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  • CPU
    i7 6700k 4.8ghz @1.385, 4.9ghz @ 1.45
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte G1 Gaming 7
  • RAM
    16 GB g.skill Ripjaw V@3466
  • GPU
    AMD RX Vega 64 Air on XSPC waterblock
  • Case
    NZXT H440
  • Storage
    2X Sandisk Ultra II in Raid 0, 2x 4TB WD external storage...A NAS with random old parts somewhere that works when it wants to
  • PSU
    EVGA GQ 850
  • Display(s)
    Acer XG27HU Freesych 1440p @144hz
  • Cooling
    XSPC Raystorm Pro, 1x EX360mm XSPC Crossflow Rad, 1x XSPC EX280, 1x XSPC Razor GPU Block
  • Keyboard
    Red Dragon K552 (cheap, but very happy with it, I spill coffee a lot...)
  • Mouse
    Corsair M65 Pro
  • Sound
    Logitech G430 headphones, or old Logitech 5.1 surround that I can't read the numbers on anymore
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. According to who? Don't remember anything like this being mentioned at all. Competitive is all I heard stated. This f***ing forum is worse than the sites they lambast for outrageous claims.
  2. I knew this before you even said it, hence the RIP
  3. I do too. Can't be sure, but I think this all started with Kotor2. I miss when games or any other software came out polished. Some might have needed a few updates once exposed to a broader base, but just a few and then 99% had no problems. The art of alpha testing and beta testing is over, we get handed out crap that barely passes old school alpha testing nowadays.
  4. Bioware is dead. According to EA standards, and according to the the standards of those who bought their games for many years. Was very disappointed myself when they went under the EA flag, yet not surprised that things are heading in the direction they are. RIP Bioware. TY for KOTOR and DA, some of my favorite games. Edit: How could I forget? The first Mass Effect as well. RIP
  5. One thing you may want to consider is if the outlet you are using is grounded. Some may have 3 prongs, but may not actually have a ground connection.
  6. Honestly, in fps games, you may have to sacrifice some image quality for the frames you desire. Have to find a happy medium between the frames you want and the image quiality you can accept. A Titan X OC'd should be able to hang with a stock 1080/Vega 64. If you want more than that, then you'll be spending quite a bit, especially if you are throwing it in a loop.
  7. 2080ti seems excessive, I crush 1440p on a vega 64, granted it's on a waterblock. Would only go 2080ti if I really wanted to crush 4k. Titan X Maxwell should run 1440p in a more than suitable range, especially with g synch.
  8. In what way is it not taking it well? Should be a decent card in that range.
  9. No offense, you are quite a knowledgeable poster, but this whole waiting for other reviewers to get the same chance and time to review is a load of nonsense. They run a business doing these reviews, end of story. He did not sign the NDA, he did not get a free sample to review, and is under no obligation to wait for his "competition" to beat him or match him to the punch. He acquired the product through his own means, and put out the review (haven't read it, have no interest in any RTX products.) It's business, simple as that. He got the scoop. As they say in Russia...tough Sh**ski.
  10. I'm sure they are. You can see the conflict though, and if a bit of feet dragging happens does that negate the obligation? There is more to this than people seem to realize when the company you license your engine from becomes a direct competitor.
  11. Maybe so. Yet if you really look at it, you have PUBG Corp. paying fees to use Epic's Unreal Engine, yet now Epic is a direct competitor with Fortnite. When people complain about PUBG's optimization and lack of bug fixes, who do you think PUBG Corp. goes to for support when they need it. Epic maybe? IDK, but it sounds like a conflict of interest to me. I could be wrong though.
  12. Doubt it, there is big corporate money involved here, still betting on a non disclosed settlement.
  13. I doubt that, it is not disclosed why it was dropped and if it was initiated to begin with it was done by their legal department which felt they had a case. I would guess there was a non disclosed settlement involved.