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    Computers, Software, Blockchain
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    I run a major blockchain/mining service website.
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    ASUS Z97-PRO
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  1. Linus mentioned a "Intel pc tech support challenge 2" but I'm not sure where this is or when, does anyone have any link or info. Thanks.
  2. I ended up calling support, the person finished up the RMA process, and I got it sent via UPS.
  3. I'm still waiting for corsair to grant me an RMA, worst experience I've had from a company in a while. Its been over a week, having to jump through all sorts of hoops then take 2-4 days for them to reply back, oh no we need you to jump through more hoops. All the while my pc is down because I need a pump.
  4. https://www.digitalinformationworld.com/2020/08/heads-up-creators-youtube-sunsetting-emails-subscriber-updates.html#:~:text=So%2C%20YouTube%20has%20decided%20that,this%20feature%20will%20be%20gone.&text=So%2C%20these%20emails%20take%20a,from%20their%20other%20important%20mails. The answer is that Youtube has stopped sending ALL emails. I'm a bit floored.. I now have to go to youtube.com, and individually click on each of my subscriptions, click on videos then look at the list and decide if there is a new video there. It takes around 200 times the effort to ke
  5. LTT is like over 20% of my usual Youtube viewing. Youtube doesn't give me notifications anymore about new videos, I have the "all notifications" on. Not sure what to do about it.
  6. I've been waiting for the AMD Threadripper 24 core cpu all year pretty much. Its a dream of a chip. But, am I being real though? Is it worth it? Would the 3950x be better? not to mention half the price. Been trying since launch to get the 3960x, but with the wait I'm doubting the eventual purchase. I had the same type of doubts last year when I put in a custom order for a $50k Mustang. I love it now that I have it. I don't game. Well, I "Game" but not like you think, I'm old and I only like building/creative games, or storylines. So like Cities skylines, or Dragon Age
  7. http://www.shopblt.com/cgi-bin/shop/shop.cgi?action=thispage&thispage=011003000501_B6YZ293P.shtml&order_id=159809592&sitem=B6YZ293#Availability I waited for newegg as long as I could, I put in my preorder, they still have ~100 spots left. price gouged $100 oh well I don't want to wait 4 months Ive been waiting all year for this cpu.
  8. Ive been seeing a few of these "half my ram is gone" posts, I happened upon this https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-ryzen-3000-cpus-memory-recommendations-asrock,39756.html basically it may not support 4 slots at high memory speeds. Not sure if this is the case.
  9. 3900x has been mostly available at least on newegg, but with no one being able to get the 3950x looks like some decided heck with it and bought out the 3900x too. I've got a case and PSU Ready, I hope I don't have to wait too long to get a cpu.
  10. Ive been trying to get a 3960x all day, no luck. Though I have found two sites here in the US that are taking pre orders. I'll keep trying newegg/amazon/bestbuy for the next while, then I'll put in a preorder, the price is gouged a little bit though. I'll link the site once I get my order in lol =/
  11. Its out there.. just sold out within 3 minutes.
  12. Can they host it in Seattle? I don't have a passport.