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  1. I am still a big believer of getting a fresh ISO/installation media and hard wiping the drive. I don't trust the Reset process because it uses the same system files as the original ones. It has to in order to re-install an OS without putting the PE on a different storage device. People say its the same, but I have had issues that should be solved by a reset, and are only solved by a clean install from a known good installation media
  2. You said you did a clean "reset" does that mean you made installation media, wiped your drive, then reinstalled the OS? If not, you should do that. I assume that it is 100% OS related. A windows reset doesn't really fix all of the OS issues as it maintains certain parts of the OS system files
  3. It wouldn't be drivers, try BIOS. Drivers only matter if it POSTs
  4. Unfortunately there is no onboard video with the 3700x so you need a gfx card. Would you be able to provide a picture of the system from the side panel view?
  5. Hmm, I would say update bios but that's clearly not possible... This isn't the first I've seen with this happening on ryzen 3700x... I'm a huge AMD can but idk if it's MB or CPU. If you're at all able to procure another gpu and get it to work, update the bios immediately as it could be something wrong with the MBs shipped bios
  6. I am seeing a lot of these. It may be an issue with the AM4 BIOS not communicating properly to GFX cards. I am not sure exactly what it is, but I am suspicious. Check for BIOS updates and use different PCIE slots
  7. did you try a different PCIE slot? make sure you are using the proper PCIE x16 slot instead of the x8, shouldn't cause any issues but a sidenote
  8. That looks like a bad CPU or incompatible/BAD RAM... I would check your DIMM slot position, try running just one stick on the same test.
  9. I'm sorry, I meant .inf... thats my bad. this file (unzipped folder)\WIN10\64\rt640x64.inf
  10. Aha! The error code you're getting, is that consistent? If so, you need to find the .ini file for your LAN driver and put it a folder in the root directory of your windows installation media. There will be an option for you select drivers to install, select that driver .ini file. It should provide a solution to the installation errors and potentially fix the issue with your windows 10 version
  11. For you, there is a detailed video going over the biggest potential fix, essentially on MSI boards you need to remove any connector from the reset switch for the front I/O panel. For some reason that is causing issues. I'd try that if you have an MSI MB. Hopefully it works... The weird thing is that if the computer is POSTing that normally means the CPU is working... It seems like something is causing the motherboard to not work correctly with the OS/any OS. I wonder if you try putting it in Legacy mode and booting through NTFS MBR instead of UEFI GPT if that might do anything... Something sounds funky with bios stuff, a bad CPU shouldn't load anything at all. My other thought is if windows has a faulty driver in certain OS versions that doesn't work with the chipset
  12. Apevia is foreign, made for international and US standards. Most times when they're made foreign and shipped to US the companies have a 120v option and a 240v option and they just send the 120v one (115v,230v or 120v,240v)
  13. in the process of doing your install, do you completely wipe the storage device it is going on?
  14. for example, the Ryzen 5 1400 under heavy load reportedly takes 70w of power, whereas the 3700x takes 142W and due to that it may require the extra power connector. My Ryzen 5 2600 requires an 8-pin and 4-pin so I assume that it would be the same for the 3700x, a bigger cpu
  15. the Ryzen 7 3700X may require this power port to be connected. You may have to source another CPU Power plug