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  1. Anyone reading this in the future: I declared the motherboard dead. Bought a Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite, works like charm with the 2200G and now with a 3600.
  2. Hi! My ASUS X370 Prime Pro wont boot after bios update. Here is the long story: I tried to update the bios to the latest version. When the bios update completed, the system rebooted, but it did not boot into bios ever again. I found a guy in the local crags list who writes bios chips and he succesfully updated the bios chip to the latest version: 5008. He even read back the bios content and everything was okay, but the board still does not boot. I have a speaker installed, but it does not beep. The board powers up, the RGB wire lites up, CPU and GPU fans spin up but there is no post. The 2200G and the ram works in an MSI B450i (friend brought over). What i tried: -2 different ram kits, swap them around -Power on without ram -2 different PSUs (i know they work), bot 4 and 8 pin CPU headers -On board HDMi, Display Port video outs -HDMI, VGA, DVI from a HD6770 that i had on the shelf -Cry myself to sleep -Cmos reset with the headers -Disconnect every cable expect from the power cables -Cleaned sockets with compressed air -Reseated CPU like 3-4 times There is no sign of any physical damage or short circuit. Thanks for your time!
  3. A really helpful gentleman at overclock.net on a thread about this mobo gave me the answer: https://www.overclock.net/forum/11-amd-motherboards/1626011-my-experience-asus-prime-x370-pro-931.html#post28028644 Thanks to him!
  4. Hi! Does anyone know what this header is wired to on the Asus X370 Prime Pro? It is misteriously close to the bios chip. I can not find any documentation of it in the manuals. My buddy bricked the mobo during bios flashing and it does not post any more.I tried the cmos clear and all other options. I found a way to flash the bios with my raspberry pi 2 via the SPI interface, but i do not want to solder the chip. If that header is wired to it than i could use it to update the bios image. I already ordered an IC clamp for the chip, but it takes 3 weeks for it to arrive from china Thanks for your time!
  5. My friend already took the PC home with him, i dont have it any more, but CPUZ and HWINFO64 reported 3200 MHz boost clocks (that i trust).
  6. My buddy bought a used mobo with a i5-2400 and 8GB of ram, but i was suprised it is the i5-2400 6 GHz special edition. I know its just a windows bug, but i was laughing so hard when i first saw it i tought i share it with you guys
  7. Hi! I recently purchased an ASUS Cerberus 1070 ti, and was playing around with overclocking. With Unigine Valley, i stopped the camera in the forest, and noticed that i incresed fps from 81 to 90 just with a +415 MHz offset on the memory. But! My consern is that there is no direct contact cooling for the GDDR5 memory modules in this card (on my Gigabyte 1060 it had). But the coolers fin stack is open above the memory modules, so i think there is airflow over them. I cant measure the temperatures of the memory moduels, and wondering is it safe to run the memory overclocked, because the higher temperature may cause faster degradation in them. (i already set a custom frequency voltage curve with stable 1949 MHz core clock on 992mV, droping to around 85-90% TDP) Thanks for your time!
  8. So we tried carcassonne at christmas, and it was a lot of fun with my brothers and friends. Also i got two packs of french cards for smaller card games
  9. Hi! Recently me and my friends started to explore boardgames (so we dont just drink and talk), and i am looking for not so difficult and fun games. I would prefer easy to learn, but fun games, because lot of the time, someone new comes, and it is always suffering to teach one person the rules for a game that takes 30 minutes and 3-4 rounds to understand. Its not a problem if it requires to buy a kit or game, just keep in mind i live in the EU. I didnt find a better subforum for the question, but if you can tell me where, i pos it there. Thanks!
  10. If you are not dependent on OS X software, and not afraid of linux you can also try lubuntu. It is just as easy to install as ubuntu, and has a really low overhead. https://lubuntu.net/
  11. My workhorse is folding when i'm not using it for programming, the latop is folding 24/7
  12. Dude u have a guest pc? thats lit! My girlfriend would not allow me to keep an other pc around, just in case Respect!
  13. Hi! I have a Gigabyte 1060 and it was doing a buzzing sound, that is caused by vibration of the plastic shroud if the fanspeed is int the 75-80% range. It is not coil whine, because the buzzing apperas with no load, just setting the fan speeds manually. First i thought that it is the fans vibrating, i put padding under them, no change. After that i figurd it might be the back and front plate hittin each other, and i think it was that. I took off the front, and put some cellux tape on the plastic that migth contact. If the buzzing is still audable, try maybe put something rubberry, thicker tape, like this. And try to put padding under the fans also. Sorry for the bad pictures, i did not plan to make a guide when i did the mod. Here is where you put the tape: it looks a bit ghetto, but hey, if it works To remove the front plate, just undo the screws on both sides (4 in total), and dont forget that the fans are still connected, but the taping can be done without disconnecting the fans I hope this will be helpful to someone
  14. Hi! My friend is building a budget gaming pc, and we setteled for an i5-8400 and a used graphics card. For budget options the best bets are the GTX 970 and GTX 1060 3GB on the used market in my country, both going for around 190-215$. New 1060 3gb is 300$, others are much more expensive. I know that the 1060 3GB is slightly more powerfull, but the vram is less. I am also conserned about the miner 1060-s, because it was really popular for mining here. He will mostly play PUBG, GTA 5, CS GO. Pros and Cons appreciated. Thanks! The system: Gigabyte B360M H i5-8400 2x4GB gskill DDR4 2666 MHz 256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD EVGA 500 B1