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  1. emerald_piggy

    Airpods on Android?

    Thank you!
  2. emerald_piggy

    Airpods on Android?

    So everybody I know has gotten airpods by now and they all love them. And I really want to get a pair. The only problem is I have an Android phone. Would it be possible to use airpods on an Android phone?
  3. emerald_piggy

    Do these headphones have a 3.5mm headphone connector?

    are the logitech g433s any good?
  4. emerald_piggy

    Do these headphones have a 3.5mm headphone connector?

  5. emerald_piggy

    Do these headphones have a 3.5mm headphone connector?

    dang I guess I have to cancel my order and get something different...
  6. emerald_piggy

    Do these headphones have a 3.5mm headphone connector?

    Seriously!? is there anyway I could convert that to a 3.5mm jack?
  7. Hi my question is simple. Do these headphones have a 3.5mm headphone jack? (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826816080&Description=corsair void pro usb\&cm_re=corsair_void_pro_usb\-_-26-816-080-_-Product) I know on the product page it says the connector type is USB but most USB headsets have a headphone jack that plugs into a USB connector for 7.1 surround. I just want to know if it has a headphone jack because I wanna be able to use it with my laptop and my Xbox.
  8. emerald_piggy

    GTX 1060 3gb vs. 6gb

    Guys I find 1060 3gb's listed on letgo a lot for like $140 and I ask if they can do $90 or $95 and like almost half of them say yes. also I've found like 10 1060 6gb's listed on craigslist and letgo for under $160 in the past 2 weeks and most of them weren't ever used for mining. There was this guy who had a 2 1060 6gb's which were used for mining for only 5 months listed for $100 a pop and I emailed him but he said someone was coming to pick them up that day. It's really not too hard to find cheap used gpu's right now. I also saw a r9 280 3gb listed for $40.
  9. emerald_piggy

    GTX 1060 3gb vs. 6gb

    Hi I'm buying a used GPU in the next couple weeks and I was wondering if I should get the GTX 1060 3gb or 6gb. The performance boost seems pretty good but the price is my issue. I can get a GTX 1060 3gb for $90 or a GTX 1060 6gb for $135. Is it worth $45? I only have about $95 right now so do you think it would be a better idea to buy now for a 3gb card or wait a month or so for a 6gb variant? Thanks in advance!
  10. emerald_piggy

    MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error code please help!

    I think it's because its not on the motherboard support list for ram. I think I have to underclock the speeds. I have already tested it with each stick by itself so Im pretty its a compatibility issue thank you anyways!
  11. I have an ASRock AB350M Pro 4 Motherboard (https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/AB350M%20Pro4/index.us.asp ) and a Ryzen 3 1200 along with 2 4gb sticks of G.skill Aegis DDR4 (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=n82e16820232256) and whenever I am just using my computer it will just freeze and then blue screen and say MEMORY_MANAGEMENT as the error code. It just happens randomly while I'm using my pc. Is this a RAM incompatibility issue or are there drivers for the motherboard or something? Someone please help!
  12. emerald_piggy

    PC doesn't automatically switch between headphones and speakers

    Dude you are sooo helpful thank you sooo much!!
  13. So I recently reset my PC and now it doesn't automatically switch between my headphones and my speakers. Here's what's confusing me: before I reset my PC I just set my headphones to the default audio device and it would switch automatically. Now when I do that it doesn't. I went into the playback devices settings in Windows and when I unplug my headphones it doesn't detect it. I looked this up and people said that installing the realtek audio drivers helps a lot of issues with drivers. But it just made my issue worse. Now when I go into playback devices the speakers and headphones are grouped into one device called "speakers" and when I play audio on my PC it goes out through my headphones and speakers at the same time. My speakers are plugged in via the back panel and the headphones plugged in via the front panel. Someone please help.
  14. emerald_piggy


    what is "safe mode"
  15. I have an ASRock AB350M Pro4 motherboard and a Ryzen 3 1200 a GTX 750 with 2x4gb G.skill Aegis ddr4 and they are 2400mhz stock. I have come to the conclusion that the RAM is causing something to happen where it starts artifacting in games and blue screens every 2 hours of gaming. I know it's not the GPU because I've swapped it out for a different one and the artifacting still occurs. Can someone see if I have the RAM in the wrong spots or at the wrong speeds or something? Motherboard specs: https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/AB350M Pro4/index.asp#Specification RAM specs: https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16820232256 I have the RAM in slots a2 and b2 and they are set to 2400mhz (not auto) and when I change it to auto the RAM underclocks to 2133 Someone tell me if it's user error or the RAM is having compatibility issues.