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  1. They are excuses. Any time someone compares the two it's always "BUT MAH FORUM", "BUT MAH CHAT", "BUT MAH TRADING CARDZ". Meanwhile ignoring the basis any distribution platform that requires you to install a client before being able to buy a game has in common. You want to talk about my "dismissal of features"? how about we dicuss your avoidance of the points I've brought up. That aside, do you work for valve? I sure hope they are paying you something for all this time you've spent in place of their marketing team mindlessly defending the platform. It truely wouldn't make sense unless you have skin in the game...
  2. And all you've done thus far is make excuses in attempt in validate steam while selectively choosing which parts of epic to whine about meanwhile ignoring that they both employ a lot of the same anti-consumer practices.
  3. All that typing without mentioning that steam is a DRM client, mean while your entire point boilds down to anti-consumer practices.... Pot meet kettle... Hell, just last week there was an article about how steam doesn't count reviews towards a games score during "review bombing" sprees. Ever stop to think that these sprees occured for a reason? And I never said steam was worse, I said steam was only marginally less terrible. Might want to actually interpret what I typed before spewing off on a rant next time... You can push steam all you want as some sort of saviour. At the end of the day they popularized digital only games and forcing an internet connection to obtain them. Your precious steam is no angel. Look at the big picture rather then your narrow view of "epic is bad".
  4. How many of those ISP's piggie back off of the larger ones? I can guarantee that there aren't 158 ISP all with their own service networks.
  5. Hellion

    Samsung Galaxy Crease

    Ad hominem? The point I'm making which you faied to grasp is citing hypocricy. You claim your time is valuable but it's clearly often wasted doing shit no one would actually pay you to do. You made this about you, so I'm talking about you. When you can talk from a standpoint of experience then maybe we can discuss your point in more generalized terms. I'm not saying your opinion has to match with mine. I'm saying that logically speaking, whining about a crease in a $2000 early adoption screen should be the least of your worries when looking at the bigger picture. By the way, if you own a vehicle carrying a tablet isn't a burden. I also heard that the trend whores that live for this kind of stuff carry around man-purses so that would also solve your issue of portability. Just saying...
  6. Hellion

    Leaked Intel GPU Shroud Designs

    Poorly built? Most of these cases are so tiny there is literally only one way to build in them and actually be able to close the panels. Consol sized form factor and high end hardware to date is a unicorn. I'm not sure what fantasy you live in....
  7. Relating to this topic?
  8. And here come the excuses......................... None of that shit matters. I buy games to play them not talk about them on a forum. And if you think steam doesn't harvest your data then I've got ocean front property in Montana to sell you.
  9. All the news articles lately beg to differ. Your view point as a citizen is also clearly flawed/biased. Just because I haven't engaged in your endless attempts to put out the fires and defend all things Australian doesn't mean I haven't seen them. Enjoy your rights now because at this rate they will be diminished to nothing in short order.
  10. Hellion

    Samsung Galaxy Crease

    Matter of opinion. Quite frankly with as many posts as a lot of users have on this forum, that of which requires a massive time investment, I would argue that yours is not that valuable. If anything this phone only works to legitimize tablets. Portable, with similar screen real estate and a fraction of the cost. If you pay $2000 for one of these, your life choices should be a much larger concern then a crease in the screen...
  11. Yes. Deter who exectly? It's been researched already that those that pirate typically wouldn't buy the game anyways due to the hoops DRM causes one to jump through.
  12. Hellion

    Leaked Intel GPU Shroud Designs

    If you need a PC that compact, then purchase a laptop. Any time I see someone build a machine that is consol sized, unless it has entry level hardware, they always thermal throttle with all the panels closed. Just another dumb fad that still doesn't justify that blower cards literally sound like a leaf blower under load.
  13. In both examples you are willingly giving money to an individual/company in advance before the product is available for review by a third party. It's exactly the same. Both are equally as stupid only with different terms.