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    AMD Ryzen 1700x
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    MSI x370 sli Plus
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    16 gigs of 2133 gskill oc to 2666 14 14 14 30
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    geforce 980ti reference with Arctic accelero 4 and evga ssc 1060 6gig
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    Eclipse P400
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    120 gb Samsung evo 2tb western digital and an0ther 2tb from seagate
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    evga supernova 750 watt
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    1080p viewsonic/1080p samsung/1080p insignia
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    NZXT kraken x62
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    Razer blackwidow tournament
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    corsair skimitar
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    razer kraken
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    windows 64bit pro

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  1. Folding@Home badges

    Way ahead of you. Ive already contacted him after posting this topic.
  2. So I've been folding for the ltt folding team that is linked on the forum and I use the same account name as my account here and I got a pass key but still no badge. I've got over 2.5million points so far and still no badge. Am I missing something or is the thing broken or did the forum topic that was pinned at the top for badges not correct.
  3. LTT APP

    Which sucks. I have gigabit internet with ad WiFi and it still is sluggish
  4. I can't find a category for this where would it go

    That's really unfortunate that people would take wats meant for those who need it and keep it for there own use. Those people deserve there money back and to have the thief forced to donate the amount he stole in the names of those they stole from because that money should be used by those who need it more.
  5. how to improve air flow for my case

    Arctic Accelero 4
  6. LTT APP

  7. LTT APP

    Who else wants an app for ltt forums. I really want one it would look so good and hopefully run better on a phone than the webpage. Please someone make one.
  8. how to improve air flow for my case

    Hole in the side panel Or faster fans / better ones Or better heatsinks Or get a case that has actual airflow
  9. Can anyone identify this CPU+MOBO?

    Looks like a 115xor 77x most likely a 77x with that ddr3. Mobo probably an H or B level board
  10. I can't find a category for this where would it go

    Ya I just messaged a admin but I'll also message a mod too
  11. I can't find a category for this where would it go

    I saw the folding@home category but I'm more concerned with the forum rules and that it might not fully fall into that category.
  12. I don't know wat category this would go under or if it follows the forum rules so I'm going to ask all of you before posting the idea I have. It's for a charity that will instead of giving the money to a lab for them to use because most of the donation's aren't substantial enough for a large expense the lab needs and will probably be used for office supplies and lab cleaning stuff and small things like glass ware and stuff that breaks or wares out a lot and needs replacing all the time but is relatively inexpensive compared to other things they need. So this charity builds servers with the money and uses the folding@home tool to allow the donations to benefit the research for years after the initial payment and let's people who can't afford to build or don't have a computer power enough to benefit the folding@home network still add to the simulation speed. I currently don't know if there's a category for me to talk more about it and provide a way to donate or if saying more and posting a link would get me banned. Please don't ban me for this I'm not currently posting a link to it or talking about it's name or asking anyone to donate to it I'm just asking if doing those things for this charity would get me banned and if there's a category for this.
  13. Highest TDP cooler

    So i got home last night at 1 pm and was up till 4 running tests I haven't slept and I'm loaded up on monster energy. I unplugged my rear fan and temps jumped. I unplugged my top fans and replugged my rear temps dropped. So I left my top intake and exhaust the Same and change my front intake to pull on the radiator and did my side panel mod. Took me so long because all I had was an underpowered drill that was so low on battery and was from the early 2000s. I'm the end I put a noctua industrial 140mm fan as a side exhaust. My 980ti went from down clocking (+240core +440mem over clock that can't be reached) to under 1000megahertz at 80°c to hitting full overclock at 75°c. My EVGA SSC 1060 6gig went from 60°c to 65°c with +135core and +300mem. So I have two exhaust fans now and it really helped finally. But yeah I need to sand the side panel and maybe some acrilic sealer to make it pretty and a fan grill but other than that it's working finally. But I still have a core x5 tempered coming in and a NH-D15 for ryzen SE. So when I swap to the new case I'll change my loop to cool the gpus and the CPU on air.
  14. Highest TDP cooler

    Condensation, noise and boot time.
  15. Highest TDP cooler

    Well that sucks.