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    Self Proclaimed Tech Pro, But Really Isn't
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    Malaysia, where everything is overpriced


  • CPU
    Intel i3-3220 3.3GHz 2c/4t
  • Motherboard
    Intel DH61HO
  • RAM
    Kingston 6GB (4+2GB) 1333MHz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 750 Ti Windforce OC
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    Generic Red/Black Case
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    Seagate Barracuda 320GB 7200 RPM ST320DM000-1BD14C
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    Cooler Master MWE 400W V1
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    Dell 1280x1024 60Hz E176FP
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    Intel LGA 115x Stock Cooler
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    Logitech K200
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    Logitech M100r
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    SONICGEAR Morro200
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

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  1. I can't understand what you're trying to say. Seriously. Your brother borrowed your monitor or your graphics card? You tried to turn on your computer (I assume) and it runs normally, but then you say you can't confirm if it is running normally?
  2. If you want decent yet over-the-top ram that's also red in colour, just get the OLOy WarHawk RGB 16 GB 3200 (2 x 8 GB) kit mate. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/pMn8TW/oloy-warhawk-rgb-16-gb-2-x-8-gb-ddr4-3200-memory-md4u083216bcda
  3. You can just run it unactivated and you'll be fine as long as you aren't a doofus.
  4. You can still use all four slots. Dual-channel doesn't mean you can only use two out of the four slots. God, this is infuriating.
  5. I've been playing Insurgency for a few weeks now since I got my GTX 750 Ti. It's a used card and I've overclocked it to about 1400 MHz and 3110 MHz for the core and memory clocks respectively. Playing Insurgency on everything set to the lowest possible settings at at 1280x1024, I rarely got above 100 FPS. In fact, I frequently dipped down to around 30 FPS. I wasn't really annoyed with that, because the overall experience was better than playing with the iGPU of a Pentium G620 before I upgraded to a 3220 and 750 Ti. But what I have recently discovered is that if I set all the settings to high/very high, my FPS actually improved (still had dips to 30 in some maps during "intense" situations), and that my GPU usage stayed in roughly the same range playing from as little as 25% to ~60% in both instances. The core clock even reached as low as 849 MHz in game, and only ever went up to 1400 MHz a few times. My CPU on the other hand regularly stayed at around 70% usage.
  6. http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-Gigabyte/GA-H81M-DS2(rev._2.0).html#cs the motherboard apparently only supports up to 4th Gen CPUs.
  7. You needn't get both at once. You could get the CPU first, and maybe after a few months (or even longer) get a new GPU. The 4460 and RX460 will still be a good combination for light gaming.
  8. If you're on a budget and don't mind NOT playing on high settings for a lot of modern games, then the i5 4460 is fine imo. With that CPU you probably want to get like a 1060. On Shopee, a 4460 usually starts at around RM300, and a used 1060 (or equivalent) will set you back by another RM500 or so. You could probably get better deals on Carousell or Mudah.my, I generally prefer the former. I got my 750 Ti for RM150 on Carousell, whereas on Shopee it would've set me back by RM250 or so.
  9. You looking for used parts or new ones? I have to ask because PC parts in Malaysia are pretty expensive. If you have the budget you should upgrade both the CPU and GPU. The CPU is especially outdated & underpowered for modern gaming.
  10. The RMx series is literally Tier A and at 750W it's more than enough for a 2080Ti and a 9900KS.
  11. Seriously though, if you think someone correcting you about something simple without even being rude means they're "damn toxic" then the problem might lie with you instead of them.
  12. I especially hate people that waste money on RGB and other completely useless things because they "look nice". Which is basically 90% of the people on this forum.