken. Just look at religion for a perfect example of this.
  7. I'll wait for you to show me a manufacturing defect that was even a fraction as widespread that deleted data from users tangible media then.
  8. - Define "gaming". Arcades were huge... - The 90's/early 2000's were the golden era of shooters........... - A long time? Many companies in the entertainment industry as of late have relied heavily upon rehashing past successful franchises to carry them. With the ever decreasing attention span of the target audience today many of them wouldn't be able to remember said releases if it was that terribly long ago.
  9. That's your interpretation of it. The 2000's were hardly a long time ago for those of us not in diapers then.
  10. There's a mitigation strategy for almost every problem. That's not the point though. Most users are lazy and quite frankly they shouldn't have to worry about having data loss due to ineptitude from apple. It's not acceptable that windows updates deleted data, it's not acceptable that a certain recent Linux kernel update deleted data. Apple doesn't get a free pass here. It shouldn't have happened.
  11. Why would they change it? Steam has an army of mindless fan boys that put valve on a pedestal while blindly ignoring that they have done considerable damage to the PC games market. It also wasn't that long ago that there was an out cry when they temporarily decided to "screen" all the cartoon porn masked as "games" from the platform.
  12. As long as itunes has their fingers on your media it's a problem. It's not hard to find experiences where users have had data deleted due to "bugs" caused by apples updates or a conspiracy a while back where files went missing that weren't downloaded from their store. They even released a statement with their usual template of "even though a tiny fraction of users are experiencing..." prefix.
  13. I mentioned nothing about DRM. Don't try so hard to read between the lines next time. "Nice try though".
  14. Can't be any worse then your many flawed past opinions expressed here. I'll stick to what I gather personally rather then put blind faith in a broken system to determine the out come of a corporation that's been trending down hill for several years now.
  15. I did and even though I don't agree with the marketing tactic by said "chinese developer" at least they weren't trying to hide what they were doing. If something’s a blatant knock off I would prefer to know immediately rather then witness what a lot of these game studios put out these days claiming it's the most original game play ever until you look past a certain time period. Shocker, chinese company rips off popular western concept... It wasn't that long ago that there was the "controversy" over the "battle royal" genre style that I wouldn't be surprised if it's still tied up in legal proceedings today. All that occurred here was taken a couple steps further. Not news worthy.