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  1. And so basically the usb plug controles both the ring and fan color? And it goes down to my usb header
  2. It’s actually a trade. I have an old i5 3470 that some wants to trade
  3. So I’m planning on buying a prism cooler for my ryzen 5 1400 but my motherboard doesn’t have a a rgb header, and my question is Does the usb connection to the cooler address the lighting?
  4. What about the gaming x version of the 570? @5x5 @Streetguru
  5. Yeah the armour one with white and black
  6. Both cards are 4gb, but idk which one I should pick rest of the system ryzen 5 1400 16gb ddr4 3000mhz 500watt power supply 80+
  7. I’ll try to get that Corsair but idk if my budget will let me.
  8. @Fasauceome I don’t plan on doing any overcloking, and that evga white 450watt is pretty much the only thing in stock near me and online
  9. I tried to but honesty they were either too expensive for my 410ish budget or I just couldn’t find them in stock
  10. I found an ryzen 1400 with a cooler for 86