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  1. Thanks I will also switch out the HDMI Cable for a different one I have lying around.
  2. I have this custom PC that I built and whenever I accidentally bump it (not even very hard at all) or move it while it is on the screen glitches and has like red pixels all over it for a second and sometimes freezes. Does this happen to anyone else and does anyone know how to fix it? I think it may entirely be that the GPU is not entirely seated correctly or that it's just old and is fragile. PC Specs: Ryzen 3 1200 (stock speeds) 8gb 2400mhz ddr4 (G.Skill Aegis) ASRock AB350M Pro 4 motherboard 250gb HDD (7200RPM Boot Drive) 1tb WD Blue 7200 RPM GTX 750 1GB (Maybe the main problem) Corsair CX450 80+ Bronze PSU DIYPC BG-01 Case
  3. GTX 1050Ti fair used price. Respond ASAP

    thank you! I just needed to be reassured!
  4. I just won an auction for a GTX 1050Ti for $122 on ebay. Is this a fair price or should I cancel. I haven't paid for it yet so let me know if $122 is a good price for a used 1050ti. It has all the accessories, the box, was never mined on and barely ever used. Please tell me if this is a good deal before I pay!
  5. RX 570 vs GTX 1050Ti

    the rx 580 4gb used is about $190 or $180 if you can get lucky or $230 new. The rx 580 8gb is $215 used, $200 if you win an auction or $270 new.
  6. RX 570 vs GTX 1050Ti

    I have $170 saved up so I can buy a gpu. But I was wondering which is better a new 1050ti or a used rx 570? or should I save a little extra and go with a 570 8gb or an rx 580 4gb?
  7. Need a new laptop

    I need a new laptop and I was wondering what the best bang for your buck laptop is for about $250-$350. It can be refurbished and also there's a microcenter near me if that helps also it has to be running windows and not chrome OS. I would prefer it to have 8gb of RAM. I found this but I don't know if there is something better or not. http://www.microcenter.com/product/509064/Inspiron_3565_156_Laptop_Computer_Refurbished_-_Black Any help would be appreciated
  8. RX 480 vs RX 580

    So I was looking on e-bay for used graphics cards and I saw that the cheapest rx 480 for buy it now is $160 and the cheapest rx 580 was $180. I was confused because isn't the rx 480 the same as the rx 580 except the rx 580 has higher clock speeds? If so couldn't I just get the rx 480 and overclock it to make it perform as an rx 580? thanks for the help
  9. I was looking at stuff on amazon that I can't afford as usual and I noticed that the core i9 7980X Amazon page has an option for wall mounting? Someone please explain. Also I wanna see what happens when someone orders this with "expert wall mounting". Anybody know if this is wrong or I'm just dumb? Please help. Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Intel-i9-7980X-Processor-Model-CD8067303734902/dp/B078L6GSH3/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1532353041&sr=8-2&keywords=core+i9+7980X Screenshot: (attached)
  10. BIOS Flash for Gigabyte motherboard

    thanks bro
  11. Hi I was looking at the Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H motherboard and was wondering if it supported the Ryzen 2200g. I was looking at the spec list on Gigabyte's website and it doesn't have it listed but what I wanna know is if it can be bios flashed in order to support that chip. Link to motherboard: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-A320M-S2H-rev-1x#kf can someone please tell me if it is possible to flash it so it will support the new chips? Thanks
  12. Fortnite Crash on Season 5

    Guys it seems to have fixed itself IDK why but its ok now
  13. Fortnite Crash on Season 5

    I have been playing fortnite for a very long time. (Since around October 2017) and have never had any game breaking glitches, crashes or bugs until now. I got on the other day super hyped to play Season 5 and when it updated I pressed play and everything was going smoothly until I got into the lobby. I was in the game lobby for about 1 minute before the game just closed. It didn't lag or freeze or anything it just closed. I thought maybe it was just the first time I loaded the game after the update so I tried again. Same thing. I then booted the game and quickly before it closed I clicked play to get in a game and it just froze and then closed. I have made sure I have the latest drivers, updates turning off the overclocks I had etc. but it still happens. I even tried the old restart but to no prevail. Can somebody who is smarter than me tell me what's wrong and if/how I can fix this? thanks My PC specs are: Ryzen 3 1200 @3.7ghz 4gb ddr4 2400mhz ASRock AB350M Pro 4 Motherboard GTX 750 1gb 250gb HDD + 1tb HDD Corsair 450w 80+ Bronze PSU As I said before I have never had any problems with the game until Season 5 was released.
  14. What game is this?

    Can somebody tell me what game this guy is playing the background? It looks interesting.
  15. Hi guys I just saw a video Austin Evans made about a $130 laptop. I was just wondering if the RAM is upgradable. Here's the link: https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Inspiron-Performance-processor-Microsoft/dp/B07BKVWWXB/ref=as_li_ss_tl?tag=austevan-20&s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1530930267&sr=1-20&keywords=dell+inspiron+11&linkCode=ll1&linkId=89e43f9e51d75d19efea881302dcb29a Thanks