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  1. I have a 144hz monitor (Acer 24" 144Hz 1ms GTG TN LED Gaming Monitor (GN246HL Bbid) - Black) and when i go to the window's settings it says only 60hz System specs: Amd ryzen 1700x 16gb ddr4 rx 580 8gb.. Any help on what to do when i go into the amd software for the gpu it says its only seeing 60hz aswell
  2. So if you know this problem you know what it is...Brings me to blue screen where i can reset and go back to last version of windows amd stuff but nothing works says there is a problem, I do not have a backup so i cant do that and so im stuck... I wanna know 2 things, How did this happen in the first place. It happen since my step mom pulled power so thats what i thing. How to fix it. Tbh i wanna know what caused it mostly
  3. I like to keep my cards the same, So it looks cleaner
  4. I was just seeing what everyone else would do, And im not a fan of them tbh I dont like the look of them
  5. The title pretty much says it all. Do I want either two blower style coolers for sli or with the normal asus like cards still work cooler in temps
  6. Didnt read anything i said did you?
  7. Im looking at either a 1080p monitor with 144hz or a 1440p 60hz, I know the gtx 1080ti is wayyyy overkill but I dont really upgrade my pc's that often so I was going to get a 1070 but then brother gave me his 1080ti cause it was a founders edition and i got it for 1080 price...I wanna know that best option for right now though, I'v never seen or used either of them and not even used 1080p before, I do plan to get either a 4k or 1440p high refresh rate monitor later on in lets say a few months.
  8. Its just i like buying all my stuff at one place cause i dont like buying stuff off pc part picker, Not dissing them i love parting stuff out and all but when there was an i7 for 40$ off i went and was going to buy it but the taxes and shipping added to it cost 30$ more then it did at newegg and thats when it was on sale
  9. https://www.newegg.ca/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.3519114&_ga=2.44699940.1419908019.1498188597-196552413.1478543488 And im not 100% going sli was just thinking it but never know
  10. Yeah but its apart of a combo...Im saying if I do buy it is it would it work long enough for me to get a another one a few months later when i sli
  11. Ahh okay but would the nex work for a last option kinda thing if i need to get it
  12. Ahh and the nex comes combo with all the ryzen stuff but thank you your suggestion, Any other power supply's to look for cause thats 150$ for me in canada