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  1. It's hard to say based on the information you've given. Do you care about refresh rate? What's your minimum preferred size? Do you care what panel type it is? All you've given is a price and said you don't care if it's a monitor or TV.
  2. I recently accidentally brought my iPhone 6s in the bathroom while showering and water got dropped on the display (it wasn't fully submerged or fully covered it was mostly on the lower half of the screen and the home button). Ever since, audio has been laggy even with AirPods and wired earbuds, my home button doesn't register anything when I click it, but weirdly Touch ID has had no problems. I read on iFixit that you should check the water damage indicator in the sim tray slot and I did but it's white, indicating that there's no water damage (at least that got to the sim slot). My home button will sometimes start working for like 2 minutes but will stop. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help
  3. thanks that’s really helpful I guess it’s the same fix to every iphone problem just leave it in rice
  4. I dripped some water on the lower portion of my iPhone 6s and the home button is now non functional. On the lock screen it says “Unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone” and clicking the home button doesn’t do anything. Is there an easy fix to this? I’ve already tried restarting my phone, powering it off and cleaning the home button with q-tips (this actually made the home button function for about a minute after restarting but didn’t fix Touch ID), and tapping it against a towel to try and get water out if there’s any inside. Please Help!
  5. Hi. I need to buy a new pcie wireless card and am looking for recommendations. My budget is under $35 and I need it to connect to the 5ghz band. My routers speed is rated for 300mbps and my iPhone measures around 210 where my PC is and my current wireless adapter in my PC only measures around 25. I just need something that won’t bottleneck my speeds for under $35-$40 Thanks!
  6. Dude #1 this is extremely biased you can’t just say all of Apple is shit. #2 my home button is fine I’m just getting a screen replacement and I already knew this. (I’ll move my home button over) #3 if you can’t be helpful don’t reply at all.
  7. I have plenty of experience with electronics. I’ve repaired multiple laptops and built at least 5 PCs so I’m not new to fixing electronics. I was just trying to see if anyone had any experience and could give me recommendations. Thanks for your help I’ll just get something with high reviews.
  8. Hi I recently cracked my iPhone 6s’ screen and would like to buy a screen replacement. I’ve been looking at screen replacements online and I’ve decided to replace it myself. I don’t really know what makes a good screen replacement. Can somebody help me pick out a solid screen replacement for under $30? Thanks!
  9. No you can get an iPhone 7 for $210 refurbed on Newegg that's not that crazy
  10. Hi I need a new phone and was looking to get an iPhone. I can buy used but I only have about $200. I found an uncracked iPhone 7 for $180 is that a good deal? If not could someone show me a better deal? Thanks
  11. k thanks I'm going to get 8 more gigs of the ram I have now for 16gb total and then upgrade to a 2600
  12. Hi I'm looking for a solid micro ATX case for my build. The things I want in it are 240mm water cooling support, USB 3.1, and a psu shroud. My budget is about $65. What's the best case that fits a micro ATX motherboard with those specs for $65?
  13. So here's my dilemma. I have exactly $200 to spend on upgrades for my PC. My current build has a Ryzen 3 1200, 8gb 2400 ram, GTX 1060 3gb, 128gb m.2, 1tb hard drive. What should I upgrade? I definitely need to upgrade the CPU. But should I get the Ryzen 5 1600 or the Ryzen 5 2600. (The 1600 for $99 and the 2600 for $149) and then should I upgrade the RAM too? I was thinking I could upgrade to the 2600 and buy an extra 8gb of ram. Or would it be better to get the 1600 and get a higher speed kit of memory? Please help!
  14. I have a pair of Apple's lightning earpods that came with a friend's iPhone and he got Airpods so he gave them to me. I have an Android and I can't connect these earpods to anything. Is there any possible way to connect lightning earpods to micro USB? Thanks so much!