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  1. This should be live now but i can't find any stream
  2. It would recommend to use the nvidia encoder to steream. The 20 series came a long way in quality and performance.
  3. So i tried to record it but the nvidia shadowplay record does not capture it, i think thats because the noise sits on the analog side of the back jack connection (makes sense to me). Tomorrow i will try to plug a speaker to it and record with my phone.
  4. Thanks for the answers! The noise filter jack extension would be an okay price, but i wouldnt want want to shill out more for the solution. But the other interesting thing is, i plugged the headphones into the front panel jack, and i can not hear the noise at all. Strange. It is bit inconvinient and a bit ugly but i think i will use that.
  5. Hi My GPU coil whine is audible trough the 3.5mm audio jack when there is high load on the GPU, and got worse over time. Does someone know any solution to this? Is this because a super noisy graphics card or bad audio circuit design on the motherboard? Would a discrete sound card solve the issue? Thanks, Ryzen 5 3600 Gigabyte B450 AORUS ELITE (rev. 1.0) 4x8 GB Corsair DDR4 3333 MHz CL16 Asus Cerberus 1070 ti
  6. Stock current limit is 114 A, but the fets are 70A each, but i wouldn't run them anywhere near that limit.
  7. I dont think thats true. The board can handle the CPU very well for overclocking, the 3600 that is bad for binning and clocks. Thats a lower tear product. I can push mine easily to 4250 MHz all core with this board. The 3600 is a terrible overclocker. I did some digging, gamers nexus gives a great explanation for PBO and auto overclocking: On the other hand, i found an other setting for socket power that actuall works in the bios. PBO is only for raising power and current maximums, Auto Overclocking would raise your boost clocks. But in my case none of them he
  8. The power limit seems to be stuck even if i dont open ryzen master after reboot. Checked it with HWinfo
  9. Hi! I turn on PBO for manual setting is the bios with 200 offset and custom power and current limits, the bios saves, but these wont get applyed when booting into windows. PPT TDC EDC wont change from stock. I check it with ryzen master and the values are the stock values. The CPU only does 3950 MHz with CinabenchR15 at 1.37 V (79°C) and ryzen master indicates power limit at ~80W. If i enable maual overclocking it overrides the power and voltage limits. The CPU can easily do 4200 MHz at 1.37 V (84°C) with only ~95W. The CPU is far from the stock current limits.
  10. Anyone reading this in the future: I declared the motherboard dead. Bought a Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite, works like charm with the 2200G and now with a 3600.
  11. Hi! My ASUS X370 Prime Pro wont boot after bios update. Here is the long story: I tried to update the bios to the latest version. When the bios update completed, the system rebooted, but it did not boot into bios ever again. I found a guy in the local crags list who writes bios chips and he succesfully updated the bios chip to the latest version: 5008. He even read back the bios content and everything was okay, but the board still does not boot. I have a speaker installed, but it does not beep. The board powers up, the RGB wire lites up, CPU and GPU fans spin up but there is
  12. A really helpful gentleman at overclock.net on a thread about this mobo gave me the answer: https://www.overclock.net/forum/11-amd-motherboards/1626011-my-experience-asus-prime-x370-pro-931.html#post28028644 Thanks to him!
  13. Hi! Does anyone know what this header is wired to on the Asus X370 Prime Pro? It is misteriously close to the bios chip. I can not find any documentation of it in the manuals. My buddy bricked the mobo during bios flashing and it does not post any more.I tried the cmos clear and all other options. I found a way to flash the bios with my raspberry pi 2 via the SPI interface, but i do not want to solder the chip. If that header is wired to it than i could use it to update the bios image. I already ordered an IC clamp for the chip, but it takes 3 weeks f
  14. My friend already took the PC home with him, i dont have it any more, but CPUZ and HWINFO64 reported 3200 MHz boost clocks (that i trust).
  15. My buddy bought a used mobo with a i5-2400 and 8GB of ram, but i was suprised it is the i5-2400 6 GHz special edition. I know its just a windows bug, but i was laughing so hard when i first saw it i tought i share it with you guys