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About TheTechnicalGeek

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  • Birthday 2001-10-04

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    Framingham, MA (Plz Swat me)
  • Interests
    PC Case Modding, Overclocking, FPS Tweaks, CPU's, GPU's, Trump.
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    I am a IT Student at Keefe Technical High School in Massachusetts, And I would love to work for LMG. I will probably never get to do that, But maybe, JUST MAYBE, I will get to meet TheLegend27 Himself. Linus.
  • Occupation
    AMC Associate (Nice Min. Wage)


  • CPU
    i7 1st Generation 920 (Clock: 2.67)
  • Motherboard
    ASUS P6T (Socket: 1336)
  • RAM
    6GB Samsung (MemSpeed: 1333 MhZ)
  • GPU
    ASUS GeForce GTX 950
  • Case
    None. Literally.
  • Storage
    1TB Seagate Drive (Stolen from my AIDS AIO PC)
  • PSU
    Solid Gear 600w PSU (Very Sketchy)
  • Display(s)
    Insignia HDTV (Yes it's cancerous)
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master T4
  • Keyboard
    Lenovo Keyboard (No LED :( )
  • Mouse
    Lenovo Mouse
  • Sound
    Cancerous TV Audio
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 (Error: System32 does not exist)
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  1. TheTechnicalGeek

    How much can I get from my old rig?

    Sell it for $300, $400 MAX.
  2. TheTechnicalGeek

    Intel's New i7-7700k, Should you buy it?

    Yeah true but did you sell the 6700k first cuz it seems pretty dumb to pay another $300 for the same performance, But for overclocking, Yeah pretty good idea!
  3. TheTechnicalGeek

    Intel's New i7-7700k, Should you buy it?

    This is true as well (+1)
  4. TheTechnicalGeek

    Intel's New i7-7700k, Should you buy it?

    Yeah you're right, Maybe like upgrade from a CPU under a i5-6600k.
  5. TheTechnicalGeek

    Intel's New i7-7700k, Should you buy it?

    Yeah so what? It's just a neat feature. Nothing to do with the performance or the specs of the CPU.
  6. Are you sure about that? It beats recommendations by 200% http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=17114&game=League of Legends&p_make=AMD&p_deriv=FX-4350&gc_make=Nvidia&gc_deriv=GeForce+GTX+1050+Ti+4GB&ram=16&screenRes_width_FPS=1920&screenRes_height_FPS=1080&checkSubmit=#systemRequirements
  7. TheTechnicalGeek

    Used 128gb Samsung Pm851 SSD for 30$

    Check the seller's reviews and ask him if the SSD is in good shape.
  8. This build is actually overkill for something like WOW or League of Legends because both the GPU and CPU Have High clock speeds and the memory for the GPU will allow you to play in ultra or high at least. If you aren't sure, check out http://www.game-debate.com/can-I-run/?EA They can check what parts can run certain games.
  9. Okay so what are we looking at today? Today we will be taking a look at Intel's new Kaby Lake Processor, The i7-7700k and how much it benefits the average gamer. Now before I get into the review, Let me just say that I am combining my own opinion with valid facts, If the processor is bad, I'll say it's bad. Now, The specs on this processor is an improvement from Intel's i7-6700k, But not a huge one. Here it is: Now, The improvement is just the clock speed which is now 4.20 GhZ Compared to the 6700k's 4.00 GhZ. You may say "Wow that means my gameplay is going to be blazing fast!" Well not so fast. If you take a look at the benchmarks I grabbed from Game Debate, You can see that there is minimal improvement in Triple-A game titles such as Battlefield 1. (6700k with a Titan XP: http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=9002&game=Battlefield 1&p_make=Intel&p_deriv=Core+i7-7700K+4-Core+4.2GHz&gc_make=Nvidia&gc_deriv=GeForce+GTX+Titan+X&ram=16&screenRes_width_FPS=1920&screenRes_height_FPS=1080&checkSubmit=#systemRequirements ) (7700k with a Titan XP: http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=9002&game=Battlefield 1&p_make=Intel&p_deriv=Core+i7-6700K+4-Core+4.0GHz&gc_make=Nvidia&gc_deriv=GeForce+GTX+Titan+X&ram=16&screenRes_width_FPS=1920&screenRes_height_FPS=1080&checkSubmit=#systemRequirements ) When you look down at "Projected FPS" It is the exact same FPS for both processors! Okay so it's a crappy processor right? Not exactly. If you aren't upgrading your PC and just making your first build, I would still get the 7700k because Kaby Lake will soon support 4K UHD Which is good for videos, Not so much for FPS Increases:P Plus, a 0.20 GhZ increase counts for something right, and don't forget, Bragging rights. Okay what's your final answer? Don't upgrade your PC for this if you are a gamer. The FPS increases are non-existent. So there is no reason why you would do that. BUT, If you are making your first PC and you are deciding whether to get the 6700k or the 7700k, Get the 7700k, It's a faster clock speed, so some games like Half Life 2 who utilize single cores, would see a FPS Increase. What's your opinion? Would you put the i7-7700k in your first build? Let me know in the polls! Have a good day! -Lancelot G.
  10. TheTechnicalGeek

    What graphics card should I get for 1080p High/Ultra Settings

    Exactly. That's why I said the 1080 because the performance will last longer.
  11. TheTechnicalGeek

    What graphics card should I get for 1080p High/Ultra Settings

    You mean the 1050Ti? (1080Ti Doesn't exist) I wouldn't recommend it for High settings. I still recommend the 1080.
  12. TheTechnicalGeek

    What graphics card should I get for 1080p High/Ultra Settings

    I'd Recommend a 1080 (For ultra settings).
  13. TheTechnicalGeek

    Looking for a nice small ITX case

    What is your budget? Those kinds of cases (Especially one that can fit a GTX 1080) are usually expensive.
  14. TheTechnicalGeek

    Rx 480 Crossfire vs Gtx 1070

    Yes they do say that, But they shouldn't. My advice, Save your money.
  15. TheTechnicalGeek

    HD 6850 "smelled funky" now I have a headache

    Ok Let me help, Toss that s*** out. Because if it actually gives you a headache it could be chemicals. Plus, You could get a way better GPU for $100 (1050 Ti)