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  1. FreeGeek Server. (bad idea?)

    So I was half correct. Preformence will be affected but stability not so much
  2. Freenas on old prebuilt hp pavilion

    I have to deal with it daily at work on PC's with corrupted or infected os that needs a clean install cause it's so bad.
  3. FreeGeek Server. (bad idea?)

    Your data is at risk and it slows the system. Yes less works but the performance and reliability trade-off shouldn't be worth it for anyone.
  4. Freenas on old prebuilt hp pavilion

    With dell, hp, Lenovo and the like they lock it so only the drive with the os that they loaded works. So even something as simple as loading windows from a USB throws no boot drive found cause its not a recognized key and the UEFI doesn't support USB drive boot in older systems so legacy needs to be enabled. Among other reasons those are the most important.
  5. Help finding Reliable cables and NIC

    So I have my server in my attic and modem and router there too. All the networking goes there from every room. It's all cat5e to the rooms except for my room and my office (one has work PC and other my gaming PC) which is cat6a. I use the gigabit ports on the Mobo to the 24 port 10gigabit switch which it 10gig copper. But my transfer speed to the server is maxed at 10 megabytes per second (100 megabits per second). My servers Mobo has a 100megabit port so I need a NIC that's rj45 and capable of 10 gigabit or at the very least 5 gigabit using LAG from a 5 port NIC. On top of all that I don't trust the cables I bought on Amazon or at Staples and I want to know what brand is the best and where to get good cat7 and cat6a so I can redo the house with cat6a and my room and office with cat7. I know it's over kill but come on.... Who wouldn't do it if they could ☺️
  6. FreeGeek Server. (bad idea?)

    Everyone is recommending Plex and backup server haha.
  7. Should I be considering UnRaid?

    From what I read I had the impression that he was already tinkering with freenas and he wanted to move to unraid due to weird things. What weird things he didn't say so I assumed it was stability. And if you're making your own home server I assume you use some form of LAG to improve links between multiple users hitting it at once.
  8. Just think this will help others. If you want to use any oem PC like those bought off the shelf for freenas or any other os than the pre-installed os you need to tinker. All you need to do is open the BIOS then disable secure boot and enable legacy boot. After that disable the boot devices that doesn't apply to you and move the one you want to the top. Then reboot. If that failed then you need to enter the bios again and enable custom keys and clear keys. Then reboot. If this still hasn't worked do a sanity check and make sure you have a good iso and that it's selected. Then continue to tinker with combinations of these options. Worked for my server and many of the PC's I have to deal with at work.
  9. Should I be considering UnRaid?

    For Plex and data backup freenas is the best but you need one gig of RAM per one tb of storage so that could be why you seem to be getting weird results
  10. FreeGeek Server. (bad idea?)

    I'd recommend freenas for the backup server cause you can use Plex on it too. But I recommend a minimum of 8 gigs of RAM and if you have more than 8tb of storage than move to one gig of RAM per one tb of storage. But I highly recommend a backup server cause omg it's important to back things up.
  11. Folding@Home badges

    Way ahead of you. Ive already contacted him after posting this topic.
  12. So I've been folding for the ltt folding team that is linked on the forum and I use the same account name as my account here and I got a pass key but still no badge. I've got over 2.5million points so far and still no badge. Am I missing something or is the thing broken or did the forum topic that was pinned at the top for badges not correct.
  13. LTT APP

    Which sucks. I have gigabit internet with ad WiFi and it still is sluggish
  14. I can't find a category for this where would it go

    That's really unfortunate that people would take wats meant for those who need it and keep it for there own use. Those people deserve there money back and to have the thief forced to donate the amount he stole in the names of those they stole from because that money should be used by those who need it more.
  15. how to improve air flow for my case

    Arctic Accelero 4